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Jacques’ Strap (GG Toys)

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The Character Code (G) represents Girls who’re starting early, but aren’t yet technically Teens. Now, we’d call them “Tweens,” but this is back before...

Jean and I were best friends, “Forever,” and then became something more. Now, I don’t want to go and label it, but first of all, let me tell you no, we’re not Lesbians. I myself am Straight, but if you asked me back then, I’d have to lie, and say she’s my boyfriend, “Shawn.”

That’s because back in the day, there was a whole lot of talk about homosexuals, and people got the wrong idea. Especially her older brother, who was fascinated by the whole thing, of course. “Two hot girls is better then one,” he’d say. When we asked him about it, but first we caught him playing with himself, looking at a dirty movie.

I don’t know, we’re too young to understand what we were seeing, before he turned the VCR off. I know I had a loose tooth, and she was missing a few too, but they were kissing, and feeling each other up, topless. It was before they got into the real action, so they were just half naked, but after we ran off, giggling. She told me what he was doing.

Why his pisser was sticking up, and he was rubbing it like that. He didn’t have any hair on it yet, and he was still shooting blanks, but he could get it up, and at least fake an orgasm, I guess. I honestly don’t know if he was faking it or not, but sometimes, on sleepovers, we heard him.

He was super loud, and he did it on purpose. Jean knew that, because he was always quieter about it, when I wasn’t around. I guess that was his way of telling me he liked me, when he didn’t even tell his sister, or she would have told me about it, right away. I guess I was just naive, and oblivious, because I didn’t even have my adult teeth yet.

So, anyway, that was how we started practice kissing, and she wiggled my loose tooth with her tongue, until it came out. Not while we’re kissing, later, but then I got a quarter from the tooth Fairy, and a new one grew back. That was pretty much the end of it for a couple years, until the next thing happened.

My dad, and her dad worked together at the same company, which is how we met each other in the first place. We all got invited out to company picnics, and barbiequeues, especially in the summer, and we were both about the same age. So, naturally, we started playing together, and even hanging out after.

Then, her family flew down to the coast on Spring Break, and they invited me to go with them. Oh yeah, and her parent’s anniversary, since they both met on Spring Break, only in college. So, it wasn’t exactly the same week as public schools, it was later, but then I started going every year, to enjoy the nice weather, and start swimming early.

I got my period, and then she did too, but she didn’t know it was coming, so she didn’t pack anything for it, and she had to get out of the water. Before a shark smelled the red tide, and came swimming after her, but since I already went through all this, I went and got a tampon out of her mom’s luggage, and showed her how to use it.

We called it a “Cork,” since her mom, and dad bought wine, to go for long walks on the beach, and be intimate together. Red wine, so it wasn’t hard to imagine that’s what we’re doing. Putting a cork in it, so she didn’t mess up her swimsuit again, or her underwear once we changed into dry clothes, but I actually got a good look at her privates for the very first time then.

I have to say that, it’s kinda hard to get a good look at your own, unless you get out a mirror, and hold it up just right, but I hadn’t even thought of that yet. It was just to pee, and also started bleeding once a month, there wasn’t anything sexy about it. It was just gross, before either of us really got any pleasure out of it, but I ended up popping her hymen on accident.

I didn’t know what i was doing, my gynecologist says that either I didn’t have one that was big enough to get in the way, or I tore it naturally, riding a bike, or what have you. I don’t know, I didn’t feel it, I just started using Tampons like mom when i started needing them. She made a face, but she didn’t cry. She didn’t know that it wasn’t supposed to hurt anyway, and you know how the applicators have those 4 sharp corners that pop out, like the X on a straw?

I mean the lid, on a soda cup, for you to stick a straw in, like that. Well, I had to push real hard, since she was a virgin, and it was her first period, she didn’t even know she had another hole down there yet. We think that’s what did it, the sharp corners poked out, and that’s why it hurt so much, but she was already bleeding. So, she just wiped the blood off the outside, and put on some undies, so we could get dressed, and go out to play.

I guess that’s when I started taking an interest, in what I looked like down there. So, the next chance we got, we borrowed her mom’s lipstick case out of her purse to take a look. It had a little mirror in the case, so you could hold it sideways, and see what you’re doing when you put it on. Then, I noticed that her lipstick was Crimson, or really they called it Lady Danger, but you know, red. Blood red, and it kinda looked like lips down there too, so we giggled, and put it on, like a mouth.

She didn’t kiss it, but she still had the strings sticking out, from her first tampon, and we didn’t dare go swimming, for fear of sharks. Also, we didn’t have a hotel, we had a beach house her father rented, so it didn’t have a pool. Ask me why people think they need a pool at a beach-house, when the whole Atlantic ocean is right there, a short walk away, but they do.

At least the neighbors did, and they got rented by high school kids, for parties every year, because it was spring break for them, too. Of course they got drunk, under age, and wild over the loud music. Sometimes they hooked up, and we even caught a boy and girl going off to fool around every so often.

We liked to watch that, and giggle, but also, she’d play the boy, and kiss me, just for practice. Oh yeah, and she was also always jealous of boys, especially her brother, because he got to do all kinds of stuff her parents wouldn’t let her do. Like go out alone, or talk to strangers, so she wondered “How am I supposed to make any friends, when everyone else is a stranger?” Unless you got an introduction, like me, and my parents, but just because she was a girl, and younger. Even before she started kissing me, and letting me call her “Shawn.”

Oh yeah, and she’s French, or her whole family is, really. Sauvageout, so they pronounce it more like a cross between John, and Shawn? At first “He” was John, and then i started calling “Him” Shawn, whenever she was playing my boyfriend, or a Doctor. “It’s okay, I’m a doctor,” she’d say, and check me out, once I took my clothes off, and put on a painting smock, instead of a hospital gown.

She did the same thing, when it was her turn to play the patient, only my Gynecologist, Dr. Sumners is a woman. She didn’t have a gynecologist, just a family doctor, until she started seeing Dr. Sumners with me. For one thing, our periods were synched up, always, at least when she started getting them too. Dr. Sumners, Ob/Gyn said that sometimes happens, when 2 girls are so close, and we looked at each other, but we didn’t tell her how close we’re getting, let alone about her playing “Shawn,” my imaginary boyfriend.

So then, the next thing that happened was my mom, and dad’s anniversary, but they got married in June. So, it didn’t synch up with Spring Break, but then summer came, and we got to spend a lot more time together. Taking turns sleeping over at her house, then my house, but then we got home, and I don’t know where my mom, and dad were, but we had the house to ourselves.

We went to the kitchen to make a snack, and rather than climb up on the cabinets to get dishes out, I opened up the dishwasher, and pulled out the top rack. “What’s that?” she pointed, and picked up, dad’s. Well, I don’t know, whether it’s really mom, or dads, or both of them. See, he got it for her anniversary, so i just said “A buttplug.”

I asked mom about it, the first time she left it in the dishwasher, but you know, it gets dirty. So, she took me back to her room, and told me, so I could tell Jean about it, when she asked me. Then, I had to show her, because she didn’t believe me, but I had already set up Barby, and Ken to play with.

He didn’t have a Jock Strap, like mom did. Not for sports, but that’s what she called him. “Jacques.” So, the harness was her “Jacques Strap.” It’s funny, and Jean got it right away, because she’s French, and been teaching me how to say French things, like Jacques Cousteau?

So anyway, Barbie and Ken aren’t exactly anatomically correct, so I had to get out a crayon, with a good pointy tip from drawing with it. I broke that off, and melted the bottom, so it would stick on Barbie’s underwear, and I could bend over the Ken Doll, so she could use it on him.

She got real excited, just watching that, and started blushing so hard it looked like she was wearing makeup. Not just blush, but also lipstick, which just reminded me of that one time, she put some on my privates, to match the blood she had on her’s from getting her period, and breaking her cherry with the “Cork Screw.”

So, then. We went into mom, and dad’s room, so I could show her “Jacques’ Strap,” and helped her tighten it on around her waist, and thighs. Then, mom, and dad got home, so we had to take it off her real quick, and then i got in trouble for getting into their sex toys, but mom got out the medicine book to show us what a prostate is.

We don’t have one, because we’re girls, but my dad did, and his got swollen. So he couldn’t pee easily, and the doctor showed them how to milk it. So, they made a game out of it, and one thing led to another, until dad got her a buttplug, and a strapon so she could screw him with it.

“Oh,” we said, then “Jinks,” and then “You owe me a coke!” At the same time, so we laughed, and mom put her stuff away. After loosening up the straps so they’d fit her the next time she needed it to milk dad’s prostate.

So, then we ran off alone, to play, and wouldn’t you know, we both wanted to play the same thing? This time, “Shawn” stuck “His” hand down “His” pants, and unzipped “his” fly. So, “he” could stick her thumb out, and I could get down on the floor, to suck it.

“Yeah, suck it good,” she patted me on the head, just like those coeds we caught running off together behind the beach house next door to the rental, all those summers ago. I guess it was like a blowjob, if I closed my eyes, and imagined her brother.

David, with his boner out, looking at me, and stroking it. Smiling, and looking at my chest. The hot swells pushing out the top of my swimsuit, before I took it off to show him my tan lines, and the one time he picked me up to feel me up, and kiss me.

“Hm!” I let it slip out, and turned around, so she could help me out of my bra, and pull down my panties. Spit in her hand, and wipe it up my hot slit, to make it even wetter. Then, “He” dropped “his pants, and stuck her thumb in there. Humping her fist, to drive it in deep, and hard, until I got my first orgasm.

Then, it was my turn to kiss her, down there. French kiss it, and dig around in the top, where her wrinkles came together, and dig out the tiny little nose of soft skin to suck it.

“Yeah, suck it,” she ran both hands through my hair, and kept saying “Suck it,” until she went breathless, and shook so hard she fell down.

Then later, much much later, we found out about trans-sexuals, and she realized what her problem was all along. She started taking steroids and changed her name, so we could get married, so no.

We’re not lesbians. He’s my husband, Jacques. Nobody even suspected, not even her, because it’s not like she was ever a tomboy. He even got a real Jock Strap, to hold his orthotic, instead of a protective cup. I even got to take the name Sauvageot, just like I always wanted!

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