Wife and another man fantasy

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I have had a fantasy about my wife and other men in a threesome and gangbangs.
I have a thing for sucking cock and that is as far as it goes. Whenever we have sex I constantly think about my wife and other men. Sitting back watching the action and joining in from time to time. The thought of her being penetrated bareback and having another mans cum inside makes me weak at the knees. Cleaning up his mess is my wish. Whenever we go up town to bars and clubs I tend to convince my wife to wear a short dress or skirt without wearing any knickers. My hope is to have at least one guy get a view of her pussy whenever getting up from our seat or couch at the bar. I would happily talk to the guy without my wife knowing and encourage him to make sexual advances towards my wife and that I will happily approve and want him to have sex with her. I would be interested in hearing from those who have been in my situation and have actually experienced a MMF threesome. I would love to have a T girl see to my wife.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald1

    I have fucked many a wives in my life time yet have not written about it yet. I love the excitement of seeing their faces as I cum all over his wife and daughter. If you would like this I am free to please and would love to fuck your wife or daughter as you watch. Please contact me and make it happen. I am Tarzan and swing on all the vines. hehehe!
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    8 to 80 blind, crippled or crazy i will hit it as long as it hasn’t been dead to long. ha,ha,ha! please no fat woman as I don’t do 400lbs beasts. My face is only stress tested to 145 lbs….lick, lick!

  • Reply FloAnn ID:55wu2bd9j

    It’s my Hubbys fantasy for me to be fckd by other men, especially black men, whilst in bed making love he tells me what he wants me too do and what he would like to see, but I tease him and tell him maybe, if that’s what you want is to see another man between my legs, tease him asking him if it is ok for the other man to cum inside your Wife. When we talk like this our sex is fantastic,

  • Reply Trey ID:30rxe1ab0k

    I always wanted to see my girlfriend fucked by another man while I watched. It took a while for her to warm up to the idea. We started off slow, she would go commando and flash unsuspecting individuals in parks, malls, bars and anyplace where there was an opportunity of not being caught. We went to an adult theater where she let her skirt ride up and gave the guys around us a view of her freshly shaved pussy! From there I asked if she would be willing to dance nude at home for me and two friends, she agreed. As she danced closer to my friends they began touch and feel her body. It got more involved as the evening went on and before you could say Jack Daniels, the had her on her back and was going down on her, she didn’t resist and I didn’t stop them. She fucked all three of us that night without saying a word.

  • Reply Voyeur1966 from ImageFap ID:10cpew3049d

    I saw an ad in a swingers type magazine from a man looking for no strings sex with a mature woman, preferably married. I had encouraged my wife to be intimate with other men for a long time. And she had. She allowed a man to fondle her but never went the distance. After all these years she finally decided to do it. So we answered the ad and I met the man at a bar to discuss the situation. He turned out to be overc6vfeetvtall and at least 350 lbs.Thinning hair, full short beard and mustache. My wife had recently lost weight but liked the idea of a fat guy because he wouldn’t be judge mental. I showed him some photos of her, mostly everyday type pictures, but a couple of lingerie shots. He was very enthusiastic and wanted to meet my wife. Next night he came over. He met her alright…. and then some.

  • Reply Roni ID:a9ajwj6h

    It îs very arousing and pleasant to share my wife with foreign men and i am in ecstasy when the dick sucks and fucks with them.

  • Reply Lovestoceanl ID:bo2qep2qj

    Off when I mentioned leaving it on she said that she was getting ready to get fucked by a big thick cock and the only thing she had stopping his big cock was her crotches panties on and he ripped them off! He fucked her every way possible and when she was riding his big cock reverse cowgirl I started licking her clit and the big long thick hard cock that was inside her

  • Reply Lovestoceanl ID:bo2qep2qj

    I know just what you mean! I have a neighbor who has been fucking my wife Renee for a while now! When this first started we decided we were going to do a 3some and I just thought it would be my wife and her girlfriend! But when we started talking about going to our neighbor’s house I was beside myself with horniness! She has already did the flashing thing and the night we set it up he said goodbye and French kiss her and as he did this he ran his hand down her shirt and tweaked her big long nipples! When he let go and stood up she was all smiles and I was hard as a rock because I saw he had a hugh bulge in the front of his pants! When we got to his place she was ready . She went straight in the bedroom and changed in to her white see through shirt and took her bra off and took her skirt o

  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:7z88w16yhk

    We’ve had many threesomes and I must admit nothing gets me hotter than sharing my sexy 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 wife with another guy. And especially if it’s a total stranger. Watching her strip in front of this total stranger and then go to her knees and take his cock in her mouth and start showing him how good she is at sucking cock which is something she loves doing. Then her sucking us both off at the same time pressing our cocks together trying to take both in her mouth at once. Then us taking turns with one fucking her while she sucks the other off. As well as us both fucking her at the same time with one in her pussy and the other in her ass. I do enjoy the feel of another guys cock against mine. I’ve never wanted to suck a guys cock but admit I’ve enjoyed several guys sucking me.

    • Hihi mmmmm yeah ID:bo2qep0qk