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“Little Nudist” (Mf Dad/Daut)

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I hesitated to call the cops, but then the line stopped ringing, and an Operator picked up.

“9-11, what’s your emergency?”

“Well,” now I was committed, “I’d like to report a. Well, I guess it’s an ongoing thing.” Not an Emergency, I just didn’t know who to call. “Can you connect me with Special Victims, or sex crimes?”

“Of course, please stay on the line…” I peeked through the blinds again, listening to the recorded message. “Thank you for calling the Vice, Sexual Abuse, and Incest Hotline. Please be patient, and a detective will be with you shortly…”

“Huh!” They’re doing it again, and I got hard just watching her tiny hands, just barely wrap around his hard cock. I hung up, and got it out. Stroking it slowly, instead of the frantic excited pumping. Remembering her giggles, and squeals, until the phone rang again.

[Metro Police:] Scrolled past, [VSAIU…]


“Yes, this is detective Roth,” a woman’s voice sounded bored, and practiced, as if she’d said this hundreds of times before. “Someone called my office from this number, to report a crime?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” I tucked it back in, and tried not to breathe too heavily. “My neighbor, he’s molesting his daughter, and I don’t know how long it’s been going on, or how far he’s gone, but. I just don’t know what else to do.” I walked away from the window, and with it the temptation to keep watching. Jerking off on the line with a police detective, specializing in sexual predators, and I don’t like to think of myself as, one of them.

“Mhm?” I heard keys clicking in the background, loudly enough that I could imagine long nails, and skinny fingers.

“Is that Roth with a W, like Wrath?”

“R. O. T. H. I see your address is eleven hundred fifty seven, Bluestone Way?”

“I don’t know about the way part. Huh, I always thought it was Bluestone Street, or that’s what I always call it.”

“It’s marked Bluestone Way on the map.”

“Then that must be the case.”

“Is this your next door neighbor?”

“No, they’re on the street behind me, but we share a back fence. I, uh.” Don’t want to say anything that might incriminate me. Even if I plead the 5th, that might sound suspicious. Is she recording this?

“Now, what reason do you have to suspect Incest?”

“Well, I didn’t think anything about it before. Okay, what with it being January, and cold out, I was a little worried about her running around the yard, naked, but then i heard her call her little nudist. Again, she runs around like that all the time, but I didn’t think about it until this time, he caught her, and. She started playing a game, like she played it before, but how would she learn that, if he didn’t teach her?”

“What kind of game?”

“Well, she laughed when he caught her, and said she was cold, that he better warm her up.” I shuddered, and tried not to blow into the mouthpiece with a ragged breath. “HhuhHhuh! He asked her if she ment, between her legs, but she rolled over, and spread them. When she said that she wanted him to warm her up. Then, she squealed when. He touched her, he asked her “Here?” and touched her between her legs. She said his hands were cold, and then he picked her up, and took her inside.”

The blinds cracked, like a tape measure when the slat folded with a loud crack. “It’s disgusting, and inappropriate, but he’s molesting her right now. Should I take pictures, for evidence?”

“No. I can’t encourage you to produce child pornography, even if it would help our case, so whatever you do, don’t. I’d have to arrest you too, and it wouldn’t look good for the case either. Any evidence you obtained illegally would be inadmissible anyway, fruit of the poisonous tree.”

More like Forbidden Fruit. I slowly backed away, and went to get my camera. Quietly, so it didn’t make any noise, that could be identified as messing with a camera. “Uh huh?”

“I better send someone over there. It looks like it should be eleven fifty eight Greenwood Way?”

“I’m not sure about the number, but that sounds about right.” I lied, as if I hadn’t gone over there. Just last night. “If they hurry, they still might catch them in the act. I don’t know, how long his wife will be out. She never ran around naked like that with her, or anyone else around, just him, I just never realized that, until he started molesting her right there in the back yard.”

“Well, thanks for calling it in, let me get my coat, and come bye for a full report. Are you going to be home all afternoon?”

“It’s my day off.”

“I’ll see you shortly.”

“Okay, bye.” As soon as I hung up, I panicked, and popped the back of my camera out. It was stupid of me to take pictures of it in the first place, but what was i going to do, take it to Eckerd’s and get it developed, in an Hour? Yeah, why don’t you make an extra set of prints, so I can keep one, and give the other to the cops?

I just pulled the whole roll out, and held it up to the lamp. Like they told us not to do, in the dark room, when we took Photography for yearbook. “Huh!” I expected the image to fade, or at least be visible, if only in negative, and too tiny to really make out, unless it was developed.

Which just sent me back down the emotional roller coaster, between sexual thrills at doing something so dirty, and the guilt that always comes after, I jerked off watching them play together. The sick bastard even let me bring my camera, and showed her off. So proud of himself, and his daughter, but he said “You can look, but you can’t touch.”

She said it too, teasing me, and turning back and forth to flash her fat hairless little crack, before covering it up, and turning around, to shake her firm looking pale round buttocks at me. “Huh!” I don’t know if it’s such a good idea. “HhuhHhuh!” To jerk off with a detective on the way, right now. To catch me with my dick in my hands. “Uh, fuck! Uh! Huh, uhhhhhhh fuck. Yeah. Huh, huh, hHhHhHhHuh!”

Just like that excited breath, loud in my own ear, holding the telephone. I better wash my hands, before she gets here, and dispose of the over-exposed film, somehow. No time, better hide it, i should have thought of starting a fire in the fireplace, before I made the call. Why didn’t you think of that, of course they’re going to send someone over, if you call 9-11. Of course they have Caller ID, they’re the cops, they can tap your phone if they have a warrant, and now you’ve gone, and given them probable cause, for what?

To stop little Stephanie from playing her sexy little games with her daddy? Well, yes, of course, but don;t think that I never thought about how that might make her feel.

Cute little fanny, all alone, with her daddy in jail, pulling a train for being a sick kiddy diddler, but does that make me any better than him? I don’t know, she’s not my daughter, and thank god Brooke grew up before I.

“Huh!” I never even looked at a little girl that way before, but she made it so hard not to. Running around naked all the time, and I had no idea that anyone could be so sexual, so young. When I was little, sure we used to go swimming, and we didn’t always have swimsuits to put on. Even if we did, it’s not like there was anywhere to change, or dry off to put our clothes back on. Carry our wet trunks back wrapped up in the towels, but there wasn’t anything sexual about it. It was just “Huh, she doesn’t have a wiener.”

I was innocent back then, but now, I’m guilty, and who knows. With Scott out of the way, she’s going to need someone to comfort her. Maybe play those dirty little games she used to play with her daddy.

Maybe, I’ll get to touch her, too?

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