Raped in the cane field

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My name is Lais, I am 19 years old and I am a beautiful girl with long black hair, medium breasts and a round and hard ass. I have dental braces, but my boyfriend tells me that I’m equally beautiful.
What I am going to tell happened in March 2014. I was in front of my house with my boyfriend Raick when we were approached by two individuals, one of them pointing a firearm at Raick. After the approach, we were taken to the road that connects Alto A. to Alto T. in a white car, when the robbers stopped until another car arrived, where we were transferred.
Already blindfolded, we were taken to another place, where we were thrown to the ground, always under threat of death.
The bad guys then ordered me to get out of the car, keeping Raick in the vehicle with loud sound on.
Then, wielding firearms, they forced me to walk into the cane fields and strip me completely.
She was asked by the bad guys if she had a creed. I told them that we were Catholic.
Outside the car, I was sexually abused, first by the individual leading the group.
He reached into my pants and said, Let me see if this pussy smells sweet.
Then he reached in and said:
Hm careful!
He slapped me in the face. He told me to take off my clothes. As I took off my clothes, he put me to blow him. While I was doing it, another one came behind me, sticking a finger in my pussy. I had to do. As I wear dental braces and he was putting it quite hard in my mouth, I was biting. So he punched me in the head and slapped me.
Then he fucked me. It was first in my pussy. It was told me to stay on all fours. I had to stay. Then he started slapping my ass. A lot of slaps, asking if it was tasty. I had to answer yes.
He even cummed inside me and then he let me go. Then another came and fuck me. He put his dick in my asshole. I asked not to. He said I had no choice. That I was going to do whatever they wanted. Since I’ve never done anything back, it hurts so much. As he put it, dry, with nothing, I shouted. As I screamed, the man with the big voice turned and asked why I had screamed. The boy didn’t answer, nor did I. He had a liter of drink. He poured it on my head.
He said: if she screams again I’ll come here and kill her.
Then he went behind me and fucked me.
Then this man let me go, the next came and penetrated me. He used a condom.
He fucked me again in my ass.
The man with the thick voice came back and took my breasts. He sucked them.
Then another one came back, took my clothes and cleaned me up. Then he put his dick in my ass again.
Then the others started to take me, put the finger, take my breasts, wow, they put their hands in me!
Then they left me naked there for a while. Then one came back and punched me again.
I was naked with my clothes in my hand. When I was naked, there came one more.
One came and fucked me again. I had to throw my clothes on the floor, one more came and fucked me.
He fucked me in my asshole for a long time.
They made me do blowjob to the others, I did all three at least. One of them cummed in my mouth!
After the sexual acts, I was taken with my boyfriend into the reed and placed over him, head to head. He thought they would be killed at that moment with one shot.
The bad guys also took money and our belongings, always under threat of taking their lives.
After the events I had to move, I was afraid to leave, I left work, I live in fear that individuals will be released, come back for revenge, or someone will do it instead. The relationship with my boyfriend has been affected and I’m afraid he will be disgusted with me.

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    Feel bad for you

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    i feel sorry for you

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    Very poor