Mom younger and older and mother inlaw

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I started with mom when i was young and the when I was an adult and then got real close with my older mother inlaw

this is a true sotry, not one of those she came in and had me jump on her. I was a normal teenager, except the home life, mom and dad where devoriced for a few years I lived with family members. When i was 14 i went to live with my mom again. she was in her 40s then, we had seen each other often. we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. I had reently found about touching myself and it felt good, saw some playboys. didn’t know much about sex didn’t have every have alot of friends so not much sharing from the boys i knew. Mom was free about walking around in Bra panties or slip 1960’s style, again I like to be real, she was a plain women a little plump but not fat. I had lots of time at home she worked days but took about an hour for to get home from work. She didn’t date at all would go out with some girl friends every so often, she had to travel every now and the for work. I touched my self often even humped a pillow now and then , not sure wat but felt good, I would play with myself in the bath even would play while i was peeing. the first time i got a hard erection i rubbed on it and it felt great. still not knowing what i was doing. I was helping around the house and was folding clothes and found a pair of moms underware pink silk granny panties, they felt good in my hands and i started to touch myself , I got hard fast. from then on every chance i got i would get a pair of her panties and play with myself, one day i wraped the pantines around my little hard on , again I didn’t have a large pennis . I was 15 now and one day when doing the same thing, stroking with panties i felt a rush and almost fell over while i was standing and i had white stuff come out and not pee. It was the best feeling in the world. I had some knowledge of what i just did. I kept that pair of panties hid, i was afraid mom would notice what i had done. more and more anything would make me hard and seeing mom in just bra and underware made me think about wha she looked like under them. I did get my hands on a penthouse and did a lot of ,ooking and jerking. I started looking in the clothes hamper and found her dirty underware, I would sniff the soiled spots and even taste them, it just gave me such a rush. I wore loose fitting 1980’s gym shorts most the time, I stared not to wear underware trying to let her see my pennis. while she was away i would put onher underware and jerk off wearing them. I started to let mom see me naked walking from the bathroom to my bedroom after my baths she didn’t make much of it but i amde sure she could see i was hard again not real large. one night mom was out with some friends, she did drink but not much. i was in her bathroom wearing a pair of her dirty black silk panties stroking and didn’t know she had come home, she caught me red handed as it gose, apartenly she watched for a minute before she let me know she was there. she told me to take them off, I was scared so i did, there i was just standing there with my little hard on , she lloked at me for what seemed like forever then told me to get ready for bed, i put on my gym shorts and stayed in my room. in a while she called me out into the living room. i sat there and she started asking questions. she was calm , how long had i been playing with myself, how long had i been using her underware, she told me to be honest I was, she seemed ok with what I told her she said it was norlam for boys to touch them self.
After that she was walking around more in her underware. one night we where both in her bed watching TV ( we had done that since i had moved back in ) she was in her cotten night gown came down to knee buttoned up the front , I could see her shape but it wasn’t see through. I was in just my gym shorts these where short and a size to big. we where watching a crime movie, but i was more looking at mom than the movie. I got hard and she saw, I was moving around a little. Out of the blue mom asked if I had been touching myself still and if I had been using her undeware , she said be honest, I was , i told her i had been but only the dirty ones. she asked if i was hard because i had been looking at her that night , I said I guess so, she asked if i get hard when i see her in her underware, I said yes , by this time i had been open and honest with her and had nothing to lose , and it turned me on when she talked to me about this. She sat up on her side of the be and told me to come stand infront of her, when i was standing in fron of her she asked me when was the last time i masterbated, I told her yesterday. she told me to take my shorts off , I felt shy, embarassed and excited , so I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them, My heart was racing standing there in fron of mom naked with m little hard on, the TV was the only light in the room. After a minute mom stood up and took her underware off and handed them to me and told me to use them to masterbate, i stood there she told me it was ok go on. I started stroking it only took a few strokes and i came, caught it all in the panties, When i was done mom told me to put my shorts on and put them in the hamper. After that night this became some what normal a few times a week. Mom asked me more and more to rub her back and feet after work. I was in the bath and she came in to get my dirty clothes, she took my gym shorts also, when i got dryed off I was walking to my room naked and mom called me to her room , i said in a minute she said to come now, I walked into her bed room naked she was sitting on her bed in a robe. She told me it was ok to be naked around the apartment, she said she liked to see me like that, she asked if i had ever seen a naked girl, I said no, she stood up and took off the robe, she said did i like what i saw I said yes, she could tell i was getting hard she smiled amd said if i ever had questions to ask. after that night we where pretty open about being naked in the appartment. she started to tell me about sex and things that men liked and women liked things they do. She stared to let me touch her and told me how to touch her and she would touch me. The first time my finger got wet from touching her she had me taste it, it was great. one night i was jerking off in some dirty panties she had given me , she had me cuming into the crotch of them, when I was done, I was going to put them in the hamper, she stopped me and had me open them up so she could see, then she told me to taste ither jucies and mine I wasn’t sure but i did, when i did i saw she was rubbing herself. After that we did lots of things but never had sex, some oral but never me inside her. this went on till I was 18 and went into the service.

sorry for the length of this but it happens over a life time. after i went into the service we never spoke about it again like it never happened. When i got out of the service and settled, I was now 41 on my second wife , everything was normal . I would see mom a couple times a week. mom was 65 now and she started having signs of alzheimers, I would go to help her out with things around her house. one day i was in the kitchen and opened a soda that kinda exploded dot all over my shirt and shorts, in the summer time i didn’t wear underware, mom said we needed to wash them they where all sticky, we went in to the laundry room , I knew what was about to happen she was going to see me naked again, it had been so long but i didn’t for get, I would fantasize about mom when jerking off and some times when having sex. I took my shirt off and gave it to her she turned and put it in the washer when she turned back around I was standing there naked with a man size hard on, she stared at it and then said looks like nice one I said thank you, and told her that is what she said when I was younger, I asked if she rembered she said no, she handed me a robe to put on. while the clothes wher washing we sat and watched TV I started to ask her if she rembered how close we where, she said not realy, we sat there I told her I loved her she said it back I held her hand , which I had done before when we watched TV, I told her again that I loved her , when she looked at me she said it back after she did I gave her a kiss on the mouth she laught and smiled a bit I kissed her again this time longer she liked it, we sat there and kised for a while then I slipped my toung into her mouth she let me, we where kissing i putt my hand on her breast she stop, I told her she liked that when i did it when i was younger, I told her about the things we did, didn’t seem to phase her. I told her she liked to watch me masterbate she asked what that was I stood up and opened the robe and staterd to stroke for her she just watched, she liked watching me. After that day I would go over watch TV with her holding her hand or my arm around her start kissing and touching, it was great again, my wife wasn’t mush into sex but there was a couple time I would get rock hard at mom’s and got home and went at it hard with her, my wife didn’t think much about the time I was sending at mom’s just thought I was being a good son. Mom was pretty regular on her schedule I got there late one night it was raining and I got very wet before coming in the house. Mom was already for bed, in her night gown, I asked if she could dry my clothes she said yes I took them off gave them to her when she came back into her bedroom i was there naked, she asked if i wanted a robe, I told her no i would wear a pair of her underware, she gave me a pair I told her we could watch TV in her room, we laid on the bed and started to watch TV I was rock hard and she could see, she asked me if i was going to touch myself I asked if she wanted to toch me she sid yes, that night my dream came true, she started to toch me and i was touching her she , we where both naked, I told her i loved her, she was laying on her back, I said for her to close her eyes she did I kissed her then I went down and sterted ti lick her she moved but I aid it was ok, I spread her legs and licked her and got get moving and wet i moved up and started kissing her then i put my pennis in her she opened eyes I said she liked this, she let me keep going, it was the best sex i ever had. I told her we had to keep this betwwen us or they wouldn’t let me see her any more. we kept on for 5 years til she past away. we loved each other very much.

3 years later my mother inlaw move in with us even though my wife and her didn’t get alomg well but we where the only ones who could take care of her, she was 81 and had alzheimers and some dementia, she had been alone for 15 years. i worked days my wife worked nights and her mom and I had always gotten along well, Never thought about her in any sexual way she was 5.5 old gray skinny saggy tipical granny. she had been with us for a few months and i had to remind er her what to do all the time , I was redoing the 2nd bathroom so she had to use the master bath, I thouth she was sleeping I was in our bathroom standing in front of the sink jerking off , I’m not sure why but i turned to look into the bedroom and there she was watching me, I had that same rush from when i was a kid just knowing she was watching me, I stared and finished up shaking and jerking my body , i cleaned myslef up and walked by her she smiled and went into the bathroom.after that I would let her see me naked and jerking off, we talked she asked why I did that I said her daughter and I had not had sex in years which was true, I asked if she liked what she saw , she said yes I told her i loved her ( witch I had done before no big deal) I kissed her on the lips not the cheeck like normal she like that we kissed for a bit put my tounge in her mouth, she liked that , she would watch me we would kiss, she had gotten weak and hadn’t take a bath in a few days, I told her I would help her so I got her in the shower and I got in with her I washed her, when we got done I dryed her oof and put her robe on her and helped her to her room, we sat on the bed i started to kiss her i undid her robe and started to feel her, I opened her robe up knelt down infront of her had he lean back on the pillows i did oral sex on her she was moaning and moving she even climaxed, I got done i stood up and jerked off, she said that was the first time for her, after that we did alot of thing to and for each other. I still remeber both of the most important women in my life.

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    Iv got my sister red panties on now

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    When I was 65, I was living in an apt. complex where many of the tenants were ‘assisted living’ tenants. There was a sharp witted 81 yr. old woman who came to my apt. at 5am two days a week to get fucked. Next door to me, there was a 94 yr. old woman who must have been a screaming beauty when she was young because she was still a very good looking woman. She let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she slept naked and that her door would be left unlocked for me to come in and fuck her. I teased her and made her promise to not fuck me to death, then told her I’d be in to take care of her. She lit up like a Christmas tree and said, “I can’t wait. It’s been thirty years since I’ve had cock in me. I had to be careful with her but I fucked her almost every night. She loved it and she was good.

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      what did you say while fucking each other?

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      When I was fifteen, I often fucked my 93 year old great-grandmother. Even at that age, she still enjoyed a cock sliding up and down inside her, and her cunt was so tight.