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Sex slave at 13 part 2

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Hello! This part won’t make much sense unless you have read part one, so make sure to read it
first! /////

It’s now the second day that my parents have been gone, after being absolutely broken by D yesterday, I stayed in my room when I woke up, I didn’t bother to put clothes back on the night before, around noon or so, D came into my room, he yelled at me to get up and ended up having to drag me out of bed, and all the way into the pool room. I was only 5’4, and couldn’t swim. He tossed me into the 6 foot deep part of the pool, I almost drowned until he jumped in and got me. He’s 6’3 so he could reach the bottom easily. He started rubbing all down my body, he rubbed my clit before sticking three fingers inside me, everytime i would try to scream he would hold my head underwater until i almost passed out, so I didn’t fight back much. D was quick to replace his fingers with his shaft. Penetrating me fairly easily this time, must easier than yesterday. Everytime I would cry out, or groan in pain, he would again push my head underwater. My cunt gripping to his shaft. “you’re being such a good girl.” D moaned out, this continued for about 15 minutes before he pulled out, he then tossed me up onto the edge of the pool, he was still in the water, but he was tall enough so he could reach out and hold my legs apart. “Good girls get good rewards.” D said, and with that, he started to eat me out, and I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed it, alot, I didn’t want too, but I couldn’t help it. It took about only 5 minutes for me to reach an orgasm. He pulled himself up out of the pool and tossed me into the 4 foot deep area. I could reach there and managed to get out and dry off. I thought he was done with me for the day, but I was wrong. Fast-forward 6 hours Iwas laying down, about to go to sleep, D comes into my room and grabs me “You’re sleeping with me tonight.” He said, carrying me into his room. He fucked me about 2 more times throughout the night, but it was a quiet night, which of course I enjoyed.


hello everyone! Im sorry this part isn’t as long, I’m very worn out so i tried to shorten it as much as possible. but, before i head off to bed, I’ll answer some questions!

“Did he impregnate you?”
Well, he did cum inside me, but I did not get pregnant.

“How old are you now?”
I am 16, and D is 18.

“Do you two still see eachother?”
Yes! ? although it started out as rape, When I started exploring the sex life, I always went to him first.

“Did your parents find out?”
Nope! And they still don’t know what happens between us.

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  • Reply shikhi

    Hey i am 17 myself and a guy…..Feeling sorry for you Lex!!! 🙁

  • Reply ......

    We need more

  • Reply Random Guy

    If your parents see you writing this down I think they will know

  • Reply SDman

    very nice story. It sounds like you have accepted your past in a positive light. Stay safe.

  • Reply Anonymous

    If I ware you I share stick with b******* and boobs squeezing and buying underwear for each other.

  • Reply a

    where are you because im 14

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver

    Lexi it is Tim again it is so nice to hear that you’re 16 now I take it you’re still your brothers sex slave I would really love to own a sex slave like you or should I say I would love to own you as my sex slave so are you and your brother still fucking bareback I know it’s been several years but are you pregnant with his child or have you had a child with him already I would really love to hear more if you would like we could chat by texting if you’re interested text me at 1-209-324-7633

    • Jequil

      Bro your like 40 you sound retarded and while these storys are arosing your fucked up for even saying that your the type if person that give men bad names

    • shikhi

      Man go pick someone of your own age asshole!!!!

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    Very hot.
    Contact me.
    I started fucking my sister when she was 9.
    Our dog started fucking her at age 12

    • Timothy Copenhaver

      Good morning are you still fucking your sister how old is she now if you started at nine how many times a day does the dog fuck her hope to hear back from you you can text me at 1-209-324-7633