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My step sister my teacher, my lover, then and now

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We lied in the country. 2 bedroom old house had no a/c. My self, my step sis same age , Dad step mom. Parents never home only on weekends, sometimes. My step sis and I took care of each other. We shared a room, that was small. Our beds only about 4 ft apart. Our house was so hot we slept naked most of the time. As we got older and got into our teens . I noticed even though she was only about 90 lbs , 4 ft 5 inches, her tits were growing so fast znd hugh. We were only 14 and her tits were already 36 d. They were enourmous, and stuck straight out. She liked it they were so hugh. She loved to show them,
My self , fir the past year I was going through something I didn’t know for sure what was going on. My cock had been growing so much since the past year. I finnaly measured it and thought , was this normal, that my Vick was almost 7 extreamly thick inches hard. For the past year all I did it seamed was lay in bed naked , get high, look at porn pics and jack off. I’d jack off anout 20 times a day. My step sis at first was shocked when she seen how big it was. She had wslked in on me jacking off and walked up to me and said god dam ur cock is fucking hugh. I kepted jacking off and said yea, it stays hard 3-5 hrs. And it keeps getting bigger. I looked up at her znd she had just got out of the shower. A small towel wrapped around her, but her Hugh tits were completely showing and the towel so small ad she was standing beside me I could easily see her tiny shaved pussy that was only znout 6-7 inches away from my face.
She said the girls are gonna love u when they find out u have a horse cock. They’ll want u to fuck them. I said really!!! She said hell yes. Girls like to be fucked by a hugh cock.
I looked st her as I was jacking off and said that’s great!! I’d love to fuck some girl right now.
Then I said I get you wouldn’t like to be fucked by a hugh cick like mine, cause ur pussy is so
Small my Cock head is 5 times bigger then ur pussy hole, she said. Hell yes I would , just to be able to
Say I fucked a monster size cock, then she said I think u want to fuck me , don’t you? I said I think you want me to fuck you , don’t you!! She said I’d like u to do something first , I said ok what? She had me lay back and straddled my face putting her tiny shaved pusdy on my mouth. And said lick me, stick ur tounge in me. Dam her pussy was do tight it was hard to get my tounge in her all the way, I ate her pussy a couple hrs znd she loudly moaned and told me how to eat her different ways . She had cum so Mx my times she was so exhausted but I kept eating her. She ginnsly layed in her back and told me Think u can force that horse cock in me?
I couldn’t believe it!! I’m gonna fuck er tiny shaved wet gourgous pussy!!!!! I grabbed my horse covk
And pressed it’s hugh head between her wet soaked tiny pusdy lips and slowly started forceing it in. She was moaning and I could tell it was hurting her my hugh cock head was about half way in and her pussy was stretched all the way open. God dam her pussy was so fucking tight. She started pushing back at me and cumming like crazy. The more she cum the hornier she got, she started saying Oh yes oh yes Ram that hugh cock in me, yes yes Fuck me fuck me ad she wrapped her legs around me to pull me into her harder harder, she was yelling oh my god it’s hurting me so fucking bad. It’s feeling so fucking good . She was pulling me into her harder and harder saying I want ur cock In me now dam it. So I pushed real hard and drive my hugh cock head in her and about half of my hugh thick cock. She yelled out real loud god dam god dam U drove all ur hugh covk in me!!! I sad no sis Only about half, she said oh my god u can get any more in me, my pussy can’t take znd more. I kept slowly fucking her. Her tiny pussy was wrapped so tight around my hugh cock as I pulled it in and out my cock was pulling her pussy in and out. This was makeing her cum snd cum and she was fuvking me back harder znd harder. We had been fucking a couple hrs. She was so exhausted from cumming so many times. I started fucking her faster and she was livening it. Her legs and body started quivering and she was yelling oh my god in my god and started cumming over and over. I saw her eyes roll in the back of her head and suddenly she went limp. I thought st first she died . But she was still breathing. She had passed out,
I thought what should I do . I’m hornier then he’ll and my cock harder then helll. He body was relaxed and I could tell her pussy was relaxed a little . So I kept fucking her. I swear even though she was passed out, she was still cumming. About 15 min passed znd as I was fucking her she started moveing like she was fucking me back, then she woke fucking me back harder znd harder, she said Jesus Christ I feel like I can fuck forever . She was 10 times Horner and she wanted to get on top . She fucked me over a hr and then Saudi dhr wznted to suck me awhile . After that she got back on me znd fucked me till she wanted me to fuck her. Well We fucked each other fir three years. 3-5 times a day. Inside outside shower, anywhere . Still just as good Yep

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    God that was so poorly written I just skipped to the end. Keep your day job nobby.

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    Thought i had a fuckin god damn stroke

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    Learn to fucking spell faggot

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    I cannot enjoy a story when it is filled with misspellings!

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    Did you like seeing your sister naked ? if me and my sister shared a room I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I know our naked time would not be so secret we can just do it in our room my little sister complimented me on the size of my penis she said that was huge I watched her as her body developed her boobs. She was 12 years old with a 34C bra and they got bigger grew so fast she didn’t like to wear a bra . Did your sister keep you updated on her bra size and did you like looking at them in the bedroom? Did you get the squeeze your sister’s boobs I did not?

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    Did she give you a blowjob yet ask her for her bra and pantie sizes

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    when can i have my way with her?