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Summer time… part 1

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My cousin Sammy had also been raped be the same older cousin (Jerry) as I was. I often wonder if Jerry knew what he was starting.

Sammy was staying the weekend with us while my aunt and uncle were out of town. I liked Sammy, we were both 12 and just starting to hit puberty. He was a little overweight but not fat. He lived in a suburb of Dallas, his family was richer than mine. He always had fascinating about his neighbors and the kids he played with. Me, I lived in the country about 30 miles from Dallas. I think there are advantages of both places to live.

We had been talking about our cousin Jerry and how he pretty much raped us when were 10. We decided it would be fun to play with our dicks, I had the perfect place.  We headed out to the barn, I had about half of the loft fixed up by my dad to play my guitar away from the house and my mother.

I climbed the ladder to open the hatch for the loft. Sammy wasnt far behind. It was nice up there, wasn’t all that clean, but it had a small couch, a stereo and an old area rug on the floor. I closed the hatch behind us and sat my guitar amp on top of it. We were safe to do whatever we wanted.

I told Sammy to take his clothes off as I was doing the same. I was kind of releaved to see Sammy dick was about the same size as mine. We sat at each end of the couch facing each other, dicks in hand. Mine was getting hard before we made it up the ladder, his was still a little limp so I slid my ass close to him and grabbed his dick. My right leg swung over the back of the couch with my left foot on the floor. I was spread eagle in front of him, I rubbed my asshole with his dick head. It worked, it was getting bigger every second. Now, we were using our dicks as swords, slashing at each other. I took the initiative and got on my knees in front of him, told him to put it in my mouth. He eased forward some to have his ass at the edge of the couch, pressed that purple head against my lips. I opened up to take him. He tasted like baby powder a little. I gobbled his meat for a good 5 minutes when he wanted to switch.

We changed places and he buried his face in my crotch, bobbing up and down so fast I had to grab his hair to slow him down, I dont want to cum so fast, we have all night. He took it easy licking and sucking my cock. I asked him if he ever stuck things up his butt, just his finger he said. I stood up and reached into a box of cables, wires and such. I pulled out a wooden handle from one of my dad’s flat files, package of balloons and a jar of vaseline.

Sammy knew he was in for something new. While I  stretched a balloon over the handle, Sammy opened the jar. I layed back on the couch with me knees up by my ears. Ok Sam, ease that in me. He smeared the lube on it. My ass was used to it, didnt take long to get it in. Oh yeah, I moaned. Slowly pull it until its almost out the push it back in. It was so much better having someone else fuck me with it doing it myself. Sammy sped up the strokes, yes yes yes, it feels so fucking good. I could feel that old familiar feeling building up inside me. I made him stop. He pulled it out and looked at my asshole and said DAMN, it was still open, so he put a finger in me and wrapped his lips around my shaft. Gently finger fucking me. I wiggled around with pleasure before he said that he wanted that now.

I tried to stand up but my legs were shaky, so I slid down on the rug. He assumed the position, I licked his cock until i regained my strength. I put a new balloon on the handle and stuck it into the jar of lube.
I used my middle finger to smear it around and applied some on his asshole. I pushed my finger in him up to the second knuckle. His hole was tight, I told him to relax and try to push my finger out as I wiggled it in his ass. It didnt take much for my finger to go all the way in. I finger fucked him for a few minutes, he was loving it. Then I put the handle on his butthole and moved it up and down. Once I began to push it in, he was pushing back on it. I said, Its going to hurt a little at first but it doesn’t take long to enjoy it. The tip of the handle was going in, just a little more push. It went in, Sammy jumped and was standing up on the couch.


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  • Reply Wolfe ID:sfabdz0wve5

    Nice. I always enjoy story’s like this. It reminds me of a time when I was there age. When me and my two bast friends would fuck and suck each other. Those days are long gone. But I still fantasy about them. It makes me cum even time. Great story. Can’t wait to hear more

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    I love sucking the cock of my cousins they in HS and I’m teaching them how to suck and fuck with their cocks. So much fun!

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    Now Leave Your Comment…wow just as much as i enjoy it the story end left me with a real hard on