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My thick wife’s night out

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My thick mexican wife Dee’s Saturday night out turns into this cuckold’s nasty phantasy.

About six months ago on a rather ordinary Saturday, my wife Dee was preparing for a night out with some girlfriends. She has always had the occasional girls night but it seemed that it had become more frequent the last few months. Still I really didn’t think twice when she mentioned it earlier in the week. Saying her friends Irene, Sandra, Vanessa and her bestie Monica were planning to go to a local dive bar in the area that had dancing on Saturday nights to which I nodded in agreement.

A bit later while my wife was in the shower, I layed on our bed reading online. Then for some reason I started fantasing about Dee’s night ahead and began to feel my cock getting hard as I started to play out my secret cuckold fantasy. First imagining her drinking to much, turning her into that slutty lush who craves cock. I then envisioned her dancing on a hot crowded dance floor. The whole time being felt up by random guys. They take turns grinding on her huge mexican ass, rubbing under her shirt and feeling her big brown nipples stiffen. Other hands reaching under her skirt between those thick thighs finding her panties soaked from her dripping pussy. While dreaming I didn’t realize I was rubbing my hard little dick through my shorts.

It was then I heard some strange sounds coming from the bathroom. So quietly I walked to the door and slowly opened it. Peaking my head in I found my wife in the shower with her back to me. And through steamy shower doors I watched Dee with her left leg raised while her right arm moved furiously up and down. I crouched down to see between her legs and could make out 3 of her fingers pumping in and out of that phat juicy pussy. Then all of a sudden she threw her head back a moaned loudly and I coulda swore she said “fuck me with that big dick.” Jerking my cock this whole time, when I heard that I blew my load all over the bathroom rug. After I slowly crept out and laid back down.

A few moments later Dee walked out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around her head giving me a great view of that fat culo bouncing up and down as she started getting ready. Holding a new black thong she bent over sexily and then slowly pulling it up her legs till that string rested deep inbetween those fat ass cheeks. Then she picked up the matching black bra but before putting it on she looked at me and massaged her tits ending with pinching her erect dark nipples. She finished her outfit with a tight black skirt, which rode way above her knees and was a little too tight on her big ass in the best way. And lastly a tight white button blouse, which the type of bra she wore allowed her hard nipples to be seen through it.

Getting a call from one of her girlfriends at that point, with a kiss on my head and squeeze of my little pecker head she said “I’m gonna ride this later.” And then she was off. As soon as she left I jacked off while inhaling that pungent smell of her used panties. Then after cumming twice I watched some TV while I drank some beers. Passing out at some point I awoke to a darkened living room quite a bit later. The time on my phone said it was 3:35am. I was a little surprised as Dee had never stayed out this late before. I noticed I had a text message and missed call with a voice-mail from her. The text which came in at 1:56am read, “heyyy sexiy we came back to Monica’s house k imm so fuking wastd!!?! gona be dropd off by tommy be home soon luv y”

Now I should explain, Tommy is her bestie Monica’s little brother. He’s 17 and a total scumbag.

I noticed the missed call was received after her text at 2:20am, playing the voice mail left, it started out just like a butt call with some scratching sounds and what sounded like muffled voices. But after a few seconds it cleared and I heard what sounded like slapping skin and a soaking wet pussy being pounded hard followed shortly by my wife Dee’s voice loudly grunting the words “fuck me with your big dick! Give it to me!” Over and over again. Then I heard a male voice who yelled “Now bend that fat ass over bitch!” Then the sounds of moving followed by Dee’s voice again but now she screamed “fuuuuccckkk! I love your huge cock! Uggghhhhhh! Stretch this tight asshole Tommy!!!!”

That voice mail was four and a half minutes of my wife getting her needy pussy and ass brutally destroyed by Tommy’s enormous young cock. My head was spinning and my stomach turned, but my 5 incher had became hard as fuck.
Then another text came in that read, “look at Dee take this dick!” It was followed by 3 more pics of my wife getting fucked silly. Stretching out her swollen pussy and gapped asshole.

I didn’t call Dee or respond to any of the texts. I actually jerked off too the pics and texts two times in like 20 mins. I felt what seemed like every emotion at once but overall I was turned on beyond belief. I realized that my wife was probably not going to remember much of this night so I decided to… well just not say anything unless she did. So I laid down in bed and tried to fall asleep but about 45 minutes later I heard her keys opening the door. I quietly got out of bed and walk over to the hallway. The door opened and in walked Tommy carrying my passed out wife over his shoulder. Her black skirt was pushed up just over her ass. She didn’t have her thong on and I could see her swollen red pussy lips between her massive brown cheeks. As he turned to shut the door I noticed her shirt was undid and her tits were hanging out.

Tommy then walked over to the couch and hastily flipped Dee off his shoulder dropping her bent over the back of the couch. That’s when he noticed me standing in the hallway. Not saying one word he motioned me over as he walked to the kitchen and pouring himself a beer, as I walked over and stood by Dee’s big bent over ass.

After downing the beer Tommy tossed me his phone and wispered “for pics.” He then dropped his shorts and out sprang a huge twitching cock. It must have been at least 11 inches and as thick as a beer can. While I starred at it he snapped his fingers to remind me of my photo duties. He walked over to behind Dee’s bent over ass, her face was buried against the couch cushions and she hadn’t woken up. I turned on the phone and started snapping pics as he positioned the head of his throbbing cock up against those sore lips of my wife’s recently widened slit. Spreading apart her jiggly cheeks he slid the entire length of his tool easily into her already broken in pussy. As he bottomed out her head lifted and back stiffened and she gave a pained scream. Then she started to moan and wimper as he took hard deep rams into her slutty latin hole. I watched in awe as his huge nasty dick fed my wife’s hungry dripping cunt.

After what seemed to be a long time he pulled out and asked me to spread her ass apart. And with me now holding her meaty cheeks open from the front of the couch, Tommy glided that monster into her gapped butthole. She again lifted her head and her eyes opened big as her face contorted while he jammed his dick into her ass with no mercy. She screamed very loud, I let go of her ass and pulled my little dick out and poked her mouth from the side. She looked up at me with sweat on her forehead and teary glazed eyes said “I love you but I really needes his big dick.” That’s when Tommy started grunting and began to viciously rail her fat ass till he shot load after load of his thick young cum deep inside Dee’s wrecked asshole and then I came while watching her eyes roll back from an orgasm which I have never or will ever give her…

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    Give her the freedom to fuck any cock she wants as long as you get to watch, or she brings home videos and pics. Do this if you want her to not leave you for some big dicked man.

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    if i was there naked i would have video tape the action hopefully it would be 6 hours long! tell me more about her at(347)949-2811