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Lick Me Like Me 2

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Part two! Just some things of what I’ve been doing in the last three years with doggies (sixteen now)

I’m a virgin. I’m honestly not sure if I’m scared to lose it, or if I’m just waiting, maybe? I’ve started crushing on a lot of older men, first off. At first it was just a small thing, and then more and more. I’m so into the idea of a man behind me fucking me until I’m his crying little mess. I like being called names, the like. I’ve started walking around my uncle’s house naked, hoping for a neighbor or someone to come by and let their needs overtake them.
I was babysitting again, like I’ve been doing on and off for the last three years. God, just the thought of being licked or fucked makes me so wet. I raised myself slowly, making my way to the kennels. My newest companion was Sammy, a big Dane mix with the biggest dog cock I’ve ever seen. His enthusiasm only made me hornier, the power almost painfully making me fall back into the couch. Soft plush held my body, adding a twinge more comfort to my already aching body. I wanted his tongue bad, the weekend always left me craving a long licking. I always came quickly when a dog licked me all over. There’s just something so primal about having a tongue dancing around your body, finding every curve and pleasant place all around your body. God, dog’s tongues always revel you, almost selfishly licking you. It sends every nerve aflame, every pleasure coming in waves of tenfold.
His tongue worked efficiently, licking long stripes against my slit, swollen clit being roughly licked at. Masturbating would never feel as good as his tongue, this dog having a special place in my heart and in my cunty. The wet noise flustered me, my body almost going limp under his expert tongue. I pinched at my nipples, legs shaking. Fuck, it was so good. The explosion was hot, sending me sliding off the couch into a ball on the floor.
Sam whined, his cold nose nuzzling at my soaked slit before he huffed, rounding to my face. Maybe I should work on my stamina so the poor thing didn’t have to stop getting his “treat.”
The best position is on your knees, if I say so myself. I’d love to suck a cock, a man’s cock, while his hands are threaded in my hair. I haven’t gotten there yet, unfortunately. Dog’s cocks are hot, hotter than normal. Their taste is tolerable, I won’t lie and say it’s the most pleasant, but it’s worth the taste to feel the tinge and panting of the dog, his cock plunging into my throat as he jerked his body forward, humping into my mouth. Fuck, it’s so hot. The way his hot cum chokes me up in surprise, forcing me off his cock to cough hot sperm down my throat is even better.
I like it, I love it, I delve in the sinful feeling of his hot cock in my mouth and my fingers between thick thighs. It’s hot and I love it, everything about it. I love his cock, and his tongue. I might let sweet thing fuck me one day soon, I think he’d like it.
I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to message back, I love hearing from you and I check comments obsessively!
I might start a kik, but also I’m chubby and shy, but I’d also love a daddy or to at least talk to one!!

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