New invention goes wrong

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This is my story of enduring the most shameful day of my life.
I made a big mistake by leaving the house and getting trapped in crowded places.

I’m a straight guy but I love prostate play. It all started when my ex girlfriend “raped” my ass while bdsm and forced several orgasms. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was lying on the bed strapped on all ends and there was no way to escape when she pushed her vibrator inside my ass. My ass was fighting it but swhen the vibration started to shake my inner walls I was ready to let it happen. But then she left me and I had several dates but no other girl wanted to play with me like this again. So I started buttplay by myself. I tried big dildos, vibrators, prostate massages and inflatable toys but not a single one could get me to orgasm. I always thought about a toy that combines an inflatable anal buttplug/prostate massager/e-stim/vibrator with thrust and rotation as all in one.
But since I couldn’t find anywhere something already built I had the stupid idea to build one on my own. I had studied electro engineering so I knew what to do but I will not explain how I built it to prevent something like this happening to anyone else except me.
So it took me 3 months of testing and building the ultimate butt toy and I had just finished the last security check when I finally wanted to test it out. I was so horny and doing security checks while horny ends always bad. Some people get pregnant and some like me will get worse. Here is the thing beside being smart and into butt play I’m also very shy and all what I’m going to tell you now happend in public.

After finishing the last test I could already feel my ass getting ready for an anal play. It’s like feeling horny but the need to jerk comes from inside of your ass. And of course you want to scratch it. I never hat this feeling before butt play. It’s like a secret button once been used, activated and there is no way to shut it down ever again. Sometimes I’m waking up and a rush from my ass runs through my body and I have the urge immediatly to push a vibrator inside.

I had the same feeling the whole time testing and after finishing I use just a little bit lubricant and pushed it in. Omg I felt so filled up. It was amazing. I started to test out all functions. One after one. First the rotation – hit! It was exactly positioned at my prostar5. True work of an engineer. Then the vibrator, worked perfectly. The thrust function brought me nearly already over the edge for the first time. And so I was lying on my bed nearl pumping the first load into my pillow even before testing everything out, when out of a sudden my Door bell was ringing. Total downturn. I stopped the (as i call it) ejaculator and was thinking to pull it out but then thought to test out the inflatable function and the plug idea behind it. I started and just wow. It was filling me up to the maximum and there was no way that I could get it out now or it would fall out by itself. So instead of taking a break I just stopped all functions beside the inflatable plug and pulled some trousers and a shirt over. I went to the door, opened it… And nothing. Sone stupid kids doing a prank. I was pissed and when I saw them I stepped out of the door screaming at them when….you may can already think about on your own… My door closed behind me. Ohhh shit. I did not had a second key on me and the ejaculator inside me. Only wearing a shirt and a jogging trousers. I ran around the house hoping to find an open window but I was not getting in. I started to panik but then realized that my parents had a second key. I only would need to get to their place or call them. I was releasing the stress and started to relax again. I only would need to go to the neighbors to make a call but my ejaculator had other plans. I went behind a bush and tried to unplug. But the air did not release. I knew there was something wrong and without harming myself I could only get free with my tools. As I said my security test where not done right. And while I went over to the neighborI couldn’t ignore to feel tension building up my ass… – electric tension! The e stim function started to work, out of nowhere. There must be a leak and some body fluids must have made a connection and that why everything started to go wrong. Oh God… I could feel my ass getting really hard from inside while I stood in front of the neighbors door. My anus closed even more around the plug. Now I was fully Stucked. But it went wore my neighbor opend and started to chat. He was laughing at me while I started to get a boner… Oh my goooood…. The thrust started to work. Thanks to the e stim it was intense!!! My neighbor went back inside to get his phone while I was rejecting the orgasm. I couldn’t just cum! Especially not in my jogging pants! They would get wet immediately and everyone would see it. I was thinking… Oy two more minutes… Make the call and leave! Than just wait. But I made the ejaculator to perfect. He was basically build around or more like inside my body. Perfectly fitting for hours of wearing and always hitting the spot. The thrust went crazy in my ass and I was about to cum. I got close to the true edge – the point of no return – you all know what I mean. You can ruin the orgasm on that point but you will make a shot. Come on, I thought, get the phone!!!!…. But no… The edge was there. My prostate went full hard and my dick was rock solid. I hidded him by facing him upward and pulling my shirt over him but a shot of cum would make it obvious. I needed to shot this load outside my clothes. I need to pull my dick out and shoot my load somewhere. I still couldn’t see my neighbor so I started to run back to my place.. I run but I could feel my sick already throbbing… The ejaculator was just BAM hit the spot every second. My head was exploding. Waves of orgasm run through me and my inner walls were squeezing that toy. I just run behind the house, falling on my knees while I could feel my cum already running up my shaft, it was ready to shoot, only a second more… Ahhhhhh…. Cum… I was pumping a hell of a load into the Gras… I made it just in time to pull down my shorts. Fuck… It was so good my whole body was tingling. I also felt sooo ashamed. I couldn’t go back to my neighbor like this. The ejaculator was still pushing and as you may know after having one Prostate orgsam the next will be come in even shorter time. But I didn’t know… I did not even know you could have multiple orgams like this but I was going to find out.
Well I thought after shooting my load I just could take the bus or walk to my parents house and it would only feel like a mechanical thing in my ass. Hell was I wrong. I cleaned my dick with Gras pulled up my pants and started to walk. Sneaking would fit better. I tried to hide everywhere….. NEXT PART CUMMING SOON

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    i would have taken you right there if it was me!