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More than the carpet got laid…

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We were in the middle of making some upgrades to our house and being surrounded by workmen was too much of a temptation to my always horny wife so we came up with a plan.

After being married for about a year we decided to fix our house up a little with paint, new carpet, and a few other improvements. But having all these workmen around was driving my hot nineteen-year-old wife crazy. It was clear by the things she was telling me in bed after the first day that she wanted to try and fuck some of the workmen. And hearing her talking about it was getting me hot too as I love watching her sucking another guys cock or seeing her get fucked. So we tried to think of a way to work this out so if she seduced one or more of the guys working on our house I’d somehow be able to secretly watch.

Lynn at 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair & sexy green eyes always got a lot of attention as it was. And if she was dressed in one of her sexier outfits guys would be tripping over their own feet trying to check her out. She said the two guys doing the painting had been giving her a lot of attention and that they’d be back the next day to finish up. So the next day when they got there she went to the door as if she’d overslept and they’d woke her up. She was wearing a very sheer light blue babydoll nite you could see right through if there was any light at all and in the morning the sun was shining really bright into the living room, so she might as well answered the door totally nude. You could easily see her big tits and bushy red pussy.

As they got to work she went to change and knew that where they were working gave them a clear view of our bedroom. She took off the nite and was standing in front of the dresser nude brushing her hair and fixing her make-up. Knowing they could see her in the mirror on the dresser. She even fondled her tits a little knowing they were watching her. Both of them seemed to be in their mid-thirties and were married. So this was just what she liked because she knew married guys wouldn’t be going around telling people if they fucked her. Finally, she put on a pair of really short shorts and a low cut loose-fitting top that let anyone in front of her see her tits if she bent over the least bit. She made it a point to keep bringing them something to drink and to keep bending over and looking at things so they could see her tits or see her sexy ass hanging out of her shorts.

As lunchtime neared she offered to go buy some burgers and fries. They had no idea I’d slipped in through the back door and was able to watch them through a peephole I’d made going from an unfinished room in back into the living room. So while she was gone I could hear them talking about how hot she was and talk about seeing her tits & how big they were. As well as them discussing how much they’d like to fuck her. When she got back she passed out the food leaning over to hand them their food and letting them get a good look at her big tits. And she’d looked right at one of them when they were looking in her top at her tits and just smiled at him. Letting him know she was aware he was looking at her tits and that she didn’t mind without actually saying anything. She went in the kitchen to get them some more iced tea and I heard him tell the other guy that she was intentionally showing them her tits and said he bet she’d fuck him given half a chance. The other guy said if the first guy didn’t want to fuck her he sure would. But it was clear they both wanted to fuck her and even discussed a threesome. But you could tell it was wishful thinking at this point.

After lunch, it didn’t take long for them to finish up and Lynn kept coming in watching them and pretending to get drunk as she kept coming in the room with a glass full of wine then go in the kitchen and pour it into another glass coming back with an almost empty glass and finishing it off. And it was working because they started talking about how she was getting wasted while she wasn’t in the room. And she started getting a little flirtatious as she pretended to have a really good buzz on. Once they finished and had taken most of their stuff out she began telling them what a good job they’d done. And telling them how much she appreciated what a good job they’d done. They hadn’t taken one of the ladders out and she climbed up on it to hang a hanging plant from a hook in the ceiling. They both grabbed the ladder afraid she’d fall and looking up could see her tits. She looked down and got a big smile on her face and ask if they were looking at her boobies? But before they could answer she said that was ok she thought she had nice boobies and ask what they thought? They both nervously said yea they’re really nice.

At that, she pulled her top off and took one of the guy’s hands and said see how good they feel pressing his hand against one of her big tits. Then she did the same with the other guy. As she commented at how she loved how a girl’s boobs felt and laughed and said but she preferred guys but did like being with girls sometimes especially if they had nice boobs. Then she told them she really got turned on by having her boobies sucked on and ask if they’d suck on them for her? Adding that she’d had both of them sucked on at the same time before when she was younger when she and some girls had a sleepover. She knew the comments about her being with other girls would probably get them hot quick as most guys get turned on by the idea of two girls hooking up. She didn’t have to ask again as soon they were both sucking on her tits. And she went ahead and slid her shorts off standing there nude. She continued talking about how she liked having her tits sucked and her sucking other girls tits and them eating each other and you could tell they were loving it. Then she said that though she liked to eat pussy, she loved to suck cock and began to rub their cocks through their pants.

It didn’t take long before she had their cocks out and was taking turns sucking them off. Then she said she needed a cock inside her. One of the guys got on the floor behind her and started fucking her doggie style as she continued to suck the other guy off. They kept this up until she had a load of cum in her mouth and her pussy. They cleaned up and the guys took off pretty quick after that. I’d been watching and jerking off shooting a load into a handkerchief. But Lynn got me hard and sucked me off taking a second load in her mouth. It was hot as hell watching my hot young wife seducing those two guys and them not knowing I was watching.

The next day some other guys were coming to install carpet and she started out the same way answering the door in her nite. Two of these guys were younger looking to be in their early twenties and the third guy looked to be in his forties. And the older guy was coming on to her from the beginning. They were from an out of town company subcontracted to help the local carpet catch up on some installations. She did pretty much the same as the day before putting on a show for them and pretending to be drinking a lot. And around lunchtime, I snuck in again to watch again. And again she offered to go get lunch but they’d brought their own. But while she was getting them something to drink the older guy told the other two he was going to try and fuck her before they left. But the younger guys wanted some too. So Lynn didn’t have to work hard to seduce them. As they were all coming on to her. So as they were finishing up she came right out and ask them if carpet was all they laid? And before they could say anything told them she was horny and if had been a while since she had three guys at once.

She ended up sucking & fucking all three of them and as a bonus for me had them all shoot off on her tits and face. Knowing how much I got off watching guys shoot their load on her big tits. And one of the guys got hard and fucked her a second time shooting his load on her sexy ass. We fucked like crazy again that night. And as a way to thank me for letting her get all that strange cock she invited a girl to spend the weekend with us. And the three of us stayed in bed all weekend.

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    That reminded me of a time long ago when I was a contractor, amazing the things we see or do when on a job.

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    Nice Slut your Wife. Why do you have not a Video?

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