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Pounding my daughter

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I live alone with my daughter as my slut. She comes home from school and gets fucked all day by her own father. We are both addicted.

Hey, my name is James. I’m a 47 year old dad to my daughter Annie. She is about 5’6 and wight about average. She has black hair. A nice pair of tits and a large ass. She’s 15 and she’s always horny for daddy dick. She hit puberty early and she looks really sexy. Sexier then a lot of adults. Anyway let’s get into it.

Annie: Daaad! I’m home!
Me: Hey sweetie. How was school?
Me: Anything happen?
Annie: No not really. Just been missing home…

At the time I was sitting on the sofa. And she comes up, stands on her knees in front of me, between my legs and starts unzipping my belt.

Annie: Ugh! I need to relive some stress.
Annie: You’re already hard so I don’t have to wait.
Me: Well go ahead.

She takes my entire 8 inch penis into her mouth. She closes her eyes and starts bobbing on my dick. She’s taking the entire thing down her throat. I always love when she sucks me off. So I grab her hair and starts face fucking her.

Annie: *gag*
Annie: *slurp*
Me: Oooh god! You always make your daddy feel so good.
Annie: *moan*

When I finally cum in her throat she pulls my dick out from her mouth. She looks at me with a cocky but small bit irritated face.

Me: What?
Annie: Oh I just thought you’d last longer…
Annie: I just got a little disappointed, that’s all.
Me: Oh really?!

I stand up and press her against the side of the couch. I instantly move behind her and rip a whole in her tight jeans tight where her butthole is. I insert my dick into her ass and start fucking her. She gives me one of those warm, happy smiles (like when you finally get into your house on a rainy day).

Annie: Is t-that all you got o-old man?!
Annie: Aren’t you going to show your daughter some l-love?!

In just a couple of seconds I’m ramming her ass so hard that I almost go numb.

Annie: Yes! Fuck your daughter! I’m your slut! Your own daughter is your slut!

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    and what is the best is thing of all is i didn’t play some tricks on her told her we needed to have the talk and we did and then asked her if she would like daddy to show her and teach her things and she said yes and she knows the risks and i explained it all so yeah been doing this for about 5 months now with her

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    • James ID:2ll92i549a

      Sure thing!

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