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Sex with aunt

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It was July when I was just 16 years old. My grandmother died so I had to go for her funeral she stayed with my uncle (my father elder brother).. one night I was sleeping with her.

We have a joint family but me my dad and mom stay abroad and my dad’s elder brother and his wife (my mother elder sister) along with my grandmother stay in India.
I had to go to India as my grandmother was not well and she was asking for me uncle said its her last and to be there urgently. I took next flight and reached home in morning meat grandma by evening she passed away. I loved her very much I cried a lot and still miss her.
Lot of people came of the 12 day retuail. House was not that big so we had to adjust. My aunt whom I called mom as she loves me and takes care of me since my birth and also that dose not have kids. She is 2 years elder to my mom. She is beautiful bit heavy with big boobs I had never seen her that way before may be I was getting adult and now stroking my cock when alone.
As I said lot of people so me and mom (aunt) and other aunty slept on one bed and others were around on floor. I don’t know what took over me that night I started touching her from behind not that I have done as she loves me as son we always use to sleep together but tonight it was different, my cock got erected as I huged her from back and started getting big. Dirty thought started creeping in my mind, I tried to stop myself but could not, finally I touched her ass she was wearing saree and petticoat with no underwear.

She has habit of moving so her saree usually comes up above her knees along with petticoat. I knew that so I kept my hand firm on her thigs, she turned straight and my hand slid upwards along with everything. Now her thaise were naked I moved my hand slowly down again and kept at the edge of the petticoat, in 10 minutes she bent her knee up and was hold her clothes and moved my hand down. My heart ♥ was thorbing very heavily and was afraid that she might wake up. But she dint and her full legs are visible she is so fair and beautiful milky colour no hair very smooth legs. My cock jurcked and cum instantly.

She lowvers her leg and now my hand reaches her hip joint. Oh so good it feels I slowly started my decent to my destination. My hand slowly moving towards her love mountain. Mountains of heaven underneath which there is a wet love cave to rest my 6.5 inch Saint. Oh my heart is pumping fast now my fingers are getting close to her public hair sorry jungle. You see Indian girls and ladies don’t shave them. It was a feeling of dismay lost in blees. I jurcked in my pants again.

I have reached her public and was slowly playing with her hair. I slightly pressed her mount a small aah came from her mouth I got afraid and stopped for some time. But she was in deep sleep so I started going down and reached the pussy lips. God I love the feeling of the touch so soft and silky. I wanted to jump on her and suck her cunt lips, but I had to wait my rod was throwing streem of cum my pants have got all wet and sticky. I slowly moved my hand down and split open her pussy. A warm air came out and along came the wapour of wetness. Touching my fingers I stood there and let my hand settle and enjoy the warmth of my Mom osing out of her love cave. I was curdling her my head was near her arm pit and her right boob was bending towards right and touching my face.

Yes I was in heaven. My cock touching her thighs and fucking them and now I put my firm hand on her cunt. My finger is on her clit which I dint know then but now when I remember and imagine that night I get rock hard and I have to jurck. I planted my finger in her vegina opening. It was wet I was afraid of waking her up ? but started fingering slowly.

As I have said she doesn’t sleep in one position for. More than 10 minute so she turns back on me. Now my chance of putting my fingers in her cunt is gone. But my luck was good I got her big ass as said she was on heavy side.. Now I started to put my hand in her ass crack. But I was very hard and was not able to control my Bob. So I pulled my cock out of my pants and touched her aas. It was already lubricated with my precum and discharge. I slid it in her aas now I pretend to hug her and sleep I entered my cock in her aas cheek and left there.

Now my cock was very hard and I slowly started to move front and back. Being very lubricated it was easyly sliding she have heavy aas so her aas cheeks very tight as if I was fucking a 16 year old girl. She was naked from behind and my hands were on her boobs hugging her. I started aas fucking her mind you I have not entered her aas hole only in cheek. In next ten minutes I cum on her. I shunted all my load on her aas. I was exhausted and my cock went num and slid out.

I got up and went to bathroom had piss and cleaned myself came back to bed and slept with her. Suddenly she wet to bathroom and came back after 15 minutes. Now she faced me and slept with my face in her chest. I think she knew what I was doing and she might have liked it. She never said a word about it anytime. But that was start of our secret incent.

I love her as much as I love my mom. That will always be there.
How did you like my little true story. Let me know this is my first time to open my other side of life. I have been blessed with lot of such love moments. Need to share with you so let me know

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