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1st Afro Experience

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Yes our black cock experience was fantastic! I told Louise that we were going to Sydney for a ‘dirty weekend’ and that I had been corresponding / texting with a guy who was eager to join with us in ‘massaging you’ in the evening.
When I viewed the email message from Michael, he came across as a gentleman who would obey any ground rules that we may set. I opened the attachment so she could view his photograph, she was taken aback and said “oh he’s black’! I said I’m sure he wont hold the fact that your ‘white’ against you either!
So the Saturday arrived and we travelled to Sydney, and I had booked her into a day spa for a body wrap/massage/manicure/pedicure for 3 blissful hours! After which I picked her up and drove back to the hotel to prepare for the night time activities. In the suite, I had a single rose on the bed and a gift of new a lingerie set for her, she modelled the set for me and we discussed what looked best with a combination of old and new winning out. She was very apprehensive of the coming activities when she saw me preparing my cameras, she was unsure, and said to me, you are not going to video me, I said ok, I’ll just take some digital still shots!
Because the hotel’s restaurant/bar were closed, we had to make other arrangements at another restaurant for dinner, and how to meet Michael, as we were supposed to meet him in the bar.
He rang to say that he was about 5 minutes away, so I said that I would meet him in the lobby. She was very nervous when I left the room to go down to the lobby. It was only about 8 minutes later that the door opened and we entered our suite. Michael was indeed tall, dark and very handsome, he had a gorgeous bunch of white roses for her, and gave her a peck on the cheek as we made introductions.
I served a round of drinks, and we sat on the sofa and discussed where he was from etc. He was from Houston, Texas, divorced with 2 teenagers and working in Sydney, in the IT industry for the next 12 or so months. He made her feel right at ease with his manners and politeness, indeed he was a gentleman.
We invited him to join us for dinner, so the 3 of us left the hotel, and walked to an Italian restaurant across the road. After further drinks/dinner and small talk we returned to the hotel, (I think the lady at the front desk had an idea what the 3of us were up to!)
Once in the suite, I served another round of drinks, and she sat on the sofa between us two guys! It was not long before I helped her remove her top so we could admire her bra covered breasts, then we took turns in kissing her passionately and feeling her breasts at the same time. We had her stand and she removed her slacks so that she was now between us in her bra and g string set, we continued to kiss and feel/tease her body, there was certainly some erotic tension in the air now!
Michael asked if she was more relaxed now, and she replied in the affirmative as we suggested she lie face down on the king size bed, so that we could massage her!
I selected some music by Chris Isaak, as we began oiling her back arms and legs, she unclipped her bra and removed it to give us better access. She said it was glorious having two men massaging/pampering her all over. After about 20 minutes we had her roll over and we applied oil to her breasts/nipples/tummy, our hands were sliding over her body teasing her all over. We massaged her toes, legs and thighs, then teased her g stringed covered pussy and tweaked her aching nipples for a further 20 minutes, then she felt a tongue searching out her pussy!
She looked down to see Michael between her thighs, he used his thumbs to slip the g string aside, then his big beautiful lips and tongue were teasing her now wet bald pussy lips! I was now only dressed in a pouch and I was kissing her breasts at the same time and I asked her if she wanted me to run a spa bath for her, she said not to worry about that I’m enjoying all this attention, just help remove my g string!
We slipped the g string off, and there was my gorgeous wife, offering her body for us to come and please her. Michael buried his face again between her legs and she could feel his strong tongue between her hot bald lips searching out her clit, as I offered my hard cock to her mouth. She was sucking my hot cock as Michael in turn was orally lashing her pussy, virtually fucking her with his tongue! Wow it was so hot!
I wanted to taste some of that “hot pussy”, so we traded places and as I licked her hot pussy, Michael was beside her, he lowered his boxers and I could see his hard black cock spring out to greet her. She grasped that beautiful man meat, she licked the knob, teasing him before she swallowed his knob into her hot waiting mouth and teased his ball sac with her fingernails.
Eventually Michael gently retreated and as he proceeded to retrieve a condom, I asked if she wanted some lube for her pussy, she whispered no way, feel my hot love canal now I’m sopping wet, I did and indeed it was!
I retreated to the sofa as Michael was now between her legs guiding his hard black dick between her wet waiting bald pussy lips. He slid that impressive cock gently in, she splayed her legs to offer herself completely to him, finding no resistance, and with her hands on his ass urging him, he firmly drove his cock into the hilt so that his balls were on her ass!
He kissed her passionately as he fucked her and she held her legs by her calves in a wide Vee to accommodate him further, then he placed her legs over his shoulders so that her ass was slightly elevated and he fucked her even deeper so that his balls were squashed against her ass, I told her it was so erotic to see his black balls banging against her white ass. I now had the camera and I took various shots of her legs in the air and her feet on his shoulders, as he fucked her so gently but at the same time forcibly, I even took a couple of close up shots of his balls against her beautiful ass!
He asked her if she wanted to get on top and ride his hard cock (her favourite position), she moaned yes please! She was no sooner astride him, she grasped his hard dick and guided his shining juice covered condom cock into her waiting wet pussy lips again. I took a couple of hot pics of his black cock spearing her bald lips again, it was absolutely fantastic to watch her enjoying his cock as she fucked herself to her first orgasm of the night, and I could clearly see the tell tale sign of goosebumps on her twin moons and thighs as she came and urged him to cum with her!.
After they were satisfied, we took a break for another drink, and I retrieved her ‘Pearl Bird’ vibrator from the bedside table. She laid back on the bed again, applied a little lube to her vibe, switched it on, then slowly inserted the vibe into her wet bald pussy again. She adjusted it so the twin prongs were teasing her clit, closed her eyes and moaned her enjoyment as the vibe pleasured her! I said to Michael, it never fails to get her rocks off! With that she turned over on to her tummy, we could see her red fingernails as she pushed the vibrator home, and proceeded to fuck herself to orgasm after orgasm as Michael felt her ass as the goosebumps appeared again and again.
I went to the minibar for a further refreshment and when I returned. Michael was once more between her legs fucking her frantically again with my wife holding her legs high in the air giving herself to him completely!
Eventually with her hands on his ass, and her urging him on to fuck her harder, I could see Michael’s body stiffen as he came hard in her, then his body relaxed in the afterglow.
After Michael came, he withdrew his cock, removed the cum filled condom, and they both sat back on the lounge. They kissed in a passionate embrace, before she was on her knees again lovingly licking and kissing his now limp cock, as I inserted my hard cock into her well fucked wet pussy from behind. I felt the sensual wetness of her hot bald pussy lips envelope my hard cock, as we let the erotic evening subside! Wow it was one hot sensual evening indeed and I’m sure she wants to meet with him again and again…mmmm whats that slogan..”once you have had black..no going back”?…..

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