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After two weeks of my beach holiday nightmare I lost completely the control over my sexuality.

It had been just two weeks back home. My sister had left already the first day – no wonder – and I was preparing for college, when I finally completly lost it. Totally disturbed about myself and what I hade done on my holiday I went day after day for a walk in the night before sleeping. Thinking about myself and how fucked up I was I mostly walked into the country side but also sometimes just around the neighborhood. It was on one of the last days before I would move into my new city for college when I went for the country side. There was a very silent place a wide field of Gras with an old fence. There was nothing but just me… Until this day. So I went for my walk. It was like 22 I clock and was mining my own business, staring in the sky, watching the stars when I finally arrived at this empty small hill. I sat down and felt very depressive when something caught my interest. It was small. And came closer to the fence. It grew in size and when it finally arrived I could see what it was – it was a Pony! Or so I thought – it could have also been a very young horse. I was never into riding and I’m still not but I came closer to the fence to take a deeper look into the intruder of my peace. It was definitely new here and it was healthy. It had beautiful brown hair and a black mane. I greeted the pony and called it Luana. I petted her and started to talk to her. It seemed like fina8i hade found someone to talk about what had happened on my holiday with my sister. Of course I could only speak to someone who would never tell anyone. I talk at least a full hour with luana when I watched the clock. It was 23.30 but we had a full moon. So it was not that dark but I felt like I would need to go home. So I came close to the fence and petted luana one last time before I started to walk away.. But only two or three steps before I made a final view back to her, she really had touched my heart.. But she had turned around too. Making a strange noise I was getting closer back again.. I was hypnotized by her tail waving up and down but not just by her tail but also her butt… And what was basically punching in my face. Her vagina. It was a beautiful black one and I was watching it for like 5 more minutes when the pony backed up… In my direction. I was now very close to her. I jumped over the fence and realized that her pussy had the perfect hight for me. I could fuck her standing right there. But what was I thinking? I was actually not think much anymore I was back to be an animal. Focusing on her vagina. I was shocked when the Ponys pussy started to wink at me… I could feel the heat and the pony must have felt my disturbed sexuality too. I mean I have told her but there is no way she could have understood me right? Nor of less – I was Stil hypnotized by her. The circling tail and the winking lips made me getting ready for sex. My dick was basically jumping out of my trousers. This was an invitation to fuck. She came close and her pussy was winking at me! I was not sure what to do when my inner animal took over. I pulled out my penis and even before I could have had a straight thought I was deep penetrating the vagina…it was different from what I have had experiencef before. Not do tight but when I started to thrust the pony knew how to help out. It really squeezed the shit out of me. It was also hotter inside than a woman. I grabbed the Ponys ass with both hands and was completly in trance. The please was coming up through my whole body and my dick was starting to tingling again. I needed to scratch it inside of this horse. I put full power in every thrust and the pony was squeezing me tight. Only when I went slower the pussy would start to release and wink – basically telling me to not stop and continue on the same speed. I could not hold it any longer. This was amazing a God damn pony inviting me to shoot my load, to release me. And then I pushed and started to ejaculate… Pumping and pulsating probably one of my biggest loads. It immediately started to drop out again. Which was fine because I knew I would need at least a second time before I could get home. I was standing there still with my dick inside the horse and the cum dropping down my balls for 5 minutee when the pony gave me the sign to continue. It made a silent but noticeable neigh and I started to push again. This time it was even more enjoyable. It was very slippy and I felt like I could do this all night, as long as the mare was not squeezing. But after a while she wanted me to finish. And pulled her walls tight. I could barely get out again and so I was built up to come in no time only one or two more thrust… And release… My head was exploding while my dick was busy shooting. Finally the itching on my boner was dealed with. I rested my whole upper body on her back while I pumping my cum inside her. But then she started to move and pulled me out, she not even gave me a look back but just started to run off into the field.
I was standing there speechless. My penis still throbbing but stafing to get softer I watched her vanishing into the darkness. I went to that place the next nights again but she never came back. Still one of the best fucks I ever had.

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  • Reply Catchall ID:7zv39tab0a

    Hey, i just figured if you nailed that pony pussy without getting kicked in the balls you can convince anything to give it up! Seriously,i have to admit- i am drawn to the force for i have experienced it, having no control and there is no stopping it- being nailed extremely and feeling the huge nut being injected, then nailed till the 2nd nut cums…

  • Reply Catchall ID:7zv39tab0a

    Damn! Even a pony wanted to feel your power! You must be putting out the right vibes if i had a pussy i would give it up too im hooked! More more! Please!

  • Reply DD ID:4ph701pql

    Sorry for lieing to everyone. I thought it would make things better but actually. That one of the reasons why I’m so disturbed. The idea to fuck a pony was just disgusting and people who do it needs to have a dead nose and enough time and space to get washed. Also the squirting is just not hot. Its like someone poops on you. I would like to rewrite it truly but I think I made the truth public now.

  • Reply DD ID:4ph701pql

    Okay I have to admit, this story is not quite true. I mean I did tried to fuck the mare but it did not happend as described. The pony was the nights after still there but I really lost my interest due to the bad sex. A mares pussy does no squeeze that tight at all and when it’s wet is really really hard to rub. You basically need a lot of speed. Also a mare sometimes “Squirt” – which is a mix out of lubricant and piss. Horses also smell quite strong and especially the anus. When I tried to fuck the mate, it squirted all over my dick and my legs – total downturn. I went soft, could not finish the job. Also my trousers got wet too and started to smell. Absolutely stupid idea. I had to sneak bag in at home and immediately washed the pants before my mother could ask what the shit happened