Girlfriend is my Doberman’s bitch

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This all started when I asked my girlfriend if she would be willing to have sex with a dog. To my surprise she admitted to having sex with her family dog when she was younger. We talked more about it and since she was a cock whore anyway, I figured this may keep her home more. Even though I agree to her sleeping with other guys. I was hornie just thinking about this opportunity.

We discussed this issue in-depth and I wanted to know if we did get a dog would she be happy having it breed her. She told me she would. I told her, I was okay with it and actually expected her to let him breed with her at any time of day or night. She agreed to that also. I wanted to solidify in her mind this was accepted on my part. I stressed to her that it was alright to do so. I said, if the dog shows any signs of being hornie I expected her to take his cock. She again agreed with me.

We than had to decide what type of dog we wanted. Her first request was, she want one with a big cock. I told her I had no idea what dog had a bigger cock than the next. I suggested we write down what breeds of dogs we liked, keeping in mind it should be of a large breed. Once the list was made we than went through the internet looking of large dogs with big cocks. Going back to our list we eliminated several right away and were left with three choices. Eliminating the other two types due to availability and coast. The one we ended up agreeing on was a Doberman Pinscher.

Now it was time to find a place where we could buy a Doberman without driving a long distance and in our price range. We located a breeder who was one hour away but the price was a bit more than we wanted to spend. I once again asked her, since we were getting a puppy if she was going to actually go through with training him? She assured me she would. I told her she had to get him used to her and let him lick her and start training him right away. She assured me she would and I should not worry.

We went to pick one out of a litter of five. The one which came up to her first was the one she wanted. He was the smallest one of the bunch. I pointed out to her he was the smallest of the group. I thought we wanted one that was bigger. Knowing good and well she knew what I was suggesting. She told me, this one will grow up and be just fine. Alright than, that is the one if your sure. Yep, he is the one I want, she said. We paid the going price and off we went with a new pup.

She was teasing and playing with him as we drove off. I told her she better let the pup know she was the new mother. To my actual surprise she pulled down her shorts and had puppy sniff her pussy. He sniffed it and turned away, she kept putting his nose in front of her pussy and spared her lips open. He sniffed her and actually took one lick, than turned away again. She made the comment, he will do just fine. Pulling her knees up to her chest and sitting that way all the way home with the puppy laying right their on the seat where he could smell her sex.

Once home she played with him until he wore down and fell asleep. I told her I was happy she showed initiative in getting started with him. I told her from now on I wanted her naked whenever she was around the dog or playing with him. I reinforced our agreement which we agreed he was going to be her breeder. From then on I had to say no more, my cock whore girlfriend was on board and was with the dog most of the time. She however had to still go out and have a stray cock until the dog was old enough to breed her.

No, there was nothing wrong with me. I actually had sex with her three to four times a week. She told me she was cock hungry slut. Her words not mine. I gave the okay and she was off sleeping with anyone she wanted. Again, that is why we bought the dog to keep her home and not in another guys bed. I really did not mind her sleeping with others. I had one strong and strange fetish. That was when she came home after being screwed by some one, I would get sloppy seconds. I loved this for some reason. It was a huge sexual turn on for me. For that reason I encouraged her to sleep around.

The Doberman grew relatively fast and by winter she had him licking her to orgasm almost daily. He picked up on it fast and became her main past time during the cold weather. To actually get him to know what humping was about, took until late spring. At that time he actually mounted her for the first time. Once I was told he was humping her I asked how long had it been going on? I was told for around two weeks but he had only mounted her four times. I told her she was to take him to the basement and not return until he had breaded with her. Only than she could call me down after it was over and she did just that. That is when I took my turn on her.

I insisted on weekends he had to breed her first, than I would take my turn on her. I eventually could tell how big a cock the dog had by the feel of mine in her. I had seen his cock many times and now I was watching him breed her which she preferred I didn’t watch. I watched anyway telling her I wanted it fresh. The dogs cock was actually a bit bigger round than my cock. I had the longer cock and could go deeper but he was bigger round. I asked if she liked the sex with the dog. She admitted she liked it even though she was embarrassed admitting it. She looked down and turned red as she said, Yes…I like it.

I asked why she didn’t like me watching. This took time to drag the actual truth out of her but once more she was looking down in embarrassment, turning beat red she confessed. I like the knot. I had never heard of it before and told her so. What do you mean his knot. She explained how he knots with her once he had ejaculated in her and his knot slips inside and they are locked together. Sometimes up to twenty minutes. Really? I never knew such a thing took place.

The next afternoon I was witness to this fascinating breeding technique. She continues to breed with the dog and still goes out for a strangers cock once a month but not as often as she used to. We are both happy with our choice of dog and he seems to really enjoy humping her on a regular basses. The dog has become a close member of our family. My girlfriend is home more and we are all happy. I get sloppy seconds that are wonderful.


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