Mommy slave and the master

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His shy mom who is also very obedient was a easy target once the son found the “right way”, so she became the perfect slave

The movie was quite a good one, but my mind was elsewhere! Tonight, I was thinking about my three-month journey to, what I thought, victory. Everything started three months ago!
I just turned 18 and the high school was ending, with my dick still being dry! In other words, no pussy yet! Of course, my porn collection was vast and the things on top of my list were perversions, especially the taboo ones! I envied some of my classmates whose moms were real MILF’s! Mine was miles away… until three months ago!
For the first time I saw her naked! Not full frontal, more sideways with her ass in a full view! I’m an “ass person” so what I saw hooked me up instantly! It was a “short” view as I never go to their room, at least not without been invited.
Now, reason why I never before noticed her ass (body was good also) was of her clothing! Fat and overweight people would wear something like that. It didn’t show her physique at all. Plus, without makeup her chances of being noticed were zero!
As I said, I was hooked up instantly, and in following days my only thoughts were how to fuck her! My mom can easily pass for a nun, as she never swore or got mad, as far as I remember. Any bad words or in any way mentioning anything sexual was never heard from her mouth.
She was risen that way and got married young with my (now very fat) dad of 20 years older than her. Also, as far as I remember I never heard her saying “no” to dad, or complaining.
I came up with a plan! I’ll spy on her and will blackmail her after I, was sure, would find her in a compromising situation! I mean, c’mon, she’s young, in her prime years (mid-thirties), and even if it didn’t look like, for sure, was “fooling” around! The quite ones are the worst!

I “bugged” her phone with a tracking software, to get the text messages, calls (without voice, only numbers), pics, etc. Changed the webcam they had on their computer with top of the line (1080 and the whole enchilada) Also bugged the comp! Voice, video… everything going on in their bedroom was captured!
Also followed her, as much as I could, with limited time I had! Mostly because of the school! She had only one friend!
A divorced bitch who hated men, but wasn’t a lesbian! Even that would have worked out! But not, nothing, zip, zero… Three months with such a devastating result!!!

Not once they had sex, nor she… had… outside of her marriage! Neither dad, as I followed him for a bit! One more camera in their bedroom gave me another point of view! Just in case! They never walked around naked or half “way!” Once, the camera “caught” a glimpse if his dick, barely visible!
That thing was not more than 3 inches in his best days! Finding this after couple of weeks was encouraging as every normal (female) person would have looked for more, much more! Maybe I’m wrong! Only thing my mom was doing out of ordinary, was chatting! With Sally (her non-lesbian friend) and few others who were kinda men-haters.
This morning my dad went for surgery (nothing ultra-serious) and gonna have to stay for couple of weeks (surgery, recovery and stuff like that)!

So here I was sitting, in front of TV trying to watch a movie, unsuccessfully. Was she so uninterested in sex, or I missed something!? Did her uprising make it this way?! ‘Fucking bitch’ – I thought to myself, adding some more “beautiful words!”
I turned off the TV and went toward my room! I logged on to computer to see what’s she doing, with her husband absent! As usually she was chatting with Sally and some others from their group (in the chatting room) and after 10 or so minutes she said her goodbyes and start preparing her bed, while the computer was still on and logged on to chatroom. I was pretty upset so I decided to do some “damage.”
While she was busy preparing the bed, I changed her chatroom and went to some “adult” places, where I could use more appropriate nick (I had in mind). As she was using her name and a first letter of last name as a nick (name) I knew it, she will not “escape” my wrath! I thought a lot about my nick and came with “SlutMaster!”

I wrote “hi” and the comp “did” a ringing sound! I saw her (on webcam) turning to see what was that, and slowly she approached the computer. Her knowledge or better, ignorance about computers gave me enough confidence to do (almost) everything with her computer!
So, she’ll not understand if any tampering happened!
But a surprise appeared on her face, probably because she read the nick. She was a slow-typing person so I installed a voice recognition software! She didn’t say or do nothing, so I took more initiative!
– “I said hi, you fucking slut! Be a good girl Jane and say hi!” – I wrote, and her face was now red! Maybe because I said her name, who knows! She sat on the chair with her eyes fixated on the screen! ‘What is she thinking’ – I thought to myself. She said “hi” and a microsecond later the word appeared on the screen!
Now, I didn’t except any kind of a response, so this was unexpected, and it got me off guard, as I didn’t have anything “ready” for further conversation. But, a “light bulb” lit in my head… an evil plan formed!
– “You’re such a nice SLUT! But, kinda slow in answering! I hope you are not slow at typing!?” – I wrote, and after few seconds she said she’s using a voice recognition software. Then she said she’s not a slut!
– “Really!? How did you figure that out?! Ha ha! You’re a slut who doesn’t know is a slut, but still, a slut!” – I said (and wrote), and before letting her respond, continued:
– “Do you know how I know you are a slut?!” – I asked. She looked kinda “lost”, so I just continued writing, actually using a voice recognition software, for faster typing.
– “You’re a housewife in your mid or late thirties, have a kid or two, who lives in a suburban area. Married to a fifteen or older fat fuck, with a small dick!” – I wrote, and with a smile, looked at her disbelieved look!
My evil plan was to scare her in hope I’ll get her do something worth blackmailing! Also counted on her obedience, which surprised me, was working even with strangers.
– “C’mon SLUT, speak up!!! Am I right you DUMB CUNT!?” – I continued, not letting her “recuperate” by “bombing” her with words, non-existing in her vocabulary! “Slut, bitch, dumb cunt” and similar words in capital, were all over her screen!
She was “frozen!” It last for about a minute or so, then a movement like going down, and the connection with chat was gone. The webcam went off too, but with the other (hidden) camera I was able to see that she was quite a bit shaken up!
‘You want to play like that, ha?!’ – I said to myself, then thinking more about what to do, decided patience is the best course of action. She’ll be tomorrow again here (at the chat), or day after tomorrow. I mean, I waited three months for something to happen, anything. This was a jackpot.

The next morning after I woke up and got ready for school, got a good look at my mom to see how was she handling herself. Her look had some concerns, but not that much visible.
I was a bit worried she may call her friend (Sally) to tell her about last night, so I checked her phone throughout the day and jumped at every text message or phone call.
Few messages were exchanged between them, some with dad… and that’s it. She was probably too scared and embarrassed to speak up, which was a point for me. I couldn’t wait for school day to finish.
The second I got out; I went to my favorite electronic store to buy some “equipment” needed for the plan to get “fully functional.”
Mom greeted me normally and after lunch we went to our rooms. Couple of hours later the dinner, and again back to our rooms. I had some concerns she may not want to chat, but… Her computer started, which showed on my remote controlling software. Of course, Sally was there and some of their friends I recognized them from before.
The boring chat went on and on for about an hour. It looked like it’s never gonna end. After a while mom said her goodbyes and closed the chat, but that was not a problem for me.
As soon as she turned her back from me (the webcam, to be precise), I restarted the chat and went to the “adult” part and rang her. She turned her head and came close to the computer, then stopped once she (probably) recognized the nick.
I didn’t want to click on accept button, “because I wanted her to press it. I had the mouse (arrow) hovering over the button in case she thinks of bailing out. She was shaking, especially her hands. She stood there not doing nothing so again, I took the initiative. I clicked the button and I started writing.
– “Hey bitch… what the fuck??! It took you so long to answer! Where you thinking not to answer at all, ha?!” – I wrote. A pause and she said “Sorry.”
– “No sorry, you slut! From now on you answer the second it beeps! You got it?!” – I continued writing. She uttered a word “yes”, but was not “captured” by the speech recognition software so she said it again!
The way I saw it, things were going well! I was feeling pretty optimistic. The threatening way of (my) writing was bringing fruits!
– “What happened yesterday, the connection went off?!” – I asked, knowing the answer, but I wanted her answer. She was looking left and right, like trying to find and answer.
I waited few more seconds than decided not to torture her more.
– “It doesn’t matter slut. Now is important you’re here and you’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again! Am I right?” – I said, and seeing her face lightening up I knew I’m in a good path to victory. She said “yes.”
To me it looked like we established some ground rules, so now I needed to do some more “testing.” When I restarted the chat (adult part) I also started the Skype and let it run in background, without her noticing.
So, this was the next test. With Skype I can have the video and she can’t escape anymore. A computer beeped and a Skype invitation appeared on screen! “SlutMaster” asked to be accepted! After a bit of hesitation, the mouse “went” to the “no” button! ‘Shit…, fuck’ – I said to myself, and before she clicked I “moved” the arrow above “yes!” And clicked! ‘Fucking bitch, she wanted to bail again’ – I said (to myself) and then I wrote:
– “Thanks for accepting, slut!” – and after a little bit she wrote back
– “You’re welcome!” – she said,
– “You’re welcome master!” – I wrote back. She didn’t understand, which I could tell by her look on her face, so I explained to her that from now on she has to say “master” after finishing the sentence or the answer.
– “Say it, you SLUT!?!” – I wrote and pretty fast she answered with a “yes master.”
I was thinking to start a video conversation but then, I thought it may be too fast.
This was going pretty well, so no need to rush things. Could lose. Small talks. Just to break the ice. To put it (her obedience) to the right track. Me to be a real master, and she, to be a real slave.
– “So, is it true?!” – I said, referring to yesterday’s conversation we had. I knew it she’ll not understand what’s this about, so I continued,
– “About yesterday you slut! Things I guessed about you!” – I wrote and waited for her response.
– “Some of it it’s correct.” – she said and I asked which ones
– “I’m married in my mid-thirties and I have a kid. An 18-year-old boy.”
– “Really?! What about your hubby?” – I wrote, checking to see what’s gonna say about him, especially about his “thing”, little thing, to be precise.
– “What about him?” – she said,
– “I’m sure he’s fat and older than you. What about his dick? Is it as small as I think or smaller? C’mon slut, speak the truth!” – I wrote back. She was stammering while talking so the word appeared kind of gibberish (on the screen), so she had to correct herself, and manually write half of the sentence.
– “I don’t know what are you talking about, what do you mean?!” – she finally wrote.
– “Are you dumb?! Or it is something wrong with you!!?? I am asking for his dick size. Inches, feet’s, meters… whatever you use to measure? You understand know?! – I wrote. She looked for a while at the screen, probably thinking what to say, as she had (looked like) no idea about she’s supposed to say. So, she just said:
– “I think it is normal.”
‘Are you fucking kidding me’ – I said to myself. She thinks his size is normal. For fucking sure she had never seen another dick in her life, but there are other means of finding how a dick looks like, and the sizes.
Internet, porn (video cassettes, DVD’s), photos from magazines… Not to mention, dick size is (for sure) one of the major themes in girls talking.
– “When you sucked his dick, there you saw and felt his size!” – I had to ask, and her response surprised me. She never had his dick in her mouth. ‘What da fuck’ – I said to myself. Can’t be true, but more surprise where on the road.
– “I never touched his …” – she said without pronouncing the word “dick.” ‘Okay…so, she never touched or sucked his dick! What about other dicks? Can this be possible?’ – I thought, then asked her about other dicks.
– “No. I never had anybody else, expect my husband.” – she said. After a few seconds remembered she forgot the “master” word, and wrote it immediately.
– “What about your pussy? Did she lick it, at least?” – I asked. She lowered her eyes when seen profanity, as she was especially shy, even as nobody was looking at her, at this moment. At least, not that she knew about it.
Her answer was negative, with a “master” at the end. I read there are men and women who do not like to do oral, but… Still, if my dad wanted “head”, all he had to do was ask for it.
I was virgin, but I knew the moment I’ll “grab” a pussy, fucking will not happen without a licking! The way I saw it she probably didn’t even had an orgasm with him, maybe not all! I had to ask.
– “Hey slut, do you masturbate?!” – I asked, as I was really curious! In those three months I didn’t see her once, masturbating!
– “What mastur… masturbating means, master!” – she said, and I was, again, what da fuck!!! I explained her, simply saying: “playing with your pussy until you cum, have an orgasm.” Simpler than that can’t be explained.
She said once Sally, her friend, spoke about that, but didn’t say much. quite short, as that was not of any importance.
I felt a little bit sorry for her, but now it was time for attacks, not sentimentality. I was not prepared for video conversation as I needed some equipment to hide my voice, so to make my appearance a bit “mystique”, and frightening at same time.
Still, I was worried this chance may fade out, as of tomorrow she may decide not to go to computer anymore. All I needed is for “master” to know how she looks, so she can’t “escape.”
I “invited” her for a video conversation and without waiting for her to press the “accept” button, I clicked for her. And then she appeared.
The look on her face was priceless. On the other side (my side) there was a black screen as I blocked the camera view. As I didn’t have the equipment to hide my voice, my only option was to write. But I was pretty fast in typing, but anyway I had no intention to prolong this conversation.
– “You look as I imagined you. We gonna do great things together, slut!” – I wrote, and she was just staring and not moving a muscle. So motionless. I was feeling so powerful.
– “Aren’t you suppose to say something to your master when he gives you a compliment?!” – I wrote and almost instantly she said:
– “Thank you, master!”
‘Not bad’ – I thought, and I told her (in writing) I have to go, but will see her tomorrow at (more or less) same time. She agreed with a “yes master.”

As the day before in the morning, I “checked” my mom to see her expression and could tell it showed more concerns then yesterday. Just before leaving for school she asked me a question concerning chat and Skype.
She wanted to know can somebody on chat or Skype find where somebody lives, address and other private stuff. Before I answered I asked her what’s this about. She was struggling to find a good answer, and with her “low” ability in lying I knew she’ll have difficulties to find something, so I decided to ignore my question and answer, in my way.
– “Of course! If he’s good with computers! The chat has the IP address which points to your physical address, plus, if it is connected with Skype account, even easier!” – I said, making her even more uncomfortable. I was glowing inside.
Looks like she came up with an answer to my previous question (why she needed this information), as she said:
– “Sally asked. Not being concerned, but sometime she talks with unknown people, so…”
She stopped, face fully red, for the lies she just said. I told her if Sally needs any help, I can reroute her IP address so nobody can find her.
– “I’ll tell her” – she said, then gave me a kiss on the cheek and went to the kitchen. As usually the school day… so boring, and never to end. Thru my (spy) app I checked on her to see if she’s gonna talk to Sally, or text.
She did, of course, as that were doing on a daily basis, but nothing “incriminating.” So far so good, and after tonight I believe, I’ll establish a good master-slave relationship.
After visiting my favorite electronic store and happy with the “equipment” I bought it there, I head it straight home. Once there I checked on my mom, especially looking for any sign of different behavior then this morning.
Everything looked “normal!” She showed signs of discomfort and fear. I ate good then went to my room so set up my equipment, which took me about an hour or so.
I did some homework, just to have my mind occupied with something as I couldn’t wait for the night to fall. Of course, I beat up my, almost eight inches, meat while thinking of things future is having in store for me.

Around 9 o’clock I checked the mom’s webcam and saw her on computer looking at something. Checked the remote controlling software to see what’s got her interest… She had the Skype opened and was just staring at the screen. ‘Good girl’ – I said, and without any ado I invited her to join the video chat. It startled her and I waited to see if she’ll be the one to answer. She did.
On my side the screen was black and the mike was “going” thru a device with voice altering possibilities. My mom was very visible and even she looked frightened, it was a sight to see.
– “Good to see you, slut!” – I greeted her and she answered immediately with “thank you, master” and,
– “It’s good to see you too, master!” – she said. ‘We’ll see how good is to see me!’ – I said to myself. Now, I was about to start the “real power” testing and she complies everything else should go smother.
– “Ok slut, let’s have a look at you! Take off that sweater!” – I said and waited to see her reaction. With a “yes master” she slowly pulled the sweater off and throwed it in the bed.
‘Now, the bra is in line’ – I said to myself, then I told her to remove the bra, for real. She looked around like trying to find an escape or maybe courage to do that.
– “I didn’t hear you saying yes master, slut! What’s going on?” – I said raising my voice.
– “Sorry master!” – she said and took of her bra. She put her hands over her tits, covering them. My cock was skyrocketing, jumping in my pants, so I had to release it.
– “Remove those hands you slut! I need to see those tits!” – I said and she removed her hands and turned her head sideways not looking to the camera.
Tits were not bad, a little saggy, but with beautiful nipples. Mid-size. I’m an “ass person” so I don’t give much credit to tits, and I don’t like them too big. I told her to put the hands under her tits, and she did it.
– “When I told you to take the bra you hesitated, and I don’t like that. Not listening to your master, it’s a path for punishment! Do you understand, slut?” – I said, and after she said “she understood” I decided what kind of punishment.
I told her to pinch her nipples. She put her fingers on both nipples and started twisting and squeezing, at the beginning gently then, listening to my instruction, she did it harder. A grimace of pain was all over her face, but she was not stopping.
Not until I told her. She released a sigh of relief and after she “recovered” herself, told her no more hesitations or not obeying my commands. Gosh, I was having a great confidence, now it may happen, THE FUCKING.
– “Now it’s time for the pajamas to go!” – I said and with a “yes master” she stood up and slowly removed her pajamas. She was wearing some ugly underwear, like old ladies in her nineties. ‘This is horrible’ – I said to myself, and asked her to take off the pants.
She did, but by doing that she “removed” herself from the view of the camera. Then in a few seconds “the picture” came back.
She was covering her pussy with her hands, so I told her to remove the hands. There was so much “bush” you couldn’t see, a dick if it was there.
– “What the fuck is that, slut?” – I asked her and she quizzingly asked “what master?.”
– “That bush there? What is that? This is not the 5th century!!” – I almost yelled, as this threw me of tracks. My dick started to shrink.
I couldn’t believe something like that could have such an effect on me, or should I say, my dick. I had some plans for tonight, even a video ready to show her what a real fuck looks like, but now…
– “This is not acceptable! Your master is absolutely not pleased. And you don’t want your master to be ‘not pleased!’ First thing tomorrow it will be for you to shave that shit and have it waxed!” – I said. Also, I gave her an address of a place nearby (her) were she can do the complete waxing.
Once overheard some of the girls talking about their favorite places for that kind of “body work.” I really overheard them. Didn’t spy!
She had a surprising look on her face, probably because I knew the place, even better than her. She said “yes master.”
– “If you are having a pussy like that, you probably don’t have any thongs… and probably don’t know what are they! Do you?!” – I said, but she surprised me by saying she knew. Once she saw them at Sally’s place. She explained.
– “Good slut! Buy some, and be ready tomorrow night. Nine o’clock sharp!” – I said to her before going to bed. I was a bit disappointed, but I knew patience will give fruits.

She didn’t have that frightening look in the morning, so I thought maybe she’s starting to like the “master-slut stuff.” The day at school passed pretty fast, as I had some projects to do, so I was kind of busy all (school) day!
After the school I went to the “waxing” place hopping to catch mommy, but she was not there! I waited around for a while then went home! Mom was not there, and to me that was a good sign! I made a sandwich, something simple as I’m not good at cooking and just as I finished, mom opened the door! She was startled seeing me home.
– “Hi sweetie! You’re home!!! I thought you’ll be with your friends out until dinner!” – she said and went to her room quite fast, holding some shopping bags, which gave me a twitch on my dick, knowing, or at least guessing, what’s inside is what I hopped for.
She came after few minutes and our conversation went as normal as… normally. I went out with a friend of mine I usually hang out, just to kill some time, and told mom not to make dinner, as I will eat out.

It was almost nine o’clock, so I settled myself at the computer and also fixed the “equipment.” I checked her computer and… she was there, waiting, as it looked like, impatient. I opened Skype and invited for video conversation!
– “There you are slut! Stand up! Let me see you!?” – I said. She stood up and moved a bit from the camera, so I was able to see her “complete!”
She was wearing the pajamas (up & down) as the night before! I told her to remove the upper part (of the pajamas) and enjoying the view of seeing her in her bra, asked for the bottom one “to go” too! She complied without hesitation and with the usual “yes master!”
Black thongs and a matching bra looked awesome on her. I told her to turn around and stopped her when her ass was “facing” me. “What a great fucking view” – I thought and after a minute or so, enjoying the view, I asked her to remove the bra. She complied. I liked those tits. Can’t wait to suck on them!
– “Remove those thongs and let see did you listen to your master, slut!” – I said, and yes, listen she did. Her pussy looked smooth as baby’s ass.
Then I told her to lay down on the bed and facing me, and to open wide her legs. Her movements were kinda slow, but she did it. Even seeing the pussy live thru a camera, it was a much different thing than seeing the pussy on porn. I could have cum there.
She was using the Bluetooth earpiece, so no danger of her son hearing the noises…, she was going to “produce.” I had planned this night with some “show.” A porn shows. For the first time she will see a porn movie and (hopefully) have an orgasm.
The movie in question was a “simple” porn movie, but it will work for “us.” It’s about a woman, by the looks, in her thirties, playing with herself. And then… let’s not spoil the movie!
– “I’ll show you a movie! Look at it and listen to my commands!” – I said to her and with a great interest she got her eyes glued to the screen… waiting for what is to come. I told her to stay in the position she was, with her legs spread wide and hand on pussy.
The movie started, showing the woman completely naked, except the high hills, playing with her pussy. I told her to do the same. As the movie had some close shots, it was very clear what she was doing.
While the movie was going on, I would pause from time to time to see how she was doing. Her breathing was heavy and it was clear she was enjoying “herself.”
After several minutes, in play came a guy who was “stunned” seeing a naked woman masturbating. With one hand she beckoned him to come closer and her eyes were glued to his junk.
Without much talk he released the “snake” which was a good size, and showed her down the throat. She didn’t stop playing with herself, letting him do the “job”, fucking her mouth. I told “my slave” to continue beating her pussy while watching the movie. It was no need, her eyes were glued to the screen, and her hands didn’t move from her pussy.
– “Beat that cunt you slut! Let me see you cum!” – I was almost yelling. The “ooohhh” and “uhhh” sound were all she could muster to “give”, while beating her pussy and wiggling her body, faster and faster. It was clear she was close, so I asked her that question. Barely she got a “yes master” out of her heavy breathing mouth.
Now, the guy in the movie was pounding her pussy with a loud noise, slapping his body with hers. Seeing something like that…, that for sure never happened to her, finally triggered the long, long awaiting release.
She came, and started twitching her body while holding her loud noises as low as possible. It lasted a minute or so, and was beautiful to watch. Neither I could resist, so with few strokes I came to a powerful ejaculation.
After couple of minutes she started “coming back” and looked at the screen, where the movie was still “rolling.” I stopped the movie and waited for her to catch the breath, as I needed too. Also, I was not done yet. Had some demands for tomorrow.
– “So, slut, how was… everything? Did you like it?” – I asked her and her answer was a “very happy” yes.
– “I never felt something like that, master. It was amazing!” – she added., her face glowing. ‘Yep, the bitch was glowing’ – I said to myself, then after I “regained” full power started with some demands.
I asked for the wardrobe change and makeup. Noted to her, everything is just to wear at home. For now. The list was not long. Mostly tight fit clothes and some sexy underwear. I also told her I am going to send her some “toys”, of course, very discretely.

Again, in the morning I checked on her, and yes, you could see the difference. Happier, more… everything. When I pointed to her look, she got all red and only said she had a good dream. ‘I know what kind of dream was, you slut’ – I thought, then after finishing the breakfast, rushed out to catch the bus for school.
I “cut” the school a bit shorter, as I couldn’t wait to go home. Mom was not there, so I waited around and then when I saw her with some bags, I got excited. She was doing everything, to the letter, as it looked like.
I waited a little bit more, for her to be ready “for me.” I slowly opened the door, and went straight for her room. She was there, as I could hear her movement, while unpacking stuff. I knocked and she said to wait.
– “You’re early, sweetie!! Is it everything okay?” – she said, and I told her that everything was ok.
– “A teacher didn’t come, so the day was “cut” short.” – I said. Then I looked over her shoulder, which was not difficult, as she’s only 5’ 4” and I’m 6’ tall.
– “You did some shopping, mom?!” – I asked her like I was surprised. She got all red and said she did. She started explaining me what is in the bags…
– “Good for you mom” – I said, “cutting” her explaining, as seeing the stuff she bought was not part of the plan.
Nine o’clock, finally. Checked the web camera. She was there. Impatient! Dressed as I wanted. Tight yoga pants and the shirt, without bra. I could see the nipples protruding, like “wanting” to pierce the fabric of her shirt. Yep, she was ready! With each day my hopes were higher and higher!
When the camera turned on, she greeted me with a shy smile and “hello master!” I told her to stand up and turn around, so I could see her from every “angle.” She said she bought everything mentioned last night, and asked me if I wanted to see how those “things” look on her. Of course, I wanted, so I told her to start unpacking and try them on.
She took her shirt off, showing those nice boobs and the then the pants, but slowly, as I asked for. She turned the back to me while taking those pants, and her ass popped out giving me a chill all over. To my dick especially.
For the next ten minutes she tried all the outfits, she bought, but the yoga pants were the best thing on her. And she got naked, for the next show. She got “in the position” and start playing with herself after the movie “started.”
The movie in question was more about cock sucking then fucking, as I wanted to prepare her for what was to come. I could tell she liked it, because she didn’t take her eyes of the screen, while the actress was doing fellatio.
And the moment the guy came in her mouth… that was something. She came so hard, almost screamed. I came too, almost screaming. ‘Yep, she liked it!’ – I told myself. But I have to ask, no?!
– “Did you like what you saw, slut?” – I asked her, and of course, she said “yes master.”
– “Tell me slut, did you like it when he came in her mouth?” – I continued, looking for more specifics. After “regaining” herself she said:
– “I don’t know how is to… to… somebody cum in your mouth, but it looked so cool… I don’t know, but I exploded the moment I saw that..” This was enough for me, as this was the end of the stage one, as by the plan I conceived in meantime
So, the second stage of my plan was to have her sucking my cock and swallowing sperm, as the main “feature.” We went to sleep, but before, I told her I have a gift for her, been sent, very discretely.

I cut few classes, again, as I needed more time to find the “gift” for my mom. The sex shop I wanted to go was a bit far from my place, and with the bike it was going to take me almost an hour to get there.
There was one closer, but I was afraid somebody may recognize me. Just pass noon, so almost nobody at the sex shop, and I was able to snoop around for the “gift.” I found it and plus I got some DVD’s. I paid it and ran home.
I called mom to tell her I’ll be late, as I have some “stuff” to do. She told me she is home, which I knew as I just have arrived. I dropped the wrapped “gift” at the front door and knocked. I ran and from a safe distance looked to see if she heard the knocking and will open the door. She did.
Looked around and not seeing anybody, started backing up closing the door. Then, she saw it! The “gift”, laying on the floor. She picked it up, and went back home, closing the door.
Ten minutes later I came in and greeted mom, checking her “mood.”
In last several days she was blushing, more than usually, and was not looking me in the eyes. Of course, that’s guilt and a dirty conscience. She was doing something she never did. Something “dirty”, nonetheless.
Around 8:30 she went to her room, so did I. As soon as I checked her web camera, and saw she was there, without waiting for our usual nine o’clock I started the Skype.
Now the smile was not that shy. Immediately she greeted me with “hello master” and said she received a package, a small box. There were no stamps, no address. Only “from M.”
– “Is this the gift you mentioned last night, master?!” – she asked. I confirmed. She showed to me. It was unopened.
– “You can open it now, slut!” – I told her, and she started unwrapping the paper! The original box appeared showing the picture of a cock! Her eyes were widely open now! She ripped almost furiously the box and took the plastic cock in her hand!
An “oh” escaped from her mouth. It wasn’t a big one, actually a medium size, around 5 inches! As I wanted the big one to be real one, and… to be mine!
– “Do you like it, slut?!” – I asked and she nodded, not taking her eyes of “the idol!” She looked mesmerized! I am imagining what the real and big one will do!
– “It’s a right size for you… for now!” – I continued, then asked her to strip and we’ll start the “testing.” She jumped out of bed and stripped off in 20 seconds, then sat on the bed with her legs wide open, showing her glistening pussy, to the camera…, to me.
– “First, kiss it… the tip, then put it in your mouth!” – I instructed her. Without hesitation, she did what was asked of her. Then I told her to start sucking it! And she did! The plastic cock was “going” in and out of her mouth!
Her face showed pleasure even before she started rubbing her pussy. Even with the “cock” in her mouth she was moaning, quite a bit loud!
– “That’s enough slut! Time for the other hole!” – I said, stopping her, as it looked like was close to an orgasm! It would be too fast.
I started a movie, showing a girl with a dildo caressing her pussy, preparing “her” for insertion! I told her to follow the “actress”, while keeping her legs wide open so I can have a good view. It was so hot!
I almost came watching the “cock” going inside her hole, while the movements were slow! Half of the “plastic” went in and she started moaning with a much loud noise than before! I told her to keep it quiet, because somebody may hear her!
She lowered her voice, as much as possible and inserted the “cock” almost to the end! Then, as the actress in the movie, she slowly moved the dick out, then back again! The movements were slow, in and out, for ten, fifteen seconds, then the pace got faster!
After several minutes the “oh God” and rapid “mmmm” came out of her mouth, I knew she was about to burst! I stopped her! And I had to say it couple of times! Like a train, difficult to stop in place!
– “Take it out from your pussy, you slut, and start sucking!” – I instructed her. She brought the “cock” close to her mouth and it looked as she was sniffing it, just before opening her mouth! She started sucking on it, going in and out pretty fast! Another video appeared on the screen showing a girl gagging on a big cock!
– “I need to punish you, slut, cause you didn’t stop when I told you!” – I said, with a voice sounding more frightening then usually! I told her to go in, all of it! It was kind of painful watching her trying to insert as much as possible inside her mouth, but she was close! She gagged several times with tears in her eyes! I was satisfied with the “punishment!”
– “That’s enough slut! Now switch holes! It’s time to cum!” – I said and put some new short video clips, showing only cumshots! Rapidly inserted cock went all the way in, so her hand slapped the pussy pretty loudly!
But she didn’t stop there! She continued in that manner for the next thirty seconds before exploding! She put the left hand on her mouth to muffle the screams of her orgasm! I came too, very hard! She needed couple of minutes to regain control of herself.
– “From now on I will absolutely have zero tolerance for your non-obedience! Is that understood?!” – I said in a harsh voice.
– “I understand, master! It will not happen, ever again!” – she answered, pretty fast.
– “Don’t forget I have you on video now. You don’t want the whole world to see what you did?” – I said to her, and she was nodding in acceptance.
– “I’m doing this for you, slut, even if you may not be aware!” – I continued. Before saying good night to her, I complimented her on the beautiful “show” she gave.
She said her “good night, master”, and after turning the camera off, I was thinking if I was too harsh or did a mistake by “threatening” her. But then, I had to “secure” myself, no?!

Friday’s, I start the classes a bit later, so I sleep more. But this Friday I couldn’t. This Friday I woke up early as I was worried about last night and how the things will be today…, and for the next days.
Mom didn’t look any different than the other days, so I got my cheers up. She was a bit surprised seeing me this early, so she asked me, “why so early?.” I told her I didn’t sleep well, and that’s it.
The whole day at school had my thoughts revising the plan for mom. After the “master thing” started I discarded the “blackmail” plan as a new one emerged, but was worried she may chicken out after last night. Even she didn’t show any changes in the morning, I was worried all day long.
Coming back home and seeing her in the same mood, got my nerves “cooled off”, but still wasn’t convinced. I will check on her tonight, thoroughly. I didn’t start the video conversation until pass nine, as I wanted to have her “sweating” over her last night non-obedience.
– “I almost didn’t want to talk you, you slut, because of last night! – I said after turning on the Skype, and she said, almost crying:
– “I’m sorry master… I’m really sorry. It will never happen again! Please, forgive me, please master?!.” As a “good master” I told her I will, but as I told her last night, zero tolerance. What as smile on her face, like she won something pricey.
– “Get undressed and have your toy ready!” – I said to her. She did it. The pajamas and the underwear “flew” around. She had the “dick” in her hand and started kissing it as soon as I told her, then sucking it.
– “I’m ready, master!” – she said, showing me the glistening “toy” after she took it from her mouth, completely “wet.” I gave her a go, and in a second the “cock” did a full penetration, sticking out an inch (maybe) as she had to hold the end of it.
A moaning escaped it from her mouth and she continued “fucking” herself. After few minutes told her to change position.
She got “on top”, her ass facing me, and started bouncing on the “cock.” A fucking great view seeing her ass going up and down on the plastic. She had her head turned to watch the porn on the video.
Of course, it was about sucking a dick, a lot of dicks, and with a lot of dicks, there was a lot of swallowing. In less than ten minutes she was “done.”
I liked her orgasms. They were so… inspiring for my cock, as would come instantly. Once again after the sow was done, I gave her some instructions. This time I told her to wear this outfit all day long, inside the house only.
This was officially the starting of the stage 2, as all the preparations were made possible, at least by my calculations.

I woke up around 7:30, but not wanting to look “suspicious” why I’m waking so early on Saturday, I spent some time on computer until 9 o’clock than after taking a shower I went to the kitchen. And there she was, dressed exactly as I instructed her.
Yoga pants with a shirt showing a good amount of cleavage. Not too much, but enough. Also, there was some makeup, just enough to go with the “overall look.’
– “Hello ma’am, are you here for my mom…!” – I said, pretending I didn’t recognize her. True to be told, If I didn’t know mom was to be dressed like that, I may have not recognized her. Then, widely opening my eyes in “awe” I almost screamed.
– “Jeez, mom… Is that you?!? No way… MOM!!” Mom shyly lowered her eyes, looking embarrassed as she (probably) thought my reaction had a “negative” connotation.
– “Wow mom… you look AMAZING!!!”- I said with the real excitement in my voice. Surprised, by my positive “outburst” she smiled and asked me if I approve her new outfit. I told her again, she looked amazing, and of course I approved.
– “Mom, of course this is great. I don’t know what made you change your old style, but this is great! Before you looked like you’re 50, at least!” – I said to her, still showing my excitement. But, I added, she may not have dad’s approval.
She said she’ll be wearing this and similar outfit while dad is absent, if I don’t mind. Of course, I didn’t. I even encouraged her by saying she should do so. By having mom listened and obeyed the master got me a bit euphoric, so a small inappropriate sentence “escaped!” One that a son would not say to his mother!
– “Now you look like a real MILF!” – I said, and in a second I realized the “plan” can be jeopardized by this “small” thing! Mom looked me strangely and asked “what’s a meef…“ or whatever I said! The good thing was she didn’t hear it good, so I could “save” myself!
– “It’s a slang we kid’s use at school! Just to say in our way, you look great!” – I said.
The explanation “did” the job as she didn’t mention it anymore! Several times during the day I told her she looks good, to make her feel “comfy”, boosting her confidence.
Just before the evening I went out with some friends, and ate dinner outside! Around nine o’clock I was home!
I knocked and waited few minutes (for sure) until she came to open the door. That’s mean she was at her room waiting for her master, impatiently, as her face was “telling.” She asked me if I ate, and after a “yes” from me, she ran back to her room saying she want to rest as was tired from daily chores. ‘Hah, the slut wants some cock and can’t wait!?’ – I said to myself then slowly went to my room.

Checked the “equipment” then started Skype. She immediately answered and greeted the master. She was naked. I didn’t check her camera before starting, so kinda surprised me.
“I see you’re ready, slut? Can’t wait for some cock, a?” – I said, and she shyly confirmed.
But before starting our “fuck session” I asked her to tell me how was her day, with the new outfit been seen by his son.
– “He very much approved my outfit, and was like… I don’t know… excited to see me like that! He said a strange word… something like a meef…!” – she said, then asked me what’s a meef, or whatever the word was. ‘Shit!!’ – I thought.
Looks like that word got stuck in her, and was not satisfied with her son’s answer, so she wanted more, a right answer, and from master she’ll get it. Now I got worried. Not giving a good answer or avoiding it may have a “negative effect” on my plan. A small thing may screw my plan.
– “It’s not meef, it’s MILF and means: mother I like to fuck! It refers to mothers with young or even older kids, and has to be a ‘hot momma!’ Most boys fantasize about fucking something like that. Looks rude, but it’s considered a compliment! This mean you’re on a right track!” – I explained to her and added:
– “You nailed it, really! I told you… you’re good, a real slut!” Then I said now is time for our “play.” She agreed, and started playing with the “toy.”
The “gloryhole” video showing a lot of sucking and mouth swallowing got her over the “edge” in no time. Before saying the good night, I told not to mention nothing to her son about her knowing what ‘MILF’ means, as he may be embarrassed. A ‘yes master’ was enough for me to have a good night sleep and not to worry. Tomorrow will be a big day.

As the “Saturdays”, the “Sundays” are similar concerning my “long” sleepiness, as I usually am in the bed until 9 or 10 o’clock. Rarely happened me been out of my room before 8 or 9.
But today… today is a big day. A D-day.
It was not yet 8 o’clock and I was heading toward kitchen in my pajamas “sporting” a hard on. It was a very visible bulge, which will get my mom’s attention, as this was part of the plan.
I was walking like a drunk man, looking pretty groggy. When mom saw me, she said:
– “Sweetie, you’re so ear…” – stopping the word in half, then after few seconds finished the sentence by saying ‘… ly.’ I knew she saw my bulge, but I still pretended I was half awake, sitting, or a better word, falling on the chair.
– “I forgot those crappy blinds to close, and the sun was hitting right in my face!” – I said not looking at her. She brought me an orange juice and stayed for 5 or 10 seconds close to me, for sure looking at my crotch “area.”
Then she moved away and said I should wash my face or take a shower. Only on weekends I would take a morning shower, as the other (school) days mom would awake me just for a quick breakfast.
– “Ok mom!” – I said and slowly stood up and went toward the bathroom. My head was tilted down, like I was half sleep, so my mom couldn’t see was I “checking” her, as she was also checking me. And checking she did.
Her posture showed she was looking toward me until my “bulge” got out of her view, then she moved back to her chores, and breakfast preparation. After 15 minutes I came to the kitchen “normal.” Eyeing her, I saw she looked at my crotch but now there was “nothing” so she became “normal” too.
I didn’t want to be close to my mom for the rest of the day, so I wondered around the city, and had few (video) games with my friends. Came for the dinner, then ran to my room. She did the same thing. I checked her camera and there she was, naked, ready for her master.

The morning was the initiation of the stage two. An incentive, a preparation. I was pretty confident the “master-slave” relations were firmly established, and the time for the stage two can begin. I was nervous.
I greeted her with a “hello slut”, and she returned with a “hello master.” As always, we had a good start. I asked her “how was her day” as I needed to know how she “saw” the day from her “vantage point”
– “It was as usually, master. Chores at home. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and in-between some shopping.” – she said than paused and lowered her eyes. I knew she wanted to say more, but looked embarrassed, and with her shyness words were not easy to come up.
So, I intervened.
– “Is there something else, because it looks like there’s more?!” – I said and waited for her. Mentioning my bulge was the most important part, to start the stage two.
– “My son woke up a bit early, as he forgot the blinds to close, so… He came to the kitchen… He didn’t even wash himself… was like… half sleep!” – she said with interruption.
– “And?!?” – I asked, prompting her for more.
– “He had a… a… his thing was making a bulge in his pajamas!” – she said it, finally. She was red as traffic light.
– “He was ‘sporting’ a morning wood, you slut. I can’t believe you are so ignorant about this stuff. For boys of his age that’s normal!” – I said, explaining it to her. Just for confirmation I asked her if she was sure.
– “Yes master. I didn’t take my eyes of him until he went to wash himself. I mean… I didn’t want to do that… you know… to look at it… but I…!” – she tried to “justify” herself for a “non-motherly” behavior.
– “That’s normal slut. Seeing a hard on prompted you to look. Nothing weird!” – I reassured her of normality of her behavior, then changed the subject, as at this time was a bit early to talk about her son’s “bulge.”
– “I see. Anyway, let’s concentrate on ‘our’ stuff. Shall we?” – I said. After she’ll cum she’ll be more suggestive and prone to do what I’m about to ask her. She started with some sucking, and then fucking.
In ten-fifteen minutes she was “done.” After I let her “catch” her breath, I went back to the “subject” of our previous conversation.
– “So, slut… you said you saw a bulge. Was it that obvious?!” – I asked her.
– “O yes master! It looked…” – then she stopped herself from finishing the sentence. Again, it looked inappropriate, at least to her, to talk about her son’s dick.
– “Yes? Continue slut! What is that you want to say?!” – I asked her.
– “Sorry master! It’s just… As I said, I didn’t want to look, but… It was hard… not to notice it!” – she answered, still trying to avoid the right answer. After few seconds of an awkward silence she said:
– “It looked big, master!.” ‘Now, that the answer I need, you fucking slut! Not just noticing the bulge, but sizing it!’ – I said to myself.
– “You know slut, I have a theory and also some people I met on internet have come with a same idea…!” – I said, and waited a bit before continuing.
– “My theory is that: an only son of a small-dick-fat father should be more blessed! In other word… have a much bigger dick!” – I finished my “theory.”
– “So, your husband has a small dick, meaning, your son should have a big one!” – I explained myself better. Now, the moment of truth. I was about to ask her to check the size of her son’s dick. I was prepared for two things to happen.
First: she says a “NO”, meaning: can’t do it. With probable phrases like: “he’s my son, that’s wrong!” or “how can you ask me something like that?!” or “I’ll do everything else, but not that.”
Second: a difficult “YES”, meaning: she’ll do it, but is not sure. At the crucial moment she may chicken out. But the second will give me more confidence.
The First answers would mean forcing her to do using the blackmail option I had in store. So, I demanded:
– “To check my theory, YOU gonna have to check your son’s cock size!.” I have to say my heart beats were probably high in the sky. Her answer took a second or two, but to me, it looked like an eternity.
– “How?!” – she said. ‘WHAT… WHAT! What did she just say?!? Are you fucking kidding me!?! She said HOW!!! What happened to: no, I can’t do it… no, it’s wrong or anything else…!?!’ – were my thoughts.
I was taken aback. Actually, I was soooo fucking taken aback! I couldn’t believe it wasn’t an issue to check her son’s cock. No, the problem was “how to do it!”
When I heard “master, are you there?!”, I realized a minute or so must have passed, as I was lost in my thoughts!
– “Yea, here I am. I’m not going anywhere. I was just going thru my plans on how to approach this situation, and I came with the right one!” – I said, finally.
– “Wake up at exactly 5:45. Use an alarm. Finger yourself for a bit, but do not cum. Understood?” – I started explaining, and after she said “yes master”, I continued
– “Be naked and walk toward his room. Leave your room at exactly 6:00 and then enter his room. As you said he is a heavy sleeper but just in case, check his breathing. It is a hot weather, so he probably gonna sleeping only in briefs. Remove the blanket and pull down, slowly, his briefs..” I paused a little bit, excited about what is going to happen, still been in a bit of a shock.
– “Grab his cock with one hand at the bottom, the root, and then put the other on top of the first. I calculated by the size of your hands, if his cock-head stick just a bit, should be around 7 an’ a half, maybe 8 inches.” – I continued after the little break. I know the size of my dick, of course.
Several time she nodded in understanding the explanation I was giving it to her. At the end I told her that tomorrow night she’ll report immediately, the findings, before we start our play.
I said good night to her and sat in front of the computer thinking about tomorrow morning. “Is it possible… she will do that?! What if she chickens out?!” – I thought to myself. I don’t think I made more than couple of hours of sleep. Couldn’t wait the morning.

The alarm woke me up at 5:40 AM. Gosh, I jumped! Checked the door, as I closed it last night, just in case if she decided to pay a “visit” earlier than scheduled. Went to my computer and checked the camera in mom’s room and there she was, asleep, or so it looked. I start preparations.
Made sure the “main” camera from the computer is getting the whole room, as much as possible. Then, checked the phone. I set it up on my night stand, covered with some clothes, pointing at my crotch area.
I saw mom fingering herself and looked at computer clock. It was 5:50. Looks like she was half way. Moaning’s were “escaping” her mouth as she continued the masturbation.
I hope she’ll listen to her master and not cum. Stopping in middle will let her “horny” and will be much easier to perform the task in hand. With hands!
She did stop! Went to bathroom and a minute or so before six, she came out with some light makeup on her. I set everything to start recording, just before she got out of the sight of her bedroom camera. I was in “position” when I heard the door opening.

– “Sweetie, the breakfast is ready! You can come whenever you want.” – mom yelled from the kitchen.
– “I’ll come in five minutes!” – I yelled back, then softly, for myself added “maybe even before five minutes”, implying for the word “come!”
I was sitting in front of my computer watching an edited video, roughly edited video, recorded from two sources. Two cameras! The web camera and the phone captured the event that happened about an hour ago!
I was slowly stroking my cock, while watching mom “come” to screen, captured by the web camera! She walked slowly toward “sleeping me!” I was on my back with one hand under my ass and the other elbowed under my head! My head was tilted so not to face her! Also, the blanket was at the bottom of my legs, so, that was not bothering.
Then she went on her knees, or so it looked, and now her head came in the view of the phone camera, “together” with the crotch area! Her eyes were opened so widely, it looked they may pop out! ‘She saw the outline of my cock, that’s why her eyes were popping like that!’ – I said to myself, while watching what was to unfold.
I closed my eyes the moment she was pulling down my briefs, remembering this moment in my mind! Up to that moment I wasn’t sure if anything is gonna happen! But then, the feeling of her hands pulling down my briefs was amazing!
But nothing compares to the moment I felt her hand on my cock. I was expecting it, but my body still jerked a bit, but the camera didn’t show any reaction from my mom, so, probably she didn’t “feel it.”
The video showed her hand around the middle “section” of my cock, so she moved the hand slowly to the bottom of the cock, resting her “pinkie” at the “root” of my cock.
The left hand “joined”, on top of the right, and her eyes went wider, if possible. The tip of my cock was sticking, at least half inch, over her second (left) hand, “telling” her, it has to be around 8 inches. By master’s calculations.
Her hands were on my cock for a minute, for sure, before she slowly removed the left (second) hand. That moment, a lot of things went thru my head. Now, she was mine.
She was “captured.” If plan is not to go thru, the blackmail will. Is there any excuse for what she did? Can she say: ‘Oh, I just wanted to measure my son’s cock out of curiosity. And I was naked… to match the “ambient!”.’
I paused the video and closed my eyes, “savoring” that moment, knowing my victory was close. A good amount of strength was needed that moment, not to jump, and “have” her, in every possible way. I couldn’t wait for her to leave.
I felt something. Something wet and warm on my cock, and then, seconds later, that wetness and warmth was engulfing my cock-head. I opened my eyes and pressed the play. Yep, there she was with my cock-head inside her mouth.
An hour an’ a half ago, I also opened my eyes after I felt and realized my cock was been “sucked in.” Lucky, she couldn’t see my eyes.
‘She was having my cock in her mouth!!!” – I remember thinking that moment, while been overwhelmed with emotions, questions…, pleasure! She had my cock-head for 10 seconds and then slowly “went” down, having more of my cock “swallowed.”
The “image” showed less than a half of my cock inside her mouth. She “stayed” there for several seconds, with her eyes closed, savoring the “treat”, as it looked like. Then went up, “leaving” only the head inside her mouth.
I paused the video. Watching the still image (paused) of her mouth almost made me cum. I had to “squeeze” the big guy. For a moment I closed my eyes remembering the feeling of her mouth on my cock. Remembering the moment, when she started the sucking, going up and down. I opened my eyes and restarted the video looking at what I was unable to see, almost two hours ago.
– “Are you coming, sweetie? You’ll be late for school!” – mom yelled again, from the kitchen.
– “Yes, mom. I’m cumiiing!” – I yelled back, unloading the contents of my balls, for the second time this morning. I turned off the video, then the computer and after “cleaning” up myself rushed to the kitchen. There was my mom.
I looked at her. My mom. The person who had my dick in her mouth! Who sucked my dick! And she didn’t stop sucking my dick. I had to stop her.
She greeted me and stopped my thoughts! So again, I looked at her, to see… any sign showing her “state of mind!” Yep, she looked like somebody who had just won a price. Maybe not the first place as she didn’t achieve the final goal, to unload my balls, but still…
While having breakfast, all I could thing is ‘what a hack she was thinking?!.’ You don’t suck somebody just because he is asleep.
She sucked me for several minutes and I was in heaven, but came to senses when I felt “cum buildup” in my balls. I knew it I couldn’t cum. Can’t! So, I had to stop her.
It took me a strong will power to do that. Of course, I couldn’t just jump out. It had to be subtle. People move all the time while sleeping. Nothing suspicious.
I jerked my body a bit. Made some gurgling sounds. She removed her head from my cock and looked at my direction. That much I figured, while watching the video on the phone, on my way to school.
Then, I didn’t know what was happening, as my eyes were closed, but after maybe 30 seconds or so, she pulled back my briefs covering my cock. Also, she gave one last kiss. Before entering the class, I had to “release” myself, again.

I buried myself in school work, so the day can pass faster. And it did. On my way I found myself with a question and an issue.
The question was: ‘why she did that? Sucking my cock, as she was not told to do that!?’ – and the issue came from the part “she was not told to do that.” Master would have to punish her for not obeying the orders, but… on the other hand… she was not told not to do that, so…, technically speaking, she didn’t do something bad to deserve punishment.
I was satisfied how I “resolved” the issue, but my curiosity was “killing” me. Can’t wait for master to talk to her. But, on the other hand, she may withdraw that statement from her “story.” I will push. I was confident, she CAN’T lie to her master.
From a mile away I could tell she was impatient, and couldn’t wait to see her master. I was on the edge too. So, around eight o’clock I rushed to my room. I checked my computer and few minutes later I saw her computer was on too.
She had some chores to do, witch by my count would have taken her half an hour or so, to finish. Yep, very impatient!
Checking her camera, I saw a broad smile and a happy face when she started Skype, seeing her master was there.
– “Good evening, master!” – she said, as soon as she saw me, my silhouette to be precise. I greeted back and asked her how was her day. Boring, she said, as she couldn’t wait to talk to master, about the “morning.”
– “The way I see it, looks like you have some story to tell! Let’s not waste time, start the talking, and… be specific on details!” – I said to her, and started slowly stroking my cock.
She took a deep breath, and before she started, I reminded her I will not tolerate lies or withholding of any information, counting she may be inclined to “skip” the sucking.
– “Of course, master. I will not!” – she said, and started her story
– “I was awake before the alarm started, as I didn’t sleep much all night. After the alarm I… I played with myself, then did a little makeup, and at exactly 6 o’clock I left my room. I opened his room and he was sleeping on his back; blanket was around his ankles. He was facing the window..” She paused a little bit before continuing.
– “When I came closer, I saw the outline of his… his… dick! It… it looked big! I went on my knees and slowly pulled down his briefs and his… his cock jumped…!” – she paused, showing excitement. While talking she was looking down, and from time to time, looking at the screen.
She said the cock looked big…, huge, and she immediately grabbed it, as it was swaying left and right, and she was afraid this may awaken him. ‘That would have awakened him, you slut!!?? What about sucking the cock?!’ – I said to myself, not understanding this logic.
– “Then I lowered my hand to the root of his… his cock, and in few seconds later I put my left hand on top of the right. I couldn’t believe master, but half of his… uhm, head, was sticking out!” – she said, in such a matter, as she was proud about her son’s cock size.
– “Ummm! Cool! That mean, at least eight inches long!” – I said and added that my theory is correct. She paused and didn’t continue her story. Maybe my interruption came in handy for her, as she maybe, wanted to omit “the sucking of my dick.”
– “That must be a sight, watching a big cock in front of you!?” – I said, “teasing” her.
She was still “speechless” so it got me worried now, and I asked her to continue, and not to skip anything.
– “You’re right master. It was really something seeing that big… hmmm … in front of me… and I… I…!” – she paused, while looking down. Her face was red.
I was sure now she wanted to tell the “sucking” story but was feeling embarrassed and didn’t know how to proceed. I was thinking to give her a “nudge”, tease her more, so she can “spill the beans” easier. But, no need.
– “I… I took his co… cock in my mouth!” – she said it, finally. ’Holly fuck!! Finally, you fucking slut!” – I said to myself.
– “You did WHAT??!!” – I asked, “surprised.” Then asked her, again, to repeat what did she just say.
– “I took it in my mouth, master!” – she repeated, now more confidently, and looking at the camera, but still “rolling” her eyes left and right. Now I knew it, we were back on the tracks.
All I needed now was to make sure she follows the “tracks” and watch for any obstacle it may come on her way to the “station”, the final goal.
The “station” wasn’t that far, but there are some “ramps” in between and I’ll make sure those “ramps” to be closed, so no “traffic” may interrupt her voyage.
– “I put it in my mouth… just the head at first, then went down! But I only swallowed two, maybe three inches!” – she said before I interrupted her, again.
I needed to know, first, why she did that, so I asked her. Now, I knew she will not lie to me, to her master.
– “I… really don’t know! It just… It looked beautiful. Big! Just… couldn’t resist! I wanted to taste it, to feel what those girls in the movies were feeling. To see if it’s that good as they portraited.” – she said, and I immediately asked her how were her “findings.”
– “Oh, my god, master! Even better than I thought! It was amazing!” – she answered, which such an excitement in her voice. Her eyes were glowing and a broad smile on her face showed, indeed, she was telling the truth.
– “I was savoring that cock in my mouth, master. It was amazing… as I said! Then, I started going up and down! It was a great feeling…” – she said excited, pausing for few seconds, then continued:
– “… Sucking the cock. Sooo much loved it, I didn’t want to stop sucking his cock! His big cock!” – now using the word “cock” without problem, as her storytelling was “taking” her to another world, a world of pleasure and infinite imagination.
– “Then I had to stop, because he moved!” – she added after a brief pause. Have to add, with a sadness in her tone.
– “What? What are you saying?! Did he wake up??!!” – I asked her and she answered very fast, saying “NO.”
– “No, master! But he moved and jerked his body, so I jumped and stopped sucking his cock. I waited for a moment, and when I saw he was still asleep, I put his cock back and left his room.” – she added, reassuring me nothing happened. Nothing to be worry.
Of course, I was not worry, but master didn’t know that, so a need to reassure your master is a good thing, which I’m sure was her primary goal. That, and to pleasure him.
There’s no fault if in meantime you get some pleasure for yourself. She looked kinda happy, so I was feeling “terrible” to have to “destroy” that. But, keeping her in line or tracks, was something that had to be “enforced” if necessary.
– “What were you thinking, slut?! I mean, he was asleep, not dead! A cock being sucked it’s not something that’ll go unnoticed!” – I said with a raising voice and a “shadow of fear” appeared on her face.
– “Not to mention, who told you to suck his cock?!” – I continued in the same tone. She started apologizing but I cut her in the “middle.”
– “Anyway, if he had cum, would you have swallowed?!” – I asked. She only said “I don’t know.” Of course, she didn’t know. She never did that.
Today was the first time she even had a cock in her mouth. But the last several days, showing the “cumshot” movies may have “instated” the swallowing a desirable thing. I decided to “reverse” my earlier decision not to punish her for her disobedience. A punishment she may like it, at the end.
– “This… this disobedience asks for punishment, you slut! Do you understand that?!” – I said, my voice still in “anger” mode. She muttered a “yes master.”
Just in case I added the punishment is not going to be harsh, as what she did was not “technically” a disobedience.
– “Maybe it’s not gonna be a real punishment to you, after all. Cause the way I see it you are gonna like it.!” – I said and she quizzingly looked at me.
– “You are going to suck his cock again and make him cum in your mouth and swallow his sperm!” – I said, before she could ask what kind of punishment, I had in store for her.
– “Sorry master, but…!” – she started and paused. This got me worried.
Everything, until now, was good! No, perfect, and now this. ‘Shit, shit! What now?!’ – I thought, and before I contemplated a question what is that she wants to say, she continued:
– “I mean, master… Isn’t he gonna wake up?!” – she finished. Once again, she surprised me. I already had everything figured out how to proceed, so all I had to do was to “unload” the plan. As I will unload the content of my balls into her mouth, tomorrow morning, per plan.
I felt so dirty, and my cock twitched from the prospect of having that mouth again wrapped around “him.” I told her she’s gonna have to do everything as she did this morning, with an added “feature.” She asked “what feature?.”
– “As you told me before, your husband had some problems with sleeping and was using some sleeping pills. The content of one pill you gonna sip on a glass of milk and give it to your son tonight!” – I explained. She looked worried, now. But I “cut” her question with an explanation.
– “Don’t worry! Nothing’s gonna happen to your son. It’s only gonna make him a very, very heavy sleeper. So, for sure your sucking is not gonna wake him up. Do you understand, now?” – I said. She nodded, and I said that now it’s the time for our “play.” Our “play” lasted for 10-15 minutes until she came. Me too! She looked exhausted, as she came today two more times. That what she told me.
About 20 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door, and a voice asking “if I’m awake?.” Of course, I was. She entered with a glass of milk in her hand.
– “What’s with the milk, mom?” – I asked and she told me it will do good for me, for my sleep. ‘What a thoughtful mom’ – I thought. I took the glass from her and before drinking I asked her about a blindfold. She didn’t understand.
– “It’s just, sometimes the blinds opens up and the morning sun it’s me in the eyes. I know that dad use the blindfold and I hoped you have it here?!” – I said, and she confirmed. I told her if she could bring it to me and she “ran” to her bedroom.
In meantime I tossed the content of the glass, as I had no intentions of drinking it, of course. What do I know what kind of effects it may have on me?
When she came, she saw the empty glass and “white stuff” around my mouth, as I “dipped” my mouth into the glass before tossing the milk.
– “Oh, I see you already drank the milk?” – she asked and I confirmed. Plus added, this was a good idea. I grabbed the blindfold and said to her, I’ll hit the bed now.

I was in “position” when I heard the door opening. Six o’clock, very precise of her. She was not that cautious as yesterday as she immediately “jumped” on my cock, and in no time, I felt her mouth wrapped around “him.”
She started sucking, nice and slow, and each time she was going “deeper.” It felt so good, and I was kinda ready, as minutes before she came in, I had my cock “half way” to unload the balls.
I felt the buildup and seconds later I “burst.” It was million times better cuming in her mouth then the “hand work.” Like a volcano the sperm exploded, filling her mouth. I barely hold myself not to scream from such extraordinary feelings, overwhelming my body and mind. By the sounds she was making I was able to tell she was swallowing, and I didn’t “feel” any drops or leaks running down my shaft.
After 10-15 seconds the “eruption” slowed, ejecting few more spurts in her mouth, as she was still wrapped around my cock. She stayed there for a minute or more until the “big guy” started to shrink, and lifted her head.
She “returned” back, and few more times licked and sucked the “head” cleaning the few last drops. During the ejaculation I moved a little bit, as it was impossible not to, but that didn’t bother her, as she didn’t stop. She “put” everything back and left.
I took off the blindfold and “checked” my cock. Yep, “he” was clean.
She cleaned me dry. I wanted to check the cameras, but was afraid she may return for “round two.” ‘I’ll wait until she wakes me up’ – I told myself, then went back to sleep. And amazingly I slept like a baby.

Around 7:30 she woke me up, shaking my body, as I was really asleep and didn’t hear her when she was calling me. After she left my room, just in case I checked on “big guy.” Who knows, she may have come for “round two.” Everything looked dry.
But anyway, I had the cameras still “rolling”, so immediately rushed to the computer and checked the last hour an’ a half of recording. No round two.
I went down for the breakfast, and yes, she looked radiant. I ate fast as I was, as usually, late. She didn’t! So, I asked her why?
– “I’m not hungry right now, I’ll eat later.” – she said, not looking me in the eyes. Of course, she was not hungry. She had her stomach full of my semen.
A lot of proteins there. The “big guy” rose as the events of her swallowing my sperm, were “unfolding” in my mind. I couldn’t wait to do it again, and also very important, I needed to know how much did she like it, or maybe, dislike it.
I was at school when mom texted telling me dad is to be released (from the hospital) next Monday. ‘Shit!!’ – I said aloud, but didn’t care if somebody heard me. He was supposed to stay another week. This throw my plan aback, so I knew it the stage 3 is to commence as soon as possible, before “scheduled.”
As usually these days, mom looked very impatient, even more than me. I told her to have my milk on my computer desk, as I liked to have it every night, from now on.
She liked the idea, and had my milk ready before she went to “meet” the master. We both went to our rooms and locked ourselves in.
– “Look who is here? My slut, my favorite slut!” – I said greeting her. She was on her bed, naked as usually. A broad smile on her face. I didn’t waste time, and asked her about the morning “adventure.”
She said she sucked his cock and swallowed the semen. In one breath. I saw that, so I told her to “go easy” and “describe” the event.
– “Oh, my god, master! It was even better than I thought. I mean… swallowing the… semen…!” – she started,
– “I sucked at the beginning slowly, then much faster, and he was not moving! I felt his cock twitching and I knew he was about to cum, as you have told me master. So, I just sucked the top part, while he… came.” – and looked like, with that she finished her story. At least, she didn’t continue immediately. I was not “satisfied.”
– “And that’s it?! What about how you felt… stuff like that?!” – I asked, wanting more.
– “Sorry master, I was just taking the breath, and as I said, it was better than I thought, and I… I almost came! When the… the sperm started flowing I felt some tingling in my pussy as I was playing with her the whole time, so it just had to stop doing that. But, as soon as I hit the room I collapsed before reaching the bed!” – she added, and answered my question.
This was really, really good. Day after day, she’s surprising me, in a good way. The perfect slave. Just thinking about unloading my balls in her mouth from now on made my cock so hard, I was having a “big trouble” holding him up not to jump out of my body.
At these thoughts I laughed. But, the problem in hand was, now, the release of my dad from hospital. I wanted my cock to be sucked for another week, before jumping to stage 3, which was the final stage.
The way the things were going, I had no doubt (any more) everything will go “smooth” from now on. I told her to do the show, and after she came, reminded her about the steps and warnings on “morning suck”, as I called the “event.”

Opening of the door in the morning was not that silent, as she probably, was confident I can’t hear her. Even better than previous nights, I was in a better position, as my underwear was down my feet and my hand was “casually” wrapped around my cock.
I felt the “removing” of my hands, gently, and her hand holding my cock at the “root”, seconds before my cock “entered” her mouth.
She was not sucking my cock; she was making love to him. After couple of minutes, she stopped for a bit, and very slowly “pushed” herself as much as possible in, having more than half of my cock inside her mouth.
I positioned the blindfold so I can have a discreet peek at her sucking, without her been able to realize that. She almost touched her hand with her lips, having, for sure ¾ of “him” inside her mouth. She gagged, so she had to stop the “advancement” and “pull back” to starting position. Waited couple of seconds to “catch” her breath, and started “normal” sucking up and down, up to half of the cock without gagging.
She was sucking it very slow, completely having the shaft wet with her saliva. I really didn’t know from where I got the strength not fuck her slutty mouth, as that was the only thing on my mind. The slow sucking was nice but unbearable. It took me all my strength not to do something crazy and “out of my path.” Once I regain myself, the preparations for stage 3 were in motion.

I started mumbling something, not coherent, but she didn’t stop the sucking until she, probably, heard the “mom” word. She stopped. I was “turning” my head so I couldn’t “make” her state of mind.
Then, the words “suck” and “fuck” were muttered out of my mouth, together with the word “mom”, in between. My hand was slowly “caressing” my stomach, but you could tell I was “asleep.” Slowly, she started sucking and I felt her (left) hand holding gently my “caressing” hand. Probably she didn’t want my hand to go to my cock and interfere or stop the sucking.
Of course, I didn’t move my hand anymore, but the mumbling and head “rolling” continued. She sped up, wanting, probably, to finish as fast as possible.
To show her, speeding up was a good thing, I stopped the “head rolling.” As much as I was resisting and restraining myself from doing something “unwanted”, my body betrayed me. An involuntary “jerking” of my hips, scared me but she didn’t stop.
– ‘Maybe she didn’t notice!?’ – I said to myself, and wanting to test the water, I did it again. She didn’t stop, so I continued. Hip movements were now obvious, but still no stopping. Also, the mumbling was more “audible!” I’m sure she was able to make out the “speech!”
I came so hard while lifting my hips, so my cock was half way in her mouth. First couple of “shots” probably ended directly in her throat. After several spurts I “lowered” myself, leaving the “job” to her to finish me.
After the eruption ended, I was able to see her, and I was looking carefully checking for any sign on her face if I was “detected.” Nope, nothing! She just licked my cock dry and few times looked in my direction. A minute later she left slowly, backing up and all the time her eyes were glued to my cock, as I was able to notice that.

Before coming for breakfast, I checked the “recording” and came one more time. She greeted me, and I noticed she was looking at me all the time. When I was looking at her, she would turn the head on the other side, so I had to “sneak pick” on her without been noticed by her, to verify my “findings.”
A question rose in my mind. ‘Why??’ – I thought. But no problem about that. She’ll tell master. As usually the school was “dragging” its feet, so in the break I checked (via) my phone to see if she was there (at the computer).
And there she was. I started Skype, but didn’t turn the camera, and decided only to write, as I had no possibility to alter my voice.
I wrote that I will not be available tonight, to chat with her, so I choose to “skype” during the day. She was ok with that. I asked (wrote) what happened.
– “Oh master, it was great! He didn’t wake up but moved a lot, even moved his hips!” – she said, with the excitement in her voice. Now, before she continued, I decided to stop her, and explain the “boy’s” behavior, before she comes to “wrong” conclusion.
– “That’s a normal reaction. His body involuntary reacts to touches!” – I wrote, pretty fast.
– “I really didn’t pay attention to that, master! After he… finished, I checked him.” – she said. Paused a bit, then continued.
– “But… something else happened, master! He… he was mumbling… something! At first, I didn’t hear what was he saying at first, but… then, for sure I heard it right. He said ‘mom’ and ‘fuck’ and ‘suck!’” – she finished at last her sentence.
She also added that she checked me during the breakfast to see if I was aware of anything that happened while she was sucking my cock. That answered my (morning) question, without asking.
– “Hmmm, that’s good! I’m gonna try to make it tonight to talk to you. Don’t do anything until you hear from me!” – I wrote, as writing would be difficult to explain exactly what to do. She agreed and I went back to school.
She looked so happy to see me, or it was just my impression. Few times I caught her “glance” at my crotch area. You could tell she was impatient to her “sucking session.” Me too!
To pass the time I went outside. Met my friend, for the school project, and the time really flew. When I came home, she was not anywhere to be find, so I knocked at her door. She answered with a “stressed” voice. It was clear to me she was “playing” with herself.
– “I’m getting dressed, sweetie! What do you want?” – she answered, and I answered:
– “Nothing mom! Just wanted to know where were you! I’m going to my room. Have to finish the school project!.” Without waiting for her answer, I left.

Minutes later the Skype was on, and there she was. Naked! After saying, the usual ‘hi master’, she told me she was playing a bit.
– “OK slut, that’s nice, but now – speak!” – I said, impatient!
– “As I said earlier master, he was mumbling and after a while I was able to comprehend the words he muttered! Like: ‘fuck mom’ and ‘suck my dick’ or ‘mom you hot.’..” – she said and after catching some breath continued
– “If he was dreaming, I was on that dream master, for sure! He was dreaming about having his mom to… to suck his dick and… and to fuck me!.”
There, she paused! The last word was said with such excitement, that I had no doubt she would not mind having her son “balls deep” in her. A wish, for sure to be granted.
Now, I didn’t want to rush the “stage 3 entrance”, even as the time was an imperative at this moment. I needed to be cautious!
– “You probably could be right, but we have to be sure! You’ll suck his cock as usually, but pay attention to him, words…, what he may say. The moment you see him coming from school go to your room and pretend you are doing some yoga stuff, making those hot yoga poses. Leave the door ajar so he can have a look at you, especially your ass.” – I explained the plan, adding:
– “I’m sure he’ll not resist and masturbate and probably cum. So, check for traces of semen, which I’m sure he will not be able to clean it all! Do you understand?!” – I finished.
She said she understood perfectly, and then the “show” started. She was becoming a professional in this “web show”, something I’ll miss once the stage 3 starts, as the real cock will replace the plastic one.
I “drank” the milk as every night, by tossing it to the flowers, and went to sleep, thinking about tomorrow’s big day.

Just passed 6 o’clock in the morning and my mom was already “devouring” my cock and going “deep” as much as possible, as she wanted to “deep throat it.”
This time she hopped on the bad straddling me so her ass was “up in the air.” A beautiful view as I was sneak peeking thru my blindfold. I knew the web camera with have a good view of her pussy, and I couldn’t wait to see it once we are “done” here.
But for now, the “sight” was enough to get me over the edge. Of course, I didn’t forget the “language”, and the words “fuck mom” or “suck my cock” were abundant. As every morning, I came so hard, while her bobbing on my cock didn’t stop until the last drop entered her mouth.
Once she woke me up at seven o’clock, I ran to the computer and checked the camera, and indeed the view was amazing.
Her ass was like, lifted in the air, showing the pussy in all her beauty. But not for long, as her finger were “playing” around. At that time (when I had my cock sucked) I didn’t notice, but the video clearly showed her legs “tightening” against my legs and her hand movement stopped. I was sure she came, but the master will ask, if she doesn’t bring it up.
The breakfast was fast, as usually I was late and would enter the school the moment the bell ringed. The happiness on her face was visible from a plane and throughout the day all I was thinking was the morning cock-suck has to stop, at least for couple of days.
Also, what was awaiting me at home didn’t let me think about anything else. She’s gonna be there in those tight yoga pants, doing those yoga hot-poses. For me!

The school day ended, and to have my mom ready I called her. She thanked me and half an’ hour later at was at the door. It was open, of course. Slowly, I entered the premises. Before going to my room passed by mom’s room.
The door was ajar and… There she was! The view was overwhelming. ‘Fuck, man! Look at that!’ – I said to myself, watching my mom stretching herself in some yoga positions. She had the big mirror set in a way so she would have a discreet view at the door, and see me, if I was to sneak at her. And I was to…
I could tell she saw me as she stopped for a moment, but then continued. To an outsider it would seem she is not aware of somebody sneaking on her, but I knew better. Her head movement showed to me, clearly, she was looking toward me. And yes, her poses were sexier and sexier.
Especially her ass was on a “display.” Of course, my dick needed some air, and I beat it for few minutes which was enough to explode. I cleaned the sperm, leaving the “crumbs” for her.
Before going to my room, I yelled “I’m home, mom!.” Few seconds later an “ok sweetie” was heard from her. I went to my room and closed and locked the door, leaving her time and security of not been “caught” while she’ll do some testing.
About 15 minutes later she called me to come for lunch, and yes, the moment I saw her it was clear… she was satisfied. I pointed out her “happiness”, sounding like a question, so she kinda answered.
– “It’s the yoga stuff, sweetie! It really makes me feel good!” – she said. I was sure something else was making her feel good, not the yoga “stuff.” And “something else” is what she’s gonna get… soon.
– “That’s great mom! Keep up! These changes made you… you’re like a new person. But in a good way, and much better, than before! I’m proud of you mom!” – I said to her. I’m sure these words “touched” her, as a tear appeared in her eye, and discreetly she wiped it off.
– “Thank you, sweetie! That’s very nice of you.” – she answered, and continued with her chores. I ate and went to my room. The stage 3 is about to start.

Around eight o’clock I was finishing the usual preparations for the “master-slave” talk. Camera, sound… clap! Stage 3 is officially starting.
She was there, ready and naked. And impatient. She greeted the master with a broad smile on her face. O yea, she was happy.
– “Everything happened master, everything as you said!” – she said it, in one breath.
– “Slow down slut, slow down! You know I like detailed description of whatever happened! So, start!” – I said to her, knowing of course, what was she referring at.
She took some deep breaths, calming herself. She looked at the camera and lowered her eyesight, as a slave has to do while talking to his/her master.
– “He did talk during morning… hmm… while I was… sucking his big cock! The words were really, really clear. He was saying ‘suck my cock mom’ and ‘will fuck you!’ I even came master, moment after he… he unloaded his stuff in my mouth” – she said, pausing for a bit. I have to say I liked when mentioning my cock, she would use the “big” in front of the word.
It looked so hot when she said those last words, about “unloading stuff in her mouth.”
Of course, I also liked the idea she is able to cum while doing a blowjob. But I didn’t bother myself with those things as a more “pressing” matter was on hand. Needed to know her findings about her “teasing.”
– “I had the mirror adjusted so to be able to see him…, if he was to sneak peek. I was doing the yoga poses, when I saw him. When I saw him, my heart was pounding in my chest like crazy. I think I stopped for a second or so, but then assumed my poses. I looked constantly, but discreetly, to see if he was still there, sneak peeking!” – she said and continued:
– “It looked to me he was… was jerking, but I didn’t see his cock, until the… end. I saw him cuming, master. I saw! After that I heard him yelling that he is home, and then I heard the door been closed and locked behind him. I went to see the traces of his ‘sneak peeking.’ There was cum… cum he didn’t clean up. I licked it…, to make sure it was what it was.” – she finished.
– “Good girl, or should I say: good slut!” – I said to her at the end of the “briefing.”
I took a deep breath, preparing myself for the speech that would let me fuck this woman. I already had the speech ready as nothing changed during the last couple of days, since I had everything planed for the stage 3.
– “Looks like you were right! Now, I have no doubt he likes to fuck you. And this is a very good thing for you!” – I said, pausing a bit to see what she’s gonna say about what I just said. She looked quizzingly at me, but didn’t speak.
– “This is good because of couple of things!” – I said, and paused.
Another deep breath and I was ready. No more teasing. The bitch needed a good fuck, so did I.
– “First: you have a big cock within few feet’s, and no need to even bother to get out of the house! Second: he’s the perfect choice as things with stay, for sure, between you two!” – I said, ending the stage 2. Her “happy face” showed everything.
Since she sucked my cock the plan was made, and until now no changes, which gave me such confidence as it amazed me.
I had no doubts that the beginning of stage 3 will be perfect, so again I took a deep breath preparing myself for a good speech.
– “Now, you are gonna have to listen to me very carefully and obey my orders to the letter. Is that understood?” – I said and after hearing her saying “of course master” I continued.
– “Since yesterday I was sure he wants you, so I had ready the plan of action, and now that you confirmed it, we should proceed!” – I said.
– “First of all, being fucked by him is not enough!” – I said, sounding mysterious. She looked at me not understanding what I meant to say, so I explained.
– “He needs to be in charge about everything…, meaning: he is going to be your MASTER!” – I ended the sentence, saying the word “MASTER” slowly.
– “But…, but what about you master?! I mean… if he’s to become my master…” – she said, and before finishing the sentence I interrupted her.
– “Come down slut! I do think of everything. First of all, I can’t be physically involved with you as I’m far from your place, and not in situation to be able to come there. Second… even then I would not be able to do it on a regular basis, so he is the perfect choice.” – I finished.
I’m sure she didn’t have nothing against having her son in charge, as his dick was what she needed. The stage 3 was officially starting.
I talked with her for about a half an’ hour or so, explaining to her how to start the conversation with her son, about “master thing.” I included couple of “contingency” plans, as even I, “the master”, cannot know what may happen.

Friday morning! It started good as did for the last several days, having my balls emptied and my cock sucked dry. As per plan, today should be the “last” day having my cock sucked while me been “asleep.” While having the breakfast, I thought to myself ‘I’m gonna miss that.’ You can tell she was excited, and nervous. To tell the truth, I was too.
As usually the school was dragging, but my head was like in a hive, thinking and rethinking the conversation I’m going to have tonight. I knew I can’t make the “meeting” difficult, but not too easy either. Not that she may become suspicious, but… just in case.
When the school finished and I was to go home, the nervousness kicked in even more. ‘Geez, I have to calm down! What’s wrong with me?! Everything is going as planned. No need to worry. Just breath man…deep breaths!’ – I was “talking” to myself, and by the time I got home, the “self-therapy” got the job done. I was feeling much, much better.
There was mom. I could tell she was a “wreck!” Her hands were shaking while she served the plates. I did some jokes and small talks, to help her to pass that “threshold” of nervousness, and I could tell we were on the right track.
After the lunch I told mom I’ve to finish some homework, so I went to my room. She went to her room after a while, and after I was sure she got inside, I started the Skype.
Her face looked so happy “seeing” the master, she couldn’t “restrain” herself and not show to master. “Master” said that he wanted to see her and reassure her the plan will work and no need to be nervous. She confirmed her nervousness.
– “I knew it! That’s why I called you. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine!” – I said, once again.
– “Now, go get him tiger, or better… go get him slut!” – I added, to cheer her up, a little bit more. I think it was having a good “effect” as she was looking less nervous and calmer.
– “I’m ready master. I’ll make you proud of me!” – she said and seconds later she turned off the Skype.
I stayed in my room, looking at the videos I took the last several days, that was showing my mom sucking my, I have to add, big cock. This morning was even better, as she tried to swallow my cock as much as possible, as she tried to deep throat me.
I played with the “big guy”, but not for long as the “view” was overwhelming. Cumming once was not enough, so I “shot” couple of times more before leaving the premises of my “castle”, and heading to kitchen for dinner. And of course, the “conversation.”
I managed not to think on what’s to come while eating, as the dinner was really good. Mom also looked okay. After the dinner I went to watch TV, as I knew she may not feel comfy coming to my room for “the conversation.”
She finished the chores and went somewhere, but shortly. She came few minutes later. I was pretending watching TV, cause my eyes were glued to her movements.
She came close to me and pronounced something barely audible. But I understood what was. Yep, she said: ‘can we talk, sweetie?!.’ I simply replied ‘yes.’
She went down, on her knees, and “laid down” her hands on my knees. More like thighs as her hands ended up higher than on my knees. This did some “stirrings.”
– “You look serious mom? What’s this about? Is… dad?! Is he okay?” – I said, before letting her start.
– “Oh no sweetie, dad is okay. He’s coming Monday, as doctors said! It’s something else! Actually, this talk we are going to have is in a way related to your dad.” – she said.
You could feel her nervousness, and her hands on my bare knees (I was wearing shorts) were kinda sweaty. She took a deep breath, like taking some courage.
– “The thing is… hm… your dad is going to need a therapy which will require him to go often to the hospital and be for days if not weeks out, and have to stay there! This means the house will be stripped of the man of the house, as I like to say!” – she said it in one breath.
– “And I… I… you know… I’m lost if there’s no man in the house!” – she said, sounding confusing. Then rephrased.
– “I need THE MAN of the HOUSE!” – she said it clearly and steady.
– “What?? What you mean mom?! You… you want to get… divorced, remarried or… ?!?” – I said, looking at her like confusing and angry., maybe, more like upset.
– “Ooo, God no! What are you talking about?! Of course, I didn’t mean that! I meant… that you… you to be the man of the house” – she said it very fast, and looked in my eyes.
She looked so… ‘O fuck!’ – I said to myself. I had to restrain myself from grabbing her by her hair, pulling my cock and sticking it in her mouth.
But I dismissed those thoughts as a “pressing matter” was on the table.
I told her (the old master) last night that when you’ll ask him to be the man of the house, two answer can be expected. And of course, I had the right choices for her.
First; if he answers “yes”, which is a NO GOOD for us, she’ll have to “stir” the conversation to the right track, by formulating the question or request, of asking him to be the master.
Second; if he says “no”, which is a GOOD for us, the flow of the talk will be perfect.
As I didn’t want this to complicate more than needed, I said “NO.”
– “I mean mom… dad is the man of the house, no matter if he’s here or at the hospital! There can’t be two men of the house!” – I added
– “Ehm… you’re right actually sweetie. You can’t be the man of the house… You should be … like… more!” – she said almost immediately as soon as I finished. Her speech was all stutter and kinda confusing.
But there I was, to steer her speech to the right course.
– “Listen mom… Don’t get me wrong but… Wait… what you mean more?!” – I asked her, after hearing her words ‘”to be like…more.”
– “How to say this?!” – she said, more like talking to herself.
– “I’d like you to be in charge. To be a commander… something like that… more precise to command me!” – she said and looked me in the eye, then lowered again her “eyesight” and added:
– “To be a…” – paused for a bit then: – “You to be my master!” – said it finally.
I raised my eyebrows, like “stunned” and was “speechless.” At least for ten seconds, like I was formulating a question or “digesting” her speech.
– “What do you mean by that?! Master!?!” – I asked her
– “As you… been my Master, you’ll be truly in charge of everything! As you can command me and have it your way!” – she explained herself. Short, but good.
I liked when she said “have it your way”, as my mind started “racing” and steering the thoughts toward the one and only goal.
I knew how would it be my way and those thoughts lost my concentration for several seconds, steering not only my mind, but something else. Luckily, my hands were “covering” my crotches so she was not able to see my “raging bull”, starting to show himself.
– “Mom… I being your master… hm hm… would mean you to be… you know… like my slave” – I said, now being my time to stutter. And added:
– “Do you understand that mom?!.”
She “executed” the speech prepared by her master, almost to the letter, so I had no doubt she’ll deliver the rest to the end. ‘Was that a smile she had for a brief of a moment, like a victory smile of a sort, I just saw?!’ – I thought, after seeing her when she rose her head looking at me, also for a brief moment.
As to show respect to her new master, she lowered her head while talking to me. That’s something the “old master” taught her.
Especially with the new master, she’ll have to “play” straight and square. Everything by the rules. Not to forget, submission has to show humbleness and a sort of fear.
You can’t show fear and submission by looking in the eyes your master, as equal, without his specific request.
– “Of course, I understand!” – she said,
– “As you my Master I’ll be on your disposition and do your bidding!” – she said after a short pause.
– “Whatever you ask, I will do it!” – she added. I knew if I asked her to suck my dick right there and then she’ll do it in a heartbeat, but as e fresh Master I have to “test the water” first.
– “You look serious about this mom?? Are you sure?!” – I asked again and waited for her answer. Clearly, knowing the answer.
– “Of course, I’m serious” – she said, then a little pause and finished with a “Master.” I liked what I heard, as this was the first time, she called me “Master.
I got a broad smile on my face and told mom I liked how the word “master” sound it. And in reality, it indeed made me feel good. Still, I had to show some reservations.
– “Mom, this look to good to be true! I don’t know?!” – I said, pretending to be cautious. It has to be her who has to show the “reality” of her words.
– “Of course, … master… I meant every word I said! I know it may be difficult to believe in something like this but…, but you can do some testing, if it makes you more comfortable!” – she said, trying to steer away any “negative” thoughts about the journey we were to embark.
Mostly, she executed the plan to the letter, so I had “no choice” but to comply. And she added that in the testing, she’ll literally do whatever I say without hesitations.
I had no doubts, of course, but I pointed that a slightly different outcome then what had been said, will mean the termination of this “arrangement.”
She stood up and looked at me for a brief a moment, then lowered her head saying that the “master will be pleased with her servitude.”
Even the “next line” was to be hers, I “intercepted” her by saying that the things are going to have to be different when dad is home.
She said yes, but still she’ll be at my disposition as much as possible. She was amazing in her submission. As the (now old) Master told her, the testing will probably start immediately. So, let’s not disappoint.
– “Ok mom, I’ll play along. Will test you and be sure if a negative income happens, just once… this stops! Are we good?!” – I said to her and she responded
– “I assure you master; you will not regret!” – with such an excitement.

Officially, the stage three has started. ‘And it is a good starting’ – I thought, and then prepared myself for the “show.” The “requests” are to be made in a way to look as much as possible “normal”, given the circumstances.
(to be continued)

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