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Babysitter plays dog

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So people have maybe already read my story about how I got raped by dog and how this scarved me psychological. This is what happend afterwards.

So people have maybe already read my story about how I got raped by dog and how this scarved me psychological. This is what happend afterwards.

It had been a whole year since the accident with Rottie had happened. I was still single but thanks to Rottie not a Virgin anymore. Well we had summer holidays again but my friend took Rottie this year with them on holiday. Me and my parents had already been on holiday in winter for skiing, so we stayed the summer again at home. I was looking to make some money this summer, I was 17, straight, male and broke as fuck. Since watching over Rottie was no option, even though I really tried to push my friend to hand him over, I was looking for a job. But I watched rather lately and so it appeared that there were only two jobs left for the summer holidays. First was to trim the grass for the neighbors or babysitting for a more rich family living on the other side of the city.
No problem for me I thought and called them. I had no experience at all but I wanted the money! 15 dollar per hour! Hell yeah I’m sitting there. So I lied to them and told them I have a lot of experience.
So I drove nearly 4 hours to get to there house with the public transport. This was really exhausting but the money would make it worth. I arrived at a big Villa like house and was greeted by the mother. She and her husband seemed very busy because she just bearly let me in and vanished already upstairs doing things while talking to me. I never saw the husband until everything was over. Well, on the phone we had talked about babys I have to look over but as it turned out one of them wasn’t that baby at all. There was a boy like 5 years old named Tom. Who would mostly sleep abd watch TV and one 14 years old girl called Heidy. She was just 1.40 cm high but had already started to grow some small boobs. I m not pedophile but she was on the edge started to look nice and sexy. I went to the big living room saying hello to them and had actually a nice chat with both. I was starting to think this is going to be easy when the mother came back down explaining to me this: So we had talked about it on the phone. I would watch them from 12 to 22 o clock, earn 150 dollar and they would drive me to the train station afterwards so I can be at home around 2 o clock. I was also already on my way since 7.30 in the morning. But the mother had already other plans. She came up to me explaining that she and her husband needed to be on a big galla night with some other rich people and will not be back until TOMORROW evening. It seemed like she had planned this to trap me into staying here. At first I felt like saying no but then she raised the money to 20 dollars per hour and this would make a total amount of 640 dollars! How could I say no! I agreed of course, called my parents explaining to them I would stay in the villa and then the parents had already left. It was exactly this moment, I realized I was completely unprepared for a sleep over! I didn’t even had a tooth brush with me – I had to laugh a little bit about myself. I went so greeedy that I totally forgot about everything else.
But things would go wrong anyway this evening. So I went back to the kids and we had a lot of fun. Mostly watching TV but at some point Tom wanted to play “Dogs”. So we pretend to be Dogs. It made me feel strange since I was fucked once by a dog but I kept on to ignore this fact and concentrate on the play.
But then there was heidy, the was skinny but not to skinny and had very soft nice skin, also beautiful brunette hair and some small boobs going on. Her face was not that of a child anymore and sometimes when she laughted you could see a wink of a fuck me face. Which sometimes disturbed me. She wore a tank top with no bra and a skirt and some long socks this day. And while we played dogs, she was pretending to fight with Tom, they barked at each other and then she went into submission – giving Tom the lead like a nice sister. But when she did that. Remember we were all on our knees and hands. She bent over. I was right behind her when she layed down her face to the ground while her hips were still raised in the air. She did not were panties… Her skirt was white and you could see through it went the light was right and at this moment I couldn’t but to watch it. Her small young lips were pushed together by her legs and spread to the outside by her hips. I was paralyzed for a moment, my blood rushed in a second into my dick and I had a full boner in seconds. Then I did something I shouldnt have done but I couldn’t resist. I went over her… Still playing dog, I pretend to protect her but in reality I wanted to have my boner next to her pussy and at the moment I was over her I closed the range between my dock and her hips. Barking at Tom like an idiot she on the other hand pushed her hips against my genitals. I don’t think she couldn’t feel them, they were placed in a line with my trousers. But I pressed against her too until Tom gave up. And moved a little bit away. And there I was – pressing my genitals against some 14 years old teen hips. We were staying in this position for like 20 seconds even after Tom were gone before I realized in what kind of situation I brought myself and stood up. Saying playtime I’d over, time for food. Heidy was still lying there, giving me a fuck me smile before also standing up. Or at least I thought this was what this smile looked like. But when she moved up I could see some wetness on her skirt, exactly were her pussy lips were before… After seeing this I went to the toilet, jerking of myself. Refreshed and not horny anymore we ate and since it was already evening I put Tom to bed. What made heidy and me left. It was like 21 o clock, she was lying on the floor watching TV when I realized that her skirt went full up to her hips. I was sitting on the couch behind her and could see in between her legs again. I was paralyzed again my boner was looking out of my trousers so I put my shirt over it. I knew I had to do something. Shall I tell her? No, because I liked what I saw. I went back to the toilet and jerked of again. But when I came back she was sitting on my place with my phone in her hand and was trying to unlock it! So I went straight up to her telling her to give it back – which started a playfull fight, she was running around with my phone and I of course right behind here, we ran out of the living room to the big dining room around the table back to the living room, were I finally caught her making her fall on one of the armchairs. There she was, her legs spreads, sweating and deep breathing holding my phone in her hands. I could see her pussy again and her nipples were hard too. One boob looked like to fall out of the tank top any second and I went from pissed to horny in no time. I needed to do something again! I needed to get the pussy covered! So I put my knee directly between her legs, which made her close her legs too around my knee and then I tried to grab her hands to get my phone. She was laughing the whole time wiggling and stretching away, when my knee started to feel moistured. I couldn’t resist but I actually wasn’t even trying to get the phone anymore, I was trying to make her moan. I pushed my knee to the point where the clitoris must be and started to rubb in a circle around it while holding or catch her hands. I was rock solid when she started to moan in lust wiggling and shaking herself even more and holing my leg with her legs in position she squeezed it quite hard. She must have never had an Orgasm before because her loan went into a scream when she was close to reach the peak. The feeling must have overwhelmed her and she looked with a scared face to me. It was that moment I grabbed my phone let my knee go and told her to not steal my phone again. My knee was completely wet. I didn’t said anything about that. She was lying on the armchair, heavyly breathing with her wet pussy exposed – you could even see the small hairs going. Which were just to small in the moment to cover the full pussy. So I left at this moment to jerk me off again. Even afterwards I was thinking how stupid I am. This is ridiculous! I nearly mastubrated that young girl to orgasm with my knee! This is sexual harassment or more like rapé! I need to stop this, I said to myself. So I came back after like 20 minutes on the toilet, I wanted to talk to heidy – did not really know what to say but I wanted to hear that we are still normal to each other and that she not has realized what just had happened or even thinking to talk to her parents about this. I was starting to get scared. So I went upstairs. Looking for Tom, who wax sleeping and then I was sneaking up to heidys room. I was sneaking because I still was thinking about what to say but when I went her door I saw it was not fully closed. I wanted to took a peak before knocking and what I saw was just amazing. She was riding one of her stuffed animals. A big tiger and she had lined up the tail in between her lips – of course I could not see this directly but she was breathing heavily again and moving forward and backwards. I didn’t wanted to interupped her so I decided to make the best out of it and started to jerk of again. I tried to be in the same rhythm she was. It was looking so crazy! This little girl just decided to finish the job after what I have done to her. And I was watching it. But then I heard Tom behind me. I way shocked put rapidly my dick back into my trousers and turned around. She must have heard that to because I could hear her jumping of the tiger.
What a crazy night….i brought Tom bag to his bed and went back downstairs to the living room. Heidy came right after me. It was like 22.00 o clock when she confronted me, asking me if I have been watching her in her room. I was sooo scared at this moment, I felt embarrassed I knew everything what I did was wrong. I was sitting back on the couch and had put up a Magazine infrobt of my face so I didn’t needed to watch her face and of course she couldn’t see mine. How could I look in her face after what I have seen. I denied that I was in front of her door, explaining that I heard Tom and that was it, when out of a sudden she came over, my face still covered in the magazine she started to sit right on me. Precisely on my belly – were I had put my dick in case he would get hard again. But this time that was the wrong position! If my dick would get hard again now she would definitely feel it! Still covering my face I asked what she is doing there and she answered she wants me to play with her Dogs again. I was like No, it’s 22 o’clock she would need to go to bed soon! And it was this moment when it got really awkward… She started to rub herself against me.. Complaining while doing it like a child that she is bored and still awake and so on annoying me with her talk but also rubbing her pussy against my trousers. My dick couldnt resist… He went rock solid. I covered my face even more, trying to pretend this isn’t happening and that I was reading I told her, she can do what she wants but I will read this article now, she must have felt my penis going from soft to rock solid. But she did not said anything about it, just rubbing herself while complaining and nagging about stuff. It felt amazing. Slowly building up my load I was completely trapped in pleasure. I could feel her getting faster too. Her nagging went silent for a moment and she moaned before starting to complain again heavily breathing. My trousers were completely wet at this moment. I could feel the moisture on my dicks head and I was turning my eyes around in agony, luckily I had the magazine still in front of my face. I knew I had to stop this before I had an accident but it was already to late. I had built up my orgasm for like 5 minutes now and I could feel the tingling in my dicks heads which was going to explode in a second. I wanted to jump up and get her off me at this exact moment when she slipped a bit forward. My tip of my boner was out of the shorts the whole time, only covered by my shirt but when she slipped forward, she shirt moved and her wet moisture warm pussy lips catched on the head. Completely covering it. My penis was probe her pussy a little bit too or at least it felt like it.
But it was only a second anyway because when I felt her slipping over my tip it was followed by a big rush of pleasure… And release…i moant and a big shot of cum was the result. My dick was throbbing and pulsating while my cum was making a sea trapped by her pussy lips. She stopped immediately rubbing. She probably was catched by surprise and aroused by the throbbing dick. But also, since she was just 14 did not know what to to. She was sitting not saying anything for like 10 seconds on my pulsating penis, probably waiting for me to say anything. It was then I peaked below the magazine. Saying that I will finish my article in a second and then would take care of her when I could see how she got herself up from my dick. A big sea of cum was waiting in her open hole to get released and while she got herself up I could see a big line of cum hanging from her lips and dropping down on my belly and still hard boner. Her skirt covered everything just a second after. Like myself she didn’t talked about what she had just experienced but told me to hurry up with the magazine and vanished to the toilet. I was fucked at this moment, literally. What had I done I had shot a load of cum in between her pussy lips and she must have noticed that. She will be cleaning herself by now. I felt so guilty… I took one of the other toilets and then met her up in the kitchen. She was making food for herself and both of us pretended nothing had happened. I told he to go to sleep but before to show me please where I can find a towel, a toothbrush and my room. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, getting an awful feeling of guilt and embarrassment when I thought what I had done but also I got a boner by remembering how she slipped over my tip. Finally I would find some sleep and wakes up very tiered the next day. I slept In my boxer short without the trousers since I did not had anything to wear for bedtime but when I woke up Tom and heidy were already up. Up to something… I could hear them on my door and when I jumped up I knew why, they had stolen my trousers! I went directly after them but then stopped, thinking, if I run after them now, this is what they want but if I pretend to not care they will give me my trousers back. So I went getting a shower and prepared the breakfast for everyone. At the tables both were making stupid jokes about if I would feel cold and if this is like I always walk around. I ignored it and after a while it was probably around 12 o clock Tom was fixed in front of the television. At least for the next 1 and a half hour for his most loved show. Well, I got a little bit pissed at this moment at heidy, I wanted my trousers back. What if her parents came back earlier lit of a sudden and I’m standing here in my short. It made my stomach feel sick because what if she told them that I made a sea of cum between her lips. But even think about it made me horny too and my dick was starting to win some size. I need to cover my dick! I thought and went to heidys room not knocking put just opening the door while yelling where my trousers are and that I want them back… Big mistake. She was just in the middle of getting herself dressed. I was paralyzed by what I saw. This young girl, had just stared to pull over her tank top, just a second to late so I could see her beautiful boobs bouncing down and up while she pushed her top down. The top she used was long, very long. In shock of me opening the door she pushed it down to her barely from pube hair coverd pussy. And than looked at me in a very angry way. But her face went down on me and went from angry to suprised and shocked – she must have seen my fully erected boner which was sliping out of one of my leg holes. But before she could say anything I saw my trousers lying on her bed. I tried to break the silent by screaming “there they are” and moving forward to get them. But she was already snapped out of it too. Starting to laugh and jumping on the trousers too. She grabbed then and then pushed herself below the bed. I lost it at this moment. While she was hiding below the bed with my trousers her hips still where up, pushing against the bed. The top that was barely covering her private areas when she was standing rolled down and her pussy was fully exposed. I remembered this position … It was the exact same position which rottie took advantage of when he fucked me into endless forced orgasms… I had a flashback – me lying there shooting loads of cums with every time rottie hit my prostate while shooting his loads inside me. I was loosing my mind. I was fully aroused and horny, her pussy was moistured and wet and her lips had opened a bit, I could see that her hymen wasn’t there… I heard that some girls don’t have it and she must be one of these.
I got close to her my dick aiming for her pussy, I was sweating and told her to get out of there now otherwise I would have to do something really bad to her. I don’t know if she knew what I was referring to but she just laughed at me and said that I should do what I need to do but she would not get out. – that’s when I snapped. Looking at her wide opened vagina, moistureing itself while the lips started to swell red and big – I went full beast mode. It was like Rottie who had pounded me it must have been the same for him like for me know. I went into position. Me on the bed pushing my hips to hers and full penetrating her pussy with my dick in one single strike. Pressing her hips against the bed dp she would not be able to move her ass into the ground. She screamed a short but loud moan. I did not care if Tom would come up now and see us like this. I was raming my dock inside this little girl and I would not stop now until I’m done. I could feel her pushing against me, trying to get out, she screamed and beged to stop while she couldn’t stop herself of moaning in lust. This was so tight! It was the first time I was pushing my dick into a vagina. It felt amazing, so warm and wet, like it was always meant to be the place for my penis. She was moaning talking stuff I couldn’t understand because she had to stop to breath while I was basically stopping her from talking by thrusting everytime stronger she was opening her mouth. Her pussy started to moisture even more with every thrust giving me enough lubrication to ram and penetrate her full power! My balls were slapping against her ass when I felt her pussy starting to grab my penis. Her innere walls started to get tighter and tighter, I never had believed that sex would feel like this. What was she or her pussy doing? I didn’t care but it was the right thing to do. Her walls were trying to trap my penis when I pushed in, while pulling out realized. My load was building up the tingling and itching in my divks head was immense! I knew I was about to blow the biggest load since rottie did me to it. Both of us where just moaning and our rhythm was perfect, her wet inner walls collapsed now frequently and let my dick go when I tried to get new momentum. I was building up the tingling was at its maximum I new, just one or two more thrusts, when her collapsing pussy tightened her grip. She had an orgasm. A woman’s orgasm goes for like 20 seconds or longer and now I knew why – when a woman was having an orgasm her lips and pussy would collapse so frequently that there is no man in the world penetrating this hole who would not cum. I thrusted once – full power, everything grabbing and trying to hold my dick tight, her inner structure rubbing my complete penis and then I pulled back for the final blow – while pushing in my brain was exploding and my dick was releasing. This time I did not pulled back but pushed as hard as I could inside her. Pushing her hips brutally against the bed while she tried to push against me and her pussy collapsing and tighten her grip as strong as possible. I was shooting my load, for at least a minute. Just pulling a little back here and there to thrust all my load back inside her. My dick still rock solid throbbing inside her. I asked her if I could get my trousers back now. She didn’t said anything so I started to thrust again. Me not finished yet, I started all over. Blowing a second load inside her while she had a second orgasm too. It was then she pushed the trousers out of the bed, still not saying anything, just moaning. I pulled my dick out. Followed by a wave of cum dropping down her lips. She was squeezing it out with every breath. I watched it for a second before taking my clothes and left. I showered a second time. Since I was not horny anymore I could understand what I just had done… I was going to jail for sure. Or was I? I was 17 and she 14. I didn’t now, I was scared as shit when out of a sudden the main door opend and the father came in. I just had finished myself. I did not know if heidy was still lying there full of my cum. I went down my face was pale and green and he was joking about it, asking for his kids and where they are. Tom just finished his movie and ran up to him saying that he heard strange sounds from above heidys room and that he feels sad that we played without him “Dogs” – yes… That’s what we had done… Omg what would happen now. The mother screamed for her daughter and here she came – smiling and laughing – hugging her parents and then she looked at me, with her fuck face smile looked to her brothers and said, yes we played dog. I grabbed the promised money even though they came to early the paid me full and I left. I never went back for babysitting there. I was to disturb of what had happened over there. Did she fucked me or did I raped her? Or what was it, I mutated to an animal when I saw her lying below the bed, remembering me about my own rape. I was like Rottie. I fucked her like a dog, roughless and brutally. Not thinking about the consequences.
Will she get pregnant I thought of my way back home – but I never heard from the family again beside one time. When the mother called me months later again asking for a second time and that heidy would love to see me again. But I was sort of scared by here. She felt dangerous. And I couldn’t control myself. So I said no.
But this was not the last time, that I went completely crazy when something reminded me about my unwanted dog sex.

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      Seems like you want to share your story how you got raped?

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