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Lick Me, Like Me

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When I was 13, I discovered pornography, but it slowly just started becoming darker and darker until I found bestiality and dog porn. At first, it was just a fantasy…

When I was thirteen, I discovered what pornography was. I had always been called “mature” for my age, but was an all around late bloomer. I had smaller tits than other girls, and seemed to be short and kind of gangly, like a newborn giraffe. I feel like I had a decent body at that age, but I couldn’t tell just from looking back how others saw me.
At that age, I also started babysitting to earn some extra cash. My uncle had plenty of animals, his kids did fair projects with the animals, so when they needed a babysitter I would be the good niece I am and watch them. They really only needed me half days, but because I didn’t have a car I would end up there alone while the kids went to school for around 3-4 hours after the youngest would get picked up around noon. After they went to school, I would start on the chores (which I would get paid extra for). Doing laundry, feeding and watering all the animals, including the chickens and dogs.
The thing was, being so newly intrigued into the new world of pornography, I would do some pretty dirty things. In fact, I probaby masturbated at every place in his house while the kids were asleep or at school. I loved the feeling of my little fingers rubbing my little bud until I’d burst, the feeling gripping at my throat. I’d sit and do it for hours, looking at different porn, each darker than the rest.
And then I found bestiality. It was a like a jolt of surprise and shock when I saw a woman moaning, sitting on her dogs cock and rocking her thighs back and forth. You could hear the dog panting, before she got up and turned herself around for him to jump up and pump his cock into her hole. It was the hottest thing my little body had ever seen, it sent shock waves of pleasure and shivers down my body without me even having to touch myself.
And then the curiosity got to me, and I began to wonder after a few videos what a dog’s tongue would feel like, or his cock rubbing against my slit. It didn’t feel particularly bad when I stuck my finger inside of myself, but it didn’t feel amazing like people said it would, either. I opted to start out slow, a few hours still left until the kids would be home.
I found myself almost in a dream-like state as I removed my underwear from under my leggings, stuffing them in my bag. Before I could think clearly, I was cutting a hole between my legs for easier access. Pretending like I had done this before, I hesitantly made my way towards one of the indoor kennels, opening it slowly.
My uncle’s sweetest dog of his little family, Marlo. He was a big dog, excitable, but sweet. He had big paws, a big head. My uncle said he was a mix, so his housing insurance would cover Marlo’s breed, but I could swear he was a pittie and doberman of some sort. Big dog. I didn’t plan on fucking him, just maybe giving him some love and leg time if he wasn’t interested. Oh boy was I wrong.
The second he plowed into me, his head buried into my crotch, big cold nose difficult to push away with his head strength. I couldn’t help the moan that left my sweet plush lips, and the dog stopped to look at me curiously. I found myself half dragging myself into my uncle’s room, locking the door and closing their glass door curtains, and spreading my legs as he jumped onto the bed. I opened them slightly, only for them to be spread apart roughly by the eager dog, his tongue finding my wetness in an instant. I moaned again, louder.
Trying to explain the way a warm passionate dog tongue feels against the wet folds of an eager 13-year-old girl is impossible. The way their mouth covers every part of you, finds your most sensitive areas, is amazing. The feeling sends chills up your spine, your back to lurch off of any surface. It’s exhilarating.
I can’t lie and say I lasted minutes, because that would be, quite frankly, a lie. I lasted seconds under his expert tongue, like he had done this a million times. His tongue lapped up my wetness before bouncing back up to my clit, his licked until my clit was swollen and my voice cracked from moaning, the hot feeling of an orgasm ripping through me like a riptide.
And then I did it over and over and over again until tears run down my cheeks and his tongue felt like pinpricks against my clit, and I came again.
I came until he was satisfied and his belly was full of my wetness, and he became too distracted with the wetness against my ass and thighs to follow the mail stream.

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      Believe it or not but these days fucking a dog IS ALMOST normal

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      How do you know she’s 300 pounds, did she trade you for the Dog, she can feel the Dogs cock but not yours.

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    Loved the story know that feeling only to well

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    It’s been far too long. Hit me up if you live in MN
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    Damn you must’ve loved this can we talk about this more?

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      Im watching everyday for part 2! I’d love getting you off several times (the first hour) with just my tongue, it will make it very hard for you to walk- but definately wont hurt! So hot n waiting for more….

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    I just turned 17, I’ve played with my uncle’s dogs so much more after that, even jerking a few off after. They’re such good dogs, and I love the way their tongues feel on me. Most of them just go straight down, other ones need a little more urging. I’m still a virgin, and haven’t had one in my hole, but I’m thinking of doing it soon ❤

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      I’m actually super nervous in general to lose my virginity ahaha, I wouldn’t want it to hurt ??

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    Damn, did you ever do it again? Sounds like you liked it slut

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      I did ??❤

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    Ok sweetheart, got stoned, couple beers- just 1 shot of moonshine-no the real shit- tenn, to get back up this windmill thats comin apart in the wind… but fuck all that , change of plans. You have my attention! I Forgive me if i seem anctious but please proceed my dear- by All means!!!!! Will luv to hear more…..

    • LickMeLikeMe ID:fx7sxz6id

      I plan on sharing more, soon!!! Thinking about sharing a part 2 going more into detail of all my dog stories over the last few years ?

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    Let my dog do this to me before, sooooo hot

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