The Sleepover 2 – PART 1

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Hi Everyone My Name is Danielle and Since Everyone Liked My Last Story I thought I would share Another Interesting Sleepover with My Friends Ella and Sarah….

So My Parents Went On Another Couples Weekend which Left Me By Myself For The Weekend, So I knew I had to get the Ella and Sarah over to Have some Fun, So I called Ella and Sarah Straight away and Invited them over, But I decided to Call My Other Friends Over as Well and They Are all 18 Years Old and They Have Fucked Me A Couple of times when Ella and Sarah Havent Been Available and They Really Know What They are doing, Lucky (The Girls) Got Here before Ella and Sarah Did and The Girls and I Stripped Down and Put Strap Ons On this was my first time I Put a Strap On On and it Actually Felt Weird but Also Felt Nice and I Knew it was a Day That Sarah and Ella would never forget….

So Ella and Sarah Arrive and Walk in And They Come upstairs and They Come to My Room and They see me Holding Ropes in both of my hands. They Walk in and Two of the Girls Just Jump at them and hold them Down While Me and The Other Girl Jess Tie them down, I Get on Ground next to their Face and I Said to Them “Your Both Gonna Get Fucked and You Two Better Enjoy it”

I Get Up and walk to Their Bags and I Grab The Lube and The Metal Butt Plugs that I Found In Sarah’s Bag and I Lube Up the Butt Plugs and Insert them Both into Ella and Sarah, They Both Moaned. And Erika and Catherine (Two Of the Three Girls) Take Ella and Erika Puts her Dildo In Ella’s Mouth while Catherine Puts it in her Pussy, (The Girls Really Liked To Fuck Hard and Fast). Catherine Played with Ella’s Pussy and Rubbed the Dildo Up And Down Her Pussy, Until Catherine Slowly Slid The Dildo In and Ella Tried to Moan but She Couldnt Seeing That She was getting Deep Throating by a Dildo, Catherine Started Slowly but It didnt take long before she went Really Fast. Catherine was Pounding Her Pussy and It Was Really Rough by the looks of it. And I loved Watching it Happen.

While Catherine and Erika were Playing with Ella, Me and Jess Were Dealing with Sarah. I Started at Sarah’s Pussy, I Lubed Up The Dildo and without teasing her I Forcefully Put it in her Pussy and She Moaned Really Loudly, Forcing Jess to Shove The Dildo In Sarah’s Mouth. I was Yelling “How Do u Like This Sluts?” And I Yelled a Bunch of Other Stuff while Fucking Sarah I cant Really Remember but I made sure they were My Bitches.

Me and Jess and The Other Two Kept going for another 5 Minutes then We Changed Ends and after another 10 Minutes we Swapped People and Did the same Thing to them. We made them Taste Each others Pussy Juices from the Strap ons. We decided to Change Stuff Up, Cause I really wanted to Get Fucked so I got Ella on her Hands and Knees and I Put the Dildo in her Pussy and Jess Came Behind me and Stuck the Dildo in My Ass and When I was Fucking Ella and Jess was Fucking Me, it felt so Fucking Good.

Erika and Catherine decided to Double Penetrate Sarah after a while, Erika Layed Down and Sarah Got on top of her and Erika Put The Dildo in Sarah’s Ass while Catherine put the Dildo in her Pussy and both Fucked her really really Good, Sarah was Moaning like Crazy, She Could Not stop Squirting Everywhere. It was Amazing to watch while fucking and getting Fucked.

We Stopped After Awhile and me and Jess stuck the Dildos into Sarah’s Mouth, We Knew She Couldnt Handle It All but we didnt Care, We Deep Throated Her and We Spit In her mouth and Tounge Kissed her Aggressively. While We were doing that Erika and Catherine Were Changing Positions while Still Double Penetrating Ella. To Be Continued…..

Should I Make a Part Two of Sleepover 2?

Let me Know in the Comments. Tell Me If You Guys and Girls Really Liked It.

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