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A very young nearly fifteen that loves cocks haha I will definitely show a few of u older women how to fuck

Hi there guys nice to finally find somewhere I can share my stories with you lol..

I’m fourteen now but I do look much older when I have my makeup on and have a very short skirt on and a very tight see through top haha I have had tits for ages now and I know that guys look and stare at them haha I went on holiday with my cousin and disappeared to a nudist beach just to say I have done it lol I didn’t expect a group of black men to sit right in front of me and take pictures and videos lol I didn’t wanna move but I was so scared lol scared but also soaking wet haha I could feel my wet pussy starting to leak and I had to touch my pussy and mop up my juices
I am certain that the black guys saw what I was doing and they laughed then came over and sat with me

I was so nervous I had three sexy black men with massive cocks next to me telling me I was sexy haha

I did enjoy the flashing and lay back and opened wider haha I soon had hands on my tits putting cream on my body lol I loved it haha

I loved hearing them talk about my pussy wasn’t long before I had three black guys touching and kissing me all over haha

I couldn’t wait to have their hands on my pussy and encouraged them to do so haha I then got fucked by all of them one after another haha I did tell them how old I was after I had fucked them and they said they didn’t care anyway and white pussy belongs to black men lol

I did get one of their numbers and he would make me send pictures haha I would be in school and would have to lift my skirt up pull my knickers aside and show him my pussy

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  • Reply JimJam ID:21cbnno49i

    Stop using social media abbreviations and learn to use punctuation properly!

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    Learn punctuation and STOP USING LOL!

  • Reply David ID:8ojju2id99

    I loved your story it got me really hard cause am a black guy and I love white pussy you can chat me up with [email protected]

  • Reply like2watch1576@gmail ID:3zm4g0lim9c

    Are you at all into girls? My wife would love to lick you clean after getting fucked.

  • Reply cman ID:1tvt7x7hl

    would love to hear more about the public pictures and what else you do, need more little sluts like u

  • Reply Yoorz ID:21yy3cmxib

    I am soaking after reading this. I never had a black man, but I have seen pics of what I could have. Did it hurt, at least just a little? If they came in you, I want to suck it all out of your aching pussy. I am blond, too, with long tan legs. We have a black man in our church congregation. He is married and seems very nice. I doubt I could get him, but one of your 3 sound ready to go. Could you share? I want that cum all over me.

    • Queen of spades ID:braa27x2hi

      Can I be next?

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:85eoovjz