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Michele’s mistake

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Wife screws the wrong person at work. Allowed to fool around, this time it did not all go quite as expected for a blonde working wife.

Michele and I have an understanding, if she can benefit by fucking someone else she can, but she must tell me.

Michele is forty eight and fit, ex cabin crew and still got the looks. She works in admin now, and travels a little for work. She screwed up recently. She helped out at a firms promotion party with family members present.

Michele got chatting with the son of one of the potential customers sons, he looked about eighteen or nineteen, thick build and as black as coal, his name is Sabastion, but known as Seb. He seemed to be working toward a management position in his dad’s firm. When he started coming on to her, Michele thought it could be useful if she was, nice, to him.

Later, when the party spread out and her work was more or less done, she allowed Seb to get close and accepted his chat up lines, you know, if she was his or what idiot would let her out of his sight etc.

Any who, when Seb suggested they go and explore the venue, she went with him. Soon, they found a small lounge where they got closer, and Seb stole a kiss. Michele pointed out how wrong it all was and how as a married woman she ought to be behaving herself, but how often does a strong young handsome man pay her attention and yadda yadda yadda.

So the white blouse is soon unbuttoned, the bra and blouse slid off while nipples are sucked, then fingers find the damp crotch under the little black skirt. Earlier than expected, a very confidant young man had two fingers up the leg of Michele’s panties and was pumping her naughty hole very effectively.

Michele came quickly and while her head slowed it’s spinning, Seb whisked her skirt and panties off and lay her down on the floor. Even as she regained her equilibrium, Michele felt a large meat pole enter her snatch and fill her right up, taking her breath for a moment.
Seb had his phone out and flashed a quick pic before dropping the phone and giving my wife his rod like lives depended on it.

Michele says she came twice on the black cock before she was placed face down in the arm chair and ploughed from behind. She never heard the door open and close.

Seb fired a large slpodge of cum inside her as Michele came again, and he held it in for several moments before withdrawing. Imagine the surprise when another hard cock pushed it’s way into her wet snatch and began fucking her.

“Say hello to my brother, Simon, he is a year older than me and likes older women.! Seb said.

Michele could only stare over shoulder and come as she saw not just Simon, but a thrid black lad, cock at the ready.

“What the hell…” Michele voiced , breathing hard, “what’s going on?”

Just some brothers milfing she was told, and Soloman introduced himself as Seb’s twin. Michele was in a kind of slut heaven at this point, but managed to say no more pictures.

“That’s fine we have one each and that will do. Michele let that go as she was about to come again, as was Simon.

Soloman took his turn with Michele in the doggie position, grabbing breast from time to time. Michele came one more time, which exhausted her, before receiving one more blast of come. She collapsed onto the floor and caught her breath.

As she made herself decent, wiping sperm off her leg before it reached her fuck me boots, my wife looked at Soloman. Something was off. She asked if he was the older brother, and he said he was, at seventeen he looked it. But if he was the elder…

Michele nearly died when she found out the twins are all of fifteen! They looked older, and were bigger than Soloman. She sat down hard and just stared.

“We are off now, maybe we can do this again, soon?” Simon said as the boys headed out into the corridor.

Michele left as soon and cam home to tell me what had gone on. She was panicking. I told her just to calm down and that I was most unlikely that the boys would cause her any problems, although she may have to fuck them again if they ask for it, but until anything happens, calm down and hope that there is at least a contract on the way at work.

I was turned on like never before and had Michele right there, half dressed, on the floor, and all the time she was staring up at the ceiling as I used her like a doll. I haven’t blown such a load for ages.

Mind you, I have changed names here just in case. Or have I done a double bluff?

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    Oh dear, I bet the dirty slut hears from them again.