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Reminder from an experience from years ago

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I ran into an older guy a few days ago who I didn’t recognize until he asks if Lynn and I were still married and then reminded me of an experience at an xxx drive in years ago.

My wife and I were in our early twenties and were in the swinger lifestyle as well as my sexy 5-8, 110lb 34D-24-35 redheaded wife being addicted to exposing her hot body off whenever possible. Living in a small town we usually went out of town to larger cities. But there was a drive-in only about five miles out of town that showed only XXX-movies and we went there pretty often figuring if anyone saw us there they really couldn’t tell anyone without explaining why they were there.

We always parked right in the middle only a few rows in front of the snack bar. So lots of people would go past our car on their way to get snacks or go to the restrooms. Lynn would be sitting there nude fondling her tits & pussy with her window down letting guys going bye get a good look at her during the 1st movie. Then during intermission would go to the snack bar alone. She’d wear a skirt that buttoned in front with only the top button buttoned and a totally sheer top meant to be worn over something else as you could see through it so easily it may as well of been clear plastic. Underneath all she had on was a black garter belt & stockings and spiked heels, no bra or panties.

She’d have the money in her hand and after getting inside where there was lots of light and all the guys in there had gotten a good look at her big tits and huge pink aureolas she’d ” accidentally ” drop her money which always included a few quarters that could roll away. As she stooped down her top opened up letting her tits fall out and her skirt opened up all the way to her waist exposing her long sexy stocking covered legs, sexy garter belt, and bushy red cunt. She’d stay like that a few minutes looking for the change that rolled off and of course had guys helping her in order to get a closer look at her.

Well, this one particular night just as she was standing up she saw a guy whose eyes were glued to her tits. As they made eye contact they both were surprised as this was the guy from the bank where we’d just financed a new car through. She said he looked more nervous than her when he realized who it was. But of course, he didn’t comment on what he’d just seen. And tried to keep from looking at her firm young tits that were still visible through her sheer top. So he needing something to say ask how we were enjoying our new car? She told him we liked it and he commented that it was a big car and was probably nice and roomy and she knew in his mind he was picturing us fucking in that big car.

He commented that he’d been thinking about getting something bigger as his car was a little compact car. Lynn said she couldn’t believe she’d said it as soon as the words came out when she told him if he and his wife came out there often they needed a big car. But he told her his wife would kill him if she knew he came there. And told her that his wife was very conservative and was against pornography and alcohol which was funny because she could tell he’d been drinking. So he explained his wife was out of town for a few days with their kids.

By then they were walking outside and he commented that he wished she did like coming out there because coming by yourself wasn’t much fun. She figured to be polite she’d ask if he wanted to watch the second movie with us? Knowing her say know. But he surprised her when he said he’d love to as long as it was ok with me. When she got to the car I was shocked to see him with her, and even more so when she told me about her invitation to him. But I, of course, said it sounded great. So he went to get his bottle out of his car. This was blowing my mind as he was in his mid-forties and had a reputation of being very religious and quite straight-laced and in fact to some stuffy.

But I knew Lynn was kind of turned on by what had transpired. When she got in she made it a point to have her skirt open exposing her pussy and unbuttoned the two buttons at the bottom of her shirt that was all holding it closed and opened it up exposing her tits. Then she reached over and undid my pants and had my cock where she could easily get to it. When he got back and opened the door and the dome light came on his eyes went right to her pussy then up to her big tits. As he got in he commented on what nice tits she had and said his wife was almost flat-chested and added from what he remembered saying he rarely saw her nude. Then added but she was a good mom to their kids.

It didn’t take long for things to heat up as there was a girl in the movie sucking this guy off and Lynn pulled my cock out and was stroking it. This was in the late seventies and I think it was John Holmes but whoever it was in the movie he had a Gigantic cock. So I asked Lynn if she could swallow that in a joking way and she said she didn’t think so but she’d love to try. This got our banker’s attention and he said that was something his wife refused to do and said he had his cock sucked once when he was eighteen and in the Navy. Lynn spoke up and said she enjoyed sucking cock almost as much as getting fucked. He looked at me and commented on how lucky I was. That’s when he saw she was busy stroking my thick 8 1/2 in cock.

She saw that he’d noticed that so she put her other hand on his thigh and began moving it around. After a few minutes, she stopped and undid the one button on her skirt and took it off throwing it in the back seat and then finished taking off her shirt. She was now nude except for her garter & stockings. Soon she had his cock out and was stroking both of us and he saw I was ok with it so started to get more at ease. Soon he was groping her tits and finally took one in his mouth and began sucking & licking it. And had his hand between her legs. She told him that felt good. Soon we were both sucking her tits & playing with her ass and pussy. When Lynn spoke-up and said she wanted to suck a cock. And asked if he’d let her suck his dick? As expected he quickly said yes.

Soon she was swallowing him all the way to his balls. And I think it shocked him when he blurted out that my wife sure was good at sucking dick. I just laughed and said yea I guess practice makes perfect and told him she’d been sucking cock since she was fourteen. Then I really blew his mind when I told him that she really liked being fucked by one guy while she sucked off another and I said with the steering wheel being in my way would he fuck her while she sucked me off? And as expected he jumped at that and was soon fucking her from behind as she sucked my cock. Both of us shooting a load in her pussy & mouth. We’d rested a few minutes and she started sucking him hard again and kept on until he shot off in her mouth.

By now the movie had ended and people were leaving and with headlights shining in the car, it was easy to see he was getting his cock sucked. I pulled down to where his car was and he quickly got dressed and got in his car and we both left. As we went out we stopped at the ticket booth with my wife still naked so the old man in the booth could see her. He’d been letting us in since we were sixteen even though you were supposed to be twenty-one. But Lynn had always let him at least see her tits if not see her naked like that night. And a couple of times when he’d be walking around in the theater area let him reach in the window and play with her tits.

She stayed naked the whole ride home and when we got inside we fucked like crazy as we talked about what had happened that night. The next day he called me and said how much he’d enjoyed that. But I could tell being sober he was very nervous. But I assured him of our discretion and told him we had jobs that required us to put forth a positive image as well and he seemed to relax a little. We would see him in the bank and he’d wave or come over and talk but never made any mention about that night. We both enjoyed it because it was spontaneous but also Lynn always seemed to get turned on more when seducing much older or much younger guys. As well as having sex where others could possibly watch.

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    spontaneous sex with someone that you never had sex with is always such a turn on. Had a few like that where I was picked up or picked up someone and had sex.

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