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Sex slave at 13

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This is the story about how my brother forced me to become a his sex slave at 13 years old.

I was 13. I had started my period at 12 and had began developing breasts and an ass at 10. My parents went on a business trip for a week, and left my brother (15) to look after me, his name Derek but I called him D.

It’s now the day after our parents left, D was watching tv on the couch when I walked in. He was my brother for fucks sake so I didn’t care to wear comfortable clothes around him. I was wearing a long white t-shirt that went down to my thighs with nothing else when I walked into the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I didn’t realize that d had snuck up behind me, he purposely bumped into me, causing me to spill the glass of water all over my chest, causing the t-shirt to become see-through.
“what the fuck, D?!” I yelled at him. “Oops.” Is all he responded. I didn’t think much about it and turned around to storm off, but the tshirt got hung against a drawer, exposing my bare ass. This must’ve set something off in D’s head, because he instantly ran up and grabbed me, I tried to scream but he put his hand over my mouth, stopped my up, and proceeded to carry me bridal style to his room. He tossed me into his bed, and tied my wrists and ankles to the wooden posts on each corner of the bed. He literally ripped my shirt apart like a wild animal, I begged him no and pleaded that i wouldn’t tell anyone, but he just slapped me and told me to shut up, I didn’t listen of course, and continued yelling and screaming. He took a ballgag out of his closet, pryed my mouth open, and stuffed it into my mouth. I still screamed but all that came out was “hhhhhinhsg.” D had started fondling my nipples, when i tried to wiggle he would slap or pinch them. “You must like it, you’re not saying no.” He chuckled, knowing damn well that i could not speak. He moved his hands down to my slit. He spit on his hand and rubbed his fingers in between my slit. ‘huuunnahahg!” I screamed, D chuckled and unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down. My eyes widened at the size of his shaft, I squealed and squirmed but couldn’t get free, He took his belt and whipped my thighs with it, leaving a red mark. “Shut up and behave, or else.” He yelled. He played with my breasts a bit more before un-tying me and pinning me against the wall, his shaft pressing against my cunt. I tried to beg no once again, but it came out as “uhhnnngg” he must’ve took that as a sign, because he thrusted hard into me, I screamed, tears bursting out of my eyes, he sat there, all of my weight pressing down onto his shaft, which is literally sitting balls deep into me. “If you scream when i take this off, I won’t hesitate to tell our parents I impregnated my little sister.” He smirked and took the ballgag off, tears still flooding my eyes, he squeezed my cheeks together, making my lips pucker, he kissed me and began thrusting back and forth into me, all my whines being muffled by the kiss until he broke the kiss off, us both gasping, he’s now going really fast, it feels like he’s rearranging my guts. This continued for about 20 minutes until finally my body got used to his size, and it didn’t hurt anymore. He had moved me from the wall back to the bed, he tied me up again but this time in a face down, ass up type style. He had left for about half an hour while i was still lying tied up on the bed. He snuck back in the bedroom, and stuck two fingers into my cunt, I gasped, not knowing he had even came into the room. He spits on my slit and continues pumping his fingers in and out of me. I stuffed my face into the pillow trying not to moan. “you’re so wet” he said, slapping my ass. Without warning he quickly thrusted his shaft back into me. “A-aaahgg~” I screamed in pain. He continued raping me in this position for about 20 minutes. He finally pulled out and came onto my ass. He took out his phone and snapped a picture. “Good little slave.” He said while un-tying my limbs. I sat on his bed for a while, until finally going into my room. I didn’t leave my room all night, D had brought food into my room, because I didn’t come into the kitchen for dinner. He took the lock off the door so I wouldn’t lock him out. “Goodnight, can’t wait for tomorrow” he smirked and went into his bedroom. ////

Hello! There are more parts to this story, as all of this only happened the first day of my parents being gone. Should i post them? Let me know.?

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    I hope you get raped again

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      i hope you die

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    Lexi you keep saying that you’re under age. That’s the reason that everybody wants you sweetheart.

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    Post them the other parts

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    Even though i prefer father rape to brother rape this is great

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    He’s a bastard

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    Nice,cute story

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    If this is true then he committed a terrible crime against you. Shame on the perverts trying to exploit this.

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    Damnn, Im 17 now, but i got a girl pregnant when i was 15, now she is 16 now

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    So was I Lexi. I was 9

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      I bet you enjoyed being a used little whore

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      Really feeling sad for you!!!DISGUSTING AF

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    Love the story

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    Lexi are you steal your brother sex slave I would really love to know have you been pregnant by your brother do you and your brother have a baby

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    Lexi if you want a friend i’m here and Just wondering do you still have sex whit your Brother?

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    Hello what a great story I would really love to hear more I am sorry how your brother did everything to you but it is a good story to read or you steal his sex slave are you looking for a new man to be a sex slave to how old are you now I would really love to hear from you as soon as possible if not here you can text me at 1-209-324-7633

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      I’m still underage. Sorry.

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    Lexi I am Tim from California I read your story I am really sorry to hear what your brother did to you but what I would really like to know is are you know his slave or are you looking for someone to take care of you away from home if so let me know I would like to hear back from you

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      I’m nobodys slave, Im still underage.

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    For the love of god yes!

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    Sorry to hear of all your drama, Brother s can let you down or they can set you up too. Not so nice a Brother. Hope you tell your mom.

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    Are you pregnant with his Child?

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      No. Even when he did cum inside me, I never got pregant.

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      I’m underage.

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