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Do you like black guys?

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After attending a party in north Mission Beach, John “Jack” S. and Adam V. returned to Jack’s
residence, a two-story condominium immediately south of Belmont Park, early in the morning of
October 15. At around 2:00 a.m., Catherine C. and Elizabeth N., both 18, arrived at Jack’s residence. All four attended the University of San Diego.
Adam and Catherine had been dating for a month and Adam thought it was time to start having sex.
Jack liked Elizabeth but the girl was very shy and was said that she had never had boyfriends yet.
Initially, the four friends watched the movie “The breakfast club”on a big-screen television in the living room. After about 10 to 20 minutes, Catherine and Adam went upstairs while Jack and Elizabeth stayed downstairs.
Shortly after 2:30 a.m, three black men peered through a window and saw Jack and Elizabeth seated on a couch. One of the three men turned the door handle. It was unlocked.
Two of the three men entered the condominium. They wore yellow bandanas to mask their faces and both had guns in their hands. The first intruder wore baggy clothing, a hooded yellow sweatshirt and motorcycle gloves. The second intruder was shorter and more broadly built, and was wearing a sweatshirt without a hood.
The second intruder ordered Jack and Elizabeth to go to the kitchen, lie face down, close their eyes and not look at them or move. Both men demanded money. Jack gave them his wallet, and Elizabeth said she had nothing but her cell phone.
When they saw Catherine’s purse, the intruders accused Elizabeth of lying. After Elizabeth said she was telling the truth, the intruders realized that there were people upstairs.
In the meanwhile Catherine and Adam were on bed, wearing only their underwear. Adam was kissing Catherine.
One of the intruders went upstairs and found Catherine and Adam in a bedroom on the bed “making
This intruder, tall and skinny, wore a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and was carrying a small black gun. The man ordered Catherine and Adam to lie on their stomachs on the floor and not look at him; he also demanded Adam’s wallet and cell phone. After Adam handed over his wallet, the intruder escorted him to another bedroom; Adam became aware of a second man in the hallway, who had a wider body than the first man.
The two men looked closely at the girl. Catherine was a beautiful girl, quite tall and with slender legs.
“I’m sorry for interrupting. Maybe you were going to give your boyfriend a blowjob. But black guys are better, believe me.”
“Take my money and my car, but please don’t do this.”
“Get on your knees”, the man ordered, as the other guy lowered his pants and underpants.
“Do you like it?” said this man, pointing to his eight inch long cock.
Catherine hesitated and did not want to kneel.
“Get on your knees and suck it!” ordered again the taller man, pointing his gun to the girl’s head.
This time Catherine knelt in front of the wider man, closed her eyes and put his dick in her mouth.
She gave the wider man a blowjob for a few minutes, then the taller man ordered her to suck his cock.
After the second blowjob was finished, the man carrying the gun ordered Catherine to stand up.
“Take off your underwear.”
Catherine removed her white bra and panties, then trying to cover her body with her arms, but the man ordered her to put her hands up.
“Nice breasts and beautiful shaved pussy. Now get on the bed and get on all fours, facing the wall.”
Catherine begged the man again:
“Please stop. Take all our money but leave us alone.”
“Shut up and get on the bed” said the man pointing his gun to her.
Then Catherine took a deep breath and get on all fours on the bed. The man knelt behind her and began licking her cunt with his tongue and opening her pussy lips with his hands. Then he inserted his dick into her cunt and pushed it into her.
“Oh yeah, so good. Do you like black dicks? Moan, bitch”.
In fear for her life, Catherine began to moan.
After a few minutes, the man cummed inside her vagina and Catherine started to cry.
Afterward, the two men escorted Catherine to the other bedroom, where there was a third black male, who was dressed in baggy clothes and a hooded sweatshirt.
Subsequently, the older man brought Elizabeth upstairs into the second bedroom, where Catherine
was sitting on the bed, naked and crying. Adam was in a corner in the same room.
Elizabeth was a not very tall girl with brown hair.
Holding a gun to Elizabeth’s back, he ordered her to take off her clothes.
Elizabeth removed her shoes, blouse, shirt and pants, then she stopped. But when she felt the point of the gun touching her skin, she removed her bra and panties, too. She was completely nude in front of Catherine and Adam, with a man on her side and another behind her who was caressing her body.
When Elizabeth felt the man grabbing her ass, she began to tremble.
“Don’t touch her, leave her alone. Take it out on me” said Catherine, in an effort to protect her friend.
“Ok, lie on bed and spread your legs wide” said the other man to Catherine.
The girl got onto the bed and the man started to fuck her. When she thought to have saved her friend, the man with the gun touched Elizabeth again, trying to put his fingers into her pussy.
“Man, I lucked out. This little whore is a virgin!”
Elizabeth blushed.
“I could break her cherry, but I have a better idea”, said the man to the other guy, grabbing Adam and pushing him toward Elizabeth.
“Take off your boxer and fuck her!”
Adam said he couldn’t do that, but the man pointed the gun to the girl’s head.
“Get on top of her, spread her legs and put your dick into her cunt. If you don’t, I’ll blow her head off. Go on!”
So Adam got on top of Elizabeth, but his dick was still soft, so he was unable to penetrate her.
“It doesn’t work. Suck your friend’s dick!”, the man ordered to Elizabeth.
Sobbing and with tears dropping on her face, the girl began to suck Adam’s dick.
“Very good”, one man said, as Adam’s dick hardened.
Then the man ordered Elizabeth to lie on the floor and to spread her legs.
“Now you can fuck her” the man said to Adam.
Adam got on top of Elizabeth again and moved his dick toward her virgin cunt. He tried to penetrate it, but his dick was not so erect. In fear for their lifes, he started pushing and moving his body.
The thinner man complained that Adam was faking the penetration and so he pushed him to the floor.
Subsequently, Adam was placed in the upstairs bathroom.
Then the bigger and older man asked Elizabeth:
“Do you like black guys?”
The girl didn’t answer.
“Suck this dick.”
Elizabeth was pushed on the floor by the other man and, with a gun to her head, she began to give the first man a blowjob.
“Now I think I’m going to break your cherry, baby” the man said, ordering Elizabeth to lie down on the bed.
He began to lick her cunt and to open her pussy lips. He had problem in getting his dick hard, so he ordered Elizabeth to suck it again. When finally his dick was completely hard, he pushed it into her virgin cunt.
“Aahhh!”. The girl screamed and her eyes were filled with tears.
After a few pushes, the man stood up, letting her with the blood running down her thighs.
Then one of the other two men ordered Elizabeth to stand up and bend over. He stood behind her as she was on all fours. But the man was’t able to fuck Elizabeth in that position, so he ordered her to lie on her back on the bed, and he fucked her from a standing position.
He pushed his cock into her no longer virgin cunt for a few minutes, then he ordered her so stand up and to blow it. After putting a gun to Elizabeth’s head, he warned her not to bite him.
Finally he released his load of cum on his face.
The the bigger and the older man took Elizabeth in bathroom to wash her pussy. Then they licked her cunt again.
In the meanwhile, the third man ordered Catherine to get onto the bed on all fours.
“I want your ass, baby.”
Catherine tried to escape from the room, but the man grabbed her and pushed her on the bed. He pointed the gun to her head.
“Relax and you will not get hurt.”
As the man began to lick her ass, Catherine closed her eyes. Then his dick entered her asshole.
The man fucked her for a few minutes, finally cumming inside her asshole
Downstairs, Jack, still lying on the kitchen floor, felt what he thought was a gun to his head. The
armed man demanded money. Jack believed the individual was not one of the two original people to
enter the condominium because of the tone of his voice and the fact he already had given his wallet
to the first two intruders. Jack heard the sounds of plastic bags rustling and then footsteps coming
downstairs. The widely built intruder told Jack to get up and disconnect the television cables. After
this was accomplished, this man escorted Jack upstairs to the bathroom and left Jack with Adam,
who was naked and shaking and shivering in the dark.
One of the intruders with a gun told Catherine and Elizabeth to put on some clothes and walk
downstairs. The women put on some of Jack’s clothes that were on the floor and went downstairs.
Elizabeth noticed the television was gone. One of the men dumped out Catherine’s purse and took
$100, two ATM cards, a cell phone and a camera. Hoping to persuade the men to leave, Catherine
wrote down the PIN number for her debit cards. The two thinner men told the women to go upstairs
and put on their own clothing. When Catherine and Elizabeth returned downstairs, the two thinner
men were waiting with plastic grocery bags filled with items from the condominium. The men
started to walk to the front door and directed the women to go with them. The four had proceeded to
about the midway point between the condominium and parking lot when one of the men said “5-0 in
the park,” and threw Catherine’s car keys at her. The two men then ran away, and Catherine and
Elizabeth ran back to the condominium, where they found Jack and Adam in the upstairs bathroom.

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    Racist bullshit, which perpetuates hatred and stereotypes black men. Not worth the time reading.

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      Both of their cherries belonged to a black man and he took what was his.

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    Did you get lucky and make any babies

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:3zxjpfrsk0a

    that is why you make sure your doors afe lock and if you had camera on your ptoperty and motion detectors and sound the alarm that would have never happend at all! would you like to text me and tell me what changes you made since? my number is(347)949-2811

    • Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9b

      It’s not her fault that she was raped.

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      no to victim blaming