My secret friend changed the game

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I had been secretly having gay anal sex with the same guy since i was 16, once or twice per year, and i always recieved from the first time on. I enjoyed the excitement of his mean 9″ curved up hard cock making me his bitch and he never disappointed! Then stroking each other hard, i askedwhat position to get into, he said ‘not tonight, your going to suck my dick this time and nobody will ever know you love getting fucked…well i knew id try it someday, and after i started sucking it i couldnt stop! I kept bobbing faster and faster he said oh yea! Suck that cock and started shoving my head i had to swallow his big load! I couldnt believe what just happened! He saw me every week for more for the next year and he expected me to suck it and swallow- and i did everytime! I couldnt get fucked, i was his cocksucker till he passed away 10 yrs ago. I havent been fucked or sucked cock since, but thinking i mite try be soneones bitch again, my wife would probly say “”GOOD”!

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  • Reply Tasha

    Are u in need of a pussy cos i don’t mind letting u have it (my pussy)

  • Reply Cocklover69

    I would love to fuck and suck u and u can fuck and suck me too.

  • Reply woody

    Do you have any kids maybe we can get them involved… [email protected]

    • Cocklover69

      Woody I would love to do each other

  • Reply Cumgulper

    Do your wife know that you like to suck cock.
    But I can understand where you are coming from because at times I want a thick long cock ramming my throat and enjoying the throbbing sensation of the pulsating just before the explosion of cum gushes down my throat.

  • Reply Championcocksucker

    I will meet you anytime and gladly service your cock

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    I would be interested in meeting for your pleasure. Its all good

  • Reply Sillyboytoy

    Hour n of kc off I-35

    • Dc

      Sillyboytoy – Email me and I will send my phone number.

  • Reply Dc

    Where do you live ? [email protected]