Good Kids Who Couldn’t Wait

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We’d been holding out, but we couldn’t help ourselves. But after the time we fucked in the bathroom at church, that made it even harder.

He’s used dildos in my ass while fucking my pussy from behind as I go down on my cousin. That was established, pretty much a part of the way we did things. I knew he’s a lot bigger than the dildo we were using. We read that a lot of lube would help, too. But what we weren’t ready for was how being near the bathroom at the church would get him stiff and start my honey flowing. We promised our cousin she could be there when we did it, and she was coming over later, but her parents would be there. We had almost two hours alone between Sunday service ending and my dad’s brother’s family arriving for dinner. Dad would be mixing with the congregation and talking with the office staff. Weekly accounts had to be settled. We knew we were expected to set the table and prepare the house for company. It had to wait.

On the drive home, we discussed our urgency, how we shouldn’t do it without our cousin there, and whether there was even the slightest chance I could some day have my dad. I haven’t stopped wanting to fuck my dad and give him my ass, but it doesn’t look like it will ever happen. I have to move on.

As soon as we were upstairs, the clothes came off, and my brother had his tongue up my cunt and licking my clit until I came. In the shower, I licked and sucked him but stopped just before. We were still dripping wet when we through towels down on my bed. He kissed me and asked me if I was sure. Yes, I was sure. He’s always been so patient, so nice about making sure I never felt forced. He deserved it. We used tons of lube, but it didn’t take long before my brother’s cock was up my ass. At first it felt a little strange for me, but it didn’t take too long before I got a new sensation. He said it was perfect. He slammed me to the point where HE was getting tired and had to come. I can’t wait to do it again, only this time with my cousin there.

Later, when we explained to our cousin what we’d done, she was disappointed. She forgave us, though, and took out a double sided super long dildo. She’ll only be nice about it, she said, if she gets to have our pussies sharing the same dildo while he’s in my ass. Ok. I guess so… (giggling as I said it, kissing her)…. Ever since she turned 13 and she’s had my brother fucking her a couple of times, she’s gotten demanding. I like it.

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    Damn I’m wet

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      Want some cock debbie

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      I know the feeling , I am throbbing

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    I’d love to meet the three of you… The thought of the four of us in the same bed….yummy [email protected]

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    this shit got me horny as fuck, hmu on kik ‘softseex’, bitches only, y’all motherfuckers stop adding me.

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    Your stories are the best!

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    Now i want to hear more

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      Damn you’re bro is a lucky guy