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Richard and Conan find some action in The Keys

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A college girl with an unresolved lust meets the Tag Team

A month after the delightful Bridget, found him sitting on the veranda of a guest house in Key West, Florida, staring out at the large chunk of rain forest that was their garden. It had suddenly rained ferociously for about twenty minutes, and then stopped as quickly as it had started, the sun instantly beaming again.
The garden in front of him was still dripping with water, it reminded him of a mission in Guatemala some years before, he took a good pull on his Makers Mark, and fondled the ears of Conan, who as usual was never far from his side.
“What say big fellah, shall we go down to Mallory Square to watch the sunset”?
Conan put his head to one side, he didn’t understand the words, but Richard knew the big hound was always up for a new adventure.
They had stayed a while in the Smokies’, then ambled south through Georgia, and finally down the east coast of Florida. They had driven across a stunning twenty-two mile bridge linking the Keys, and arrived here, the most southerly point on the American mainland.
He put Conan on a lead and together they headed for the famous square, apparently locals and tourists alike gathered here at sundown each day. As they walked, Richard noticed that everyone on the street was heading in the same direction.
When they arrived at the square, Richard was astonished; there were buskers, market stalls, jugglers, even a man who had trained cats performing a routine.
God only knows what Conan made of his traditional enemies jumping through fiery hoops for a living.
Richards attention was caught by three gorgeous girls walking towards him, all different and all equally desirable, his trance was broken when he realised the youngest of the three, about seventeen he estimated, asked him if Conan was friendly.
“Absolutely” he replied.
“In fact he loves human females” and allowed Conan enough lead to approach the trio.
Conan was in his element, being stroked and petted, he licked any area of exposed flesh he could find.
Richard’s attention focused on the youngest, the girl who had spoken, the others were just making a fuss of his giant companion, she on the other hand was almost sexual in her stroking, as she knelt in front of him.
He glanced at Conan and saw that he had picked up on it as well, as he watched that huge tongue came out and lapped across her cheek. The other girls just giggled,
“I think he fancies you” said one to shrieks of laughter, but the other girl stayed on her haunches, petting and whispering to the big dog.
Across the gulf, the sun had now slipped below the horizon, and suddenly it was all over, the peddlers packed up their wares, the trained cats went back into cages, and the public turned as one and headed for the bars and restaurants, in a trice the square was empty.
He offered to buy the girls a drink, which they gratefully accepted, so together they strolled along to a bar with an outside deck .When the waiter came, Richard checked that Conan would be alright under the table,
“I won’t tell if you don’t said the girl with a wink”
Richard made a mental note to tip big.
They decided on a jug of Sangria, and the waitress quickly hustled back with four glasses and a huge jug.
By the time they had finished it and called for another, Richard knew that they were college girls from Texas. He told them a little about his background, and together they laughed a couple of hours away.
Sheri, the one with the affinity for dogs, seemed perfectly happy, but her two friends were getting restless. They wanted to hit some bars and hopefully hook up with some boys of their own age, they cajoled Sheri, but couldn’t get her away.
“I’ll follow you down” she said, “off you go”
Her friends left, thinking she had the hots for this thirty-something Englishman, it would never occur to them that it was the big shepherd that she wanted so badly.
“Would you like to come up to my place for a drink” asked Richard with a twinkle in his eye”
He knew she was wondering how he would take it when she revealed that it was Conan that she wanted. He decided to tease her a little.
“We don’t bite” he added,
“Although Conan is very good with his tongue”
The poor thing was sold at the mention of tongue, she tried for a casual tone.
“OK, just a couple of drinks before I have to find my friends”
He clipped the lead on Conan, tipped the waitress handsomely, and followed Sheri down to the sidewalk watching the muscles rippling in her beautiful rump.
She was a tall girl, long tanned legs, a shapely butt, he could see the outline of her thong through her green and white shorts. Her top was lemon and showed off a shapely figure, tawny hair cascaded over her shoulders, her eyes were a pale blue. She was Cameron Diaz, but with better tits. !
They reached the house, and slipped through the rain forest onto his veranda, he left them to get some ice from the bar.
The owner, whose name was Carlos, was a portly Cuban, he filled an ice bucket for him, and raised a quizzical eyebrow.
Richard explained that he had company and offered to pay for a double if necessary.
“Is she pretty” came the reply.
“Is she young?”
“About seventeen”
A broad grin lit up the owners face, he held up a hand for a high five,
“Kudos my man, your first day in the Keys and already you have hooked a juicy one, I will never underestimate the English again”
Richard returned with the ice, snagging a bottle of Makers Mark and two glasses from the room, and joined Sheri on the big comfortable swing.
After a couple of pretty strong drinks and a lot of innocent chat, he decided to get the ball rolling, and told Sheri of his adventure with Maria, leaving out absolutely nothing.
Sheri then, tongue loosened by a combination of alcohol, desire, and a graphic tale of a woman and a big dog in a threesome, told her story.
When she was twelve her step-father had come home with two shepherd puppies, she of course was delighted, her mother less so. She felt she should have been consulted and it started a feud that simmered for two years until one day her father simply packed his bags and left, taking the two dogs with him. Of course there were lots of other factors involved, but to Sheri it was a devastating blow.
She paused in her narrative and asked for a re-fill, then settled back ready finally to tell all.
“I would let them lick me” she said starring defiantly at Richard,
“Whenever I was alone in the house, I would let them lick me until I came; I was quite addicted to it. I was by now fourteen, and the dogs were fully grown males, I just didn’t realise what I was setting in motion.
One day the bigger of the two Rex, decided he wanted more, he stopped licking me and reared up, putting his paws on my shoulders, and forcing me back onto the bed. I was pinned by his weight and couldn’t move, he was between my legs so I couldn’t close them, then suddenly, just like that he was inside me. He had taken my virginity effortlessly, and was now pounding in and out of me like a thing possessed.
At the time I was in pain and a bit frightened, but still managed a monumental orgasm, one that hasn’t been bettered to this day.
When he had finished filling me with his seed, he found he was stuck, but his efforts to free himself, pulled me onto the floor, where we both waited for his erection to subside. I know now what was happening, but back then, I was terrified that we were stuck together, and that my parents would come home and find us.
When he eventually pulled out, I rolled over onto my hands and knees to get up, only to be grabbed by Remus, the other dog, and raped a second time. He took me from behind, holding me firmly in position and fucking me just as violently as his brother. He also tied, so by the time I was free, my poor virgin pussy was battered, bruised and very sore. I limped off to run a hot bath, my mind reeling from the memory of how easily they had made me their bitch.
I was in bed when my parents came home, but I could hear a violent argument in progress, then there was a lot of banging around, then complete quiet.
I must have drifted off, when I awoke, the sun was up and my step-dad along with Rex and Remus had gone. I have never seen hide nor hair of them since that day”.
Her glass was empty again so Richard once again did the honours, pouring himself a liberal one in the process.
“So, have you had sex with a dog since then” he enquired casually.
“No, I have wanted to, but the chance has never presented itself. They say you never forget your first time, but what do you do if your first lover had four legs and fur”
Richard was feeling quite aroused from her frank narrative, so took the bull by the horns.
“Let’s go inside and get naked” he said,
“Conan is all yours for as long as you want”
Sheri who was as ready as she was ever going to be, nodded her acquiescence, and so in they went.
He locked the door, closed and locked the French windows, and then drew the drapes.
When he spun around, Sheri had shed her top and was in process of stripping off her shorts and thong. He was right about that body, as stunning a co-ed as you could wish to see.
Richard took a seat sipping his drink, he had sensed that Sheri wanted Conan all to herself, he would maybe join in a little later.
She knelt in front of the big dog, talking gently to him and stroking his fur sensually.
He rewarded her with a tongue right across her lips, and in an instant she had opened her mouth giving him full access. When they disengaged, Conan’s head dipped down into her groin, seeking the heavenly nectar that his nose had already detected, Sheri fell back onto the carpet, her legs splaying open to give him better access. Richard could see the big tongue working its way farther and farther into her most intimate of places, and as he sipped his drink, could see Sheri rapidly approaching her plateau. Lying flat on the floor with her legs wrapped around Conan’s ears, Richard watched as she had monumental climax.
Finally she pushed the big head away and climbed to her feet, Conan sat back on his haunches, his long red erection showing what he expected next.
“Give me a minute big fellah” she said reaching for her drink and taking a good pull.
“That was sensational” she said,
“How did it look from the gallery”?
Richard for once was lost for words, there in front of him was a young college girl with a figure to die for, drinking his booze, and about to get down and dirty with his Alsatian, what was there to say.
She came and stood right in front of him, shoving a substantial breast towards his mouth.
“Let me finish my fantasy” she whispered,
“Then you and I can have some fun”
She moved over and sat on the edge of the bed, legs apart, Conan moved in obviously thinking she wanted some more foreplay. However, she fell back onto the bed, slapping her stomach,
“Come on Conan” the invitation was unmistakable even to his big dog.
He jumped onto her, his massive paws pinning her to the bed, and proceeded to fuck her relentlessly, Richard, who had seen Conan in action before, was amazed.
His friend and companion seemed to know just what Sheri wanted and needed, and he certainly gave it to her. Richard, with a huge bulge in the front of his shorts, watched as Conan brought her once again to the brink, and then tipped her over the edge.
She moaned and writhed under the big beast, it was something she had needed since her defloration at the hands of Rex and Remus, three years before.
When they were good and tied, Conan looked down at his latest conquest, and began to once again lick her across the lips. Sheri once again opened her mouth, and in an instant the big dog had brought her off a third time.
When he had deflated enough to pull out, he promptly licked up all of the juices he could find in her vagina.
Richard could see her becoming aroused all over again at this attention, when Conan abruptly ceased and went over to flop in a corner, he was not the slightest bit surprised when she turned her attentions to him.
“Stand up” she had ordered, then had stripped his shorts off in one slick move, next she had pushed him back into the chair, and mounted his erection which had been bobbing all over the place.
Then once again he was taking Conan’s ‘sloppy seconds’, and he really didn’t care.
Sheri took her time with him, resisting his every effort to speed things up, she had turned from the embarrassed college girl, into a very knowledgeable sexual partner.
Richard reflected that after her initiation by the two dogs, she would have become sexually active, the local boys must have been pleasantly surprised, even if they couldn’t satisfy her in the way she wanted. Now, she put all that premature experience to good use as she eased up and down on his lap. Inevitably her own arousal caught up with her, her actions became more and more frantic, then Richard’s eruption inside of her triggered a final orgasm until she sat panting on his slowly deflating tool, holding him tightly to her beautiful young body.
After a shower together, they regained their clothes, Richard and Conan walked with her to find her friends. When they were spotted in a bar, inevitably carousing with some boys, Richard declined her offer to stop for one. She kissed him quickly on the lips, then crouched to make a fuss of Conan, the big dog responding with his customary lick on the face. She straightened up, looked Richard in the eyes,
“Thanks for that” she said
“I think I’ll be able to live a normal life now, it was just something that I needed”
Richard was pleased, but knew in his heart that the time would come when she would once again seek love with an animal.
With that she skipped inside to join her friends, they spotted him and waved, then returned to their drinks and company.
“Come on big fellah, our work here is done”
They turned and strolled back to the guest house, each of them quietly satisfied.
He fancied a nightcap, so they tried the bar first, Carlos was behind the bar tidying up, a couple of tables were occupied over in the corner, but otherwise it was quiet.
“Should I put the dog in my room” said Richard, realising that people were still eating.
Carlos wouldn’t hear of it,
“My bar, my rules” he said, and then rushed out to the kitchen and returned with a huge bone which he presented to a grateful Conan, who carried it over to a corner, and would be otherwise occupied for the next hour.
Next, he rummaged around amongst his bottles and came up with an aged bottle of Bacardi Gold and two glasses,
“Join me amigo, I want to hear everything” !!!

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