My story (part two)

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So I moved out of my parents house when I was 22 and got married to my now ex wife. We moved into a house in the country on a dead end road with one house below us and one above us… but we were pretty isolated because we had a big piece of land with lots of trees…I could see the house below us but not the one above us. Three years went by and I had no contact with a dog whatsoever…I would think about it from time to time when I touched myself. We had the internet by now and I had discovered dog sex videos online and I was shocked to realize that there were so many people into this, very sexy attractive girls I might add. So I was 25 years old now, I guess I’ll get to the point here. The people that lived below us was an older couple that had a very beautiful female dog that they would let run outside all up and down the road we lived on. She was a very friendly dog and didn’t bother anyone or anything. I was out weed eating one evening and stopped for a break at one of our shade trees when she came walking up to me. She sat right beside me and licked my face. Instantly my mind went places. My plan was in motion just like that. I worked day shift and my ex wife worked the night shift, she would leave by 10 o’clock tonight and it being Friday I was off tomorrow and I usually stayed up all night and done whatever, but I knew exactly what I was doing this night. 10 o’clock came and my ex wife left as usual. As I stood in my driveway I saw the neighbors dog walking around between my house and theirs. I called for her and she came running up the hill to me. She followed me inside into the living room to the couch. Was I really going to do this I thought, I mean yes I had done it many times before but that had been a few years ago and I was married now…. fuck it….I’m going to do it but I’m going to take my time, besides I had all night. Now I had watched a video of a girl licking her dogs pussy and I was wondering what that would be like…I was rubbing her body down really good as we were sitting on the couch, she was leaned up right against me as I was rubbing her belly. I just kept moving farther down until I was rubbing her pussy. She got up and started humping my finger, I could feel where her hole was and it was wet. She kept humping and my middle finger went half way in her pussy. She humped my finger for a few minutes and I could not believe how wet her pussy was. I took her into the bathroom and into the tub and give her a good bath. Washing her pussy and surrounding area very well. I dried her off really well and then put her up on my bed. I kicked my shoes off and joined her. I lay with her rubbing her pussy lightly…it was now or never. I went down and took one lick at I’m guessing her clit, and it did not taste bad at all. I licked and sucked her pussy juices for what seemed like an hour and she seemed to like it. I couldn’t take it anymore…I went into the kitchen to get peanut butter and butter. She jumped down and followed me. She followed me back to the couch where we started. I sat on the couch and she was sitting in the floor in front of me. I took my socks off and rubbed some peanut butter from my toes up to above my knees where my shorts ended. She licked from my toes to my knees clean all the way up both legs. I was shaking by this point…I took my shorts and underwear off exposing my rock hard dick. I then got up on my knees on the couch and rubbed peanut butter all the way up my ass crack. She licked my ass so good I could feel her tongue going over my asshole and almost inside it a little bit, I spread my ass cheeks wide and she was burying her whole snout in my ass. After letting her lick my ass for awhile I turned over and shoved my dick into the jar of peanut butter. I sat with my legs spread wide while she licked my dick like crazy, the longer she licked me the wetter my dick got. I stood up and let her lick me from the side, her long wet tongue lapping at my dick would wrap all the way around it, it felt so damn good. I sat back down on the couch and got a handful of butter and rubbed it up the crack of my ass and all over my balls. I held my legs up in the air like a woman would do so she could access my ass good. I jacked off with the butter while she was licking my ass and balls. The sound of her licking me was so fucking hot,as I was feeling her tongue go in and out of my ass and licking my balls all over I came so hard. I let my legs down and she licked my dick and legs and my stomach clean of all my cum. I done this every night I could for about 5 years until my neighbors moved. I hope you have enjoyed this part of my story as much as the first part. Let me know please.

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    Dont want my children killed

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      You mite think you was fucking the hell out of us, but only one way to be certain that you have enough stamina to see ys squirming and begging for mercy is to send cock pics of your ‘Brutal House of Pain’ tool-s! Never know someones pain level until Warren jumps on and rides ya to the ground ! Im thinking it mite be extreme pain already- but ‘no mercy’ wil be unleashed and gonna feel the Rath- now there is unlimited traction for the one- bottom plow-aka the RIPPER!!! DAMN!!! i m feelin ya im feelin ya @!!@!

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    There was a few times i used a smaller dildo mounted to the bed leg, and back up to it doggystyle, and make a short video from between my knees pointing up! And slide it in and out a few times- then send it to my friend ha. Wouldnt be long he’d be setting up a meeting time and place and i’d really get a fucking for cheatin! haha. He never said that, but i just knew!! That mite be why he didnt fuck me that last time, instead he wanted me to suck his dick! I wasnt gonna suck the dildo! Haha.once you suck dick, you will suck dick again… and again…

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    Anyone close?

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      In KC

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    NW-Kc’St joe area

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      [email protected], hit me up

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      My story, where you from?

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    I wonder how close you are to Mo

    • Dc ID:fzq6jmxii

      What part of Mo do you live in?

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    From the first time that guy reemed my virgin ass-me 16, he was 19 or 20, he dominated with his 9 huge inches, and i mite j o afterwards- or later… cause usually my 6 incher was soft after taking what he said his wife couldnt!! I’d be shakey- but mellow, and met him evrytime he wanted to meet…thenhe wanted me to suck it once…that was the end of getting fucked,@nd he wanted his dick sucked every week! I did fo a yr- till he passed away at his home 10 yrs ago. Yep, i like to be the pleaser!

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      Wow!!! That’s super hot!!! I’ve never been with a guy before but I have fantasized about it quiet often. I love to use dildos and vibrators to fuck myself in the ass and fantasize about sucking a dick alot. I would love to know what that’s like one day

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    A couple times my secret friend put ‘weed butter’ on his cock and i got so fucking stoned i was licking and tongue deep in his asshole after licking his nutsack, crack, and both buttcheeks, and it startled me a bit when he said ok suck my dick now! I was so high all i knew was get the butter! Forgot what im supose to be doing and was in my own world, but started sucking his cock again! I realized im sucking a rock hard 9″ cuved up cock clear to the balls when he grabbed my head and shoved his cock in and exploded-i had swallowed it all and right back sucking his dick like i couldnt stop myself! After a short while he stroked it fast and in my mouth it went and i swallowed that load too!! His dick stayed in till it was soft and i was embarrassed-i had sucked his cock for over 2 hrs strait!

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      I shouldnt say he nailed my ‘virgin’ ass, because the chained up dog on the farm caught me with my pants down and showed me what he thought about being chained up! Wow! Didnt give me a chance to get away after i trippedfrom him pushing me farther back into the shed! He jumped me with a firm grip and a mouthfull of hair, and i thought he was about done having his way with me when he socked his knot in my ass hard and i wasnt going nowhere now! He filled my little ass full a juice! But that 9″ my friend forced in, i mite as well been a virgin! Cant wait to hear more from you!

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmk0j

    It sure sounds like awesome fun! I love your stories- even tho i wish to be the dog doing the pleasing! More please

    • My story ID:43yije209

      I would totally let you please me!!!! And possibly even return the favor

    • Sillyboytoy ID:vzgd39v3

      Could you give me your txting # or email? I really love your stories and i’d love to please if i get the chance!