Strip club and married women

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Who knew married women would be so willing

My buddy and I were in the military and only in this city for a couple of days waiting for the aircraft to be fixed. We decided to take a trip downtown and found this bar. Inside we were quite surprised that the place was literally filled with women. We couldn’t see another guy in the entire place. My buddy and I took a seat at a table and a waited to get served. While we waited, all of a sudden loud music started and a guy quickly appeared on a small stage in the corner. The women went wild the instant he came out. We had mistakenly walked into a women’s stripper night. My buddy immediately wanted to leave, but just then the waitress came over. I talked him into having at least one beer before we left. The music and dancing continued and we just talked trying to ignore the almost naked man teasing the women around us. One drink lead to two, then three. Suddenly the dancing was over and now he and I were the only men in the place. Including the bartender. Before we knew it, we were the center of attention. In no time women were buying us drinks and flirting wildly. My friend and I ended up going back to our shared hotel room with three married women. We fucked them all a number of times. We took turns on each of them, sometimes even trading places right in the middle of fucking them. It was the greatest night of my life. To this day I’ve never cum that many times. It was about 2:00 A.M. when we said good night and sent them back to their husbands waiting at home. Ever since then I’ve had a thing for fucking other men’s wives. I’ve fucked eight other married women since that night and I love asking them all about their husbands while I’m pounding their pussy. It’s fantastic!!! Maybe one day I’ll get around to fucking your wife.

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  • Reply casper ID:153jv2a6zrd

    maye you already fucked my wife

  • Reply Marko ID:572o50d1

    Yeah I’d fuck your wife balls deep and then pull out and cum in her asshole.