Merry Fuckmas

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I gave myself to my son for Christmas. How? Well I’m his bitch now. His very own mother. I gave his cock a ticket to go right back into where it came from. He owns me.

(This is a true story so our names are changed for our privacy)

My name is Jenny. I live alone with my son. My sons name is Chris. I’m a so called milf, I have a large ass, some nice 36D tits. My waist is about 86cm and my hips is 132cm and my weight is just under 75KG plus I’m 5ft 6in. My skin is tanned to a beautiful just slightly darker color. I’m 37 year of age and I had my son when I was 21. I have black hair and usually wear a tight black or white dress to really show of my hips. And my son loves it. My son Chris is pretty handsome. He’s 16 years old and 6ft tall. He is pretty muscular and sexy. Every girl runs after him. He has brown hair and a bit of a beard but not much. And he has brown eyes whilst I have blue almost a little purple ish. Anyway let’s get started,

It’s finally Christmas morning, today I’m going to give my son the best gift he will ever receive. Me. I had the perfect plan. All I had to do was tease him a lot and then make my move. I woke up 1 hour before my son and went down stairs. I had my plan in action. I just waited around a while then, just 10 minutes before he would come down I put on some Christmas music. I turned my back towards the stairs and as weird as it sounds, started twerking. So now I was standing in the living room, twerking to Christmas music and waiting for my son to come down and se me. And sure enough he did.

When he came down and saw me I could just feel it inside me that he got a hard on. And of course he did. He came up behind me and hugged me. “Good morning mom…” “Good morning sweetheart” I responded. I could feel his massive erection between my ass checks. So I tried clamping them together a little, to kinda gold him there. And damn he liked that, he started slightly humping me. When I let go, he let go and went to the kitchen. Now I knew, that my plan was working.

I laid on the couch on my stomach, ass upwards so he could see it. When he comes back I don’t look at him, I’m just looking at my phone. And when he comes back he comes and lays on top of me, pressing his crotch into my ass. “Merry Christmas mom” he said. “Merry Christmas sweetie” I respond. And he again starts humping me, but this time A LOT more noticeable. Almost like when you jump up and down a little In bed when sitting. “Do we got any plans for today?” He asks. “No I don’t think so. Why do you ask? Did you have something in mind?” I respond. “Maybe” he then says and kisses my neck a little. Then he goes of me and sits in the sofa a little bit in front of me, with a massive boner, didn’t even try to hide it. And it was then I realized I am going to make my move.

I stand up and walk over to him, not even looking at him. And then I do the unthinkable. I jut casually sit down in his lap. He looks up at me and asks “What are you doing?”. I say nothing in return, but I do start grinding on his lap a bit. I can feel his boner touching my pussy though my dress. He then again starts humping, this time not even hiding it. Long, hard, noticeable humps. “You know I love you right?” I say. “Of course mom. Of course I know you love me.” He responds. “Well I just don’t feel that I show it enough.” I say in return. As I hastily stand up, spin around and unbuckle is belt. The second his dick pops out I instantly take the entire thing. I can only take about 2 thirds of his cock as it is quite big. And all he can do is gasp, moan and grip the pillows around him. Although when I feel his dick is starting to twitch, he grades my head and slams his entire dick in my mouth, balls deep. I’m gagging with every thrust he gives. And when he came down my throat it felt like I almost drowned. And every time he came he instantly took my head again and face fucked me.

At this point he has been face fucking me for probably an hour or two. And I was just a rag doll. I could feel my eyes rolling back into my head. I could feel his cum dripping out of my nose. We aren’t on the sofa anymore. I’m pushed up agains the wall, down in the floor. With the back of my head against the wall, getting rammed down my throat by my own son. When he finally pulls out of my throat it was hard to breath but I managed. So he picked me up on his shoulder and carried me up to MY bed. The same bed me and his father made him in. Nd he throws me on the bed, drags me to the edge of it so my ass is facing out wards and my face down into the covers. Then he grabs my big hips and just goes to town. He didn’t start slow, he was like an alpha wolf claiming his bitch. He was slamming me as hard as he possibly could. I don’t know how long it lasted considering I was still just a rag doll at that point. But he has told me we where there a whole night.

I finally had the strength to move again, speak and such. When he relished this he just screamed out, “You and my dad made me on this bed! Time you and your son made another!” He stoped for a couple of seconds and kissed my ass cheeks, sucked on them, slapped them and told me how perfect I am. “Mom, you are such a fucking model. I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be fucking you!” Then he continued to ram me. I have never screamed and moaned so loud in my life. “YES BABY! FUCK YOUR MOTHER! SHOW HER WHOS BOSS! MAKE HER YOURS! SHOW THAT YOU OWN HER! CUM INSIDE YOUR WHORE MOTHER! A-A-A-A AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Mind you we live in a small house with a lot of neighbors.

He finally turned me around and gives me the best, longest, sexiest kiss ever. He then proceeded to my tits. He sucked on them and said things like “Oh mommy. You’re so sexy mommy. Does mommy like her little boy?”. He kissed my tits, he kissed me, he fucked me, he filled me, he did everything. And I loved everything. When we stoped I had came probably 12 times. And he a lot more. Cum was in a puddle on the floor, the bed sheets was drenched in it, my pussy was dripping, it was still leaking out of my nose.

He laid down in the bed and took in chill for a bit. I had some energy left and climbed on top of him and laid on his chest. “I love you Chris. From now on I’m all yours. Do whatever you want with me.” “I love you to babe. And you’ll always be mine”. I smiled and gave him a little peck. I then felt his dick harden between my legs. “Well, time for round two.” He said as he grabbed my ass and slammed it onto his dick and made me ride it. We fucked for even longer this time. And just to brag a little. I get told I look a lot like Kim Kardashian a lot.

Merry Fuckmas…

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  • Reply Bigun ID:4o7s3end2

    Stupidly written fantasy piece

  • Reply Jane88kramer ID:1d9xpodnt81p

    I cant wait till my sons ready for sex. Ill make it clear to him that his mom will be his living sextoy. Id rather my son have sex with his mommys std free pussy than risk fucking some slut with herpes! Its a win win, i get my pussy fucked and my son can rid the hassle of having a girlfriend and focus that energy towards his education! Ill basically be my sons sexdoll!

  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Beautiful wonderful story. I like to think he grew into a wonderful mate and that you have children together. I hope to hear more about this relationship. I wish you the best.

  • Reply Erin Payne ID:qg212g8l

    If I can’t be fucking with my son, I want read about others who love fucking with their sons, there is no closer bond between my son and I than when his cock is buried deep in one of my holes, I’m his sex slave and he is my fuck toy

    • DaddyC ID:1e6ms27thy3r

      You can be my mom lol

    • Anonymous 2. ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      Well, I’m a son & I’ve been fucking my mom for 10 years. We are in an incestuous threesome. My dad also gets fucked by us. Read my posts. My stories are true and I won’t have it any other way. We fuck & suck one another, daily. This incest stuff is mind blowing! 🍆🍆

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a


  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    Amazing story

  • Reply SubVirgin ID:2or2uchhrk

    Oh fuck I want someone to be dominant with me, I need to be treated like the good bitch I should be…

  • Reply F ID:10zholep20d

    F f f f

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i916i9

    You didn’t talk that good about my stories Tim,I rate this story a two star,all mine are five star,just look at my testimonials,proof is in the pudding.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

    i be happy to fuck you in front of your son if you dare? text me anytime at (347)949-2811

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Good morning it is Tim again from California and I still cannot get enough of the story I love it would really love to hear from you

    • Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9b

      I would love to join you

  • Reply Allen ID:bo2qeoym4

    Loved your story do more text me 7065378700 I had sex with my mother when I was 15 also with my 4 sisters I’m Allen

    • WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oov9i

      cared to share the full details now?

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Jenny what a great story I just read my God I have come to times just reading the story from you I really would love to know if you’re pregnant yet I would love to have a baby with you maybe we could have a daughter together so I could make love to our daughter while your son makes love to you would really love to hear from you either from this site or you could text or call me at 1-209-324-7633 I am town from California really hope to hear back from you soon great mother great woman

  • Reply clittlicker4u ID:92ari2ql

    You are every male’s dream Mom, Even Mine! Your son is a lucky man to have you. I’d welcome an invite to be your slave anytime. Your story made me so hot I had to pull it out and cum, thanks for that.

    • Jenny ID:brx0bs5v9d

      You’re welcome 😉

  • Reply IncestLover ID:5r2rbhm

    I love when a mother fucks their sons. Amazing story! Hope to read more. You’re an amazing mother

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      I agree!

  • Reply Keith Rosen ID:cxsfqgbm9d

    You have to write more please this was so fucking good

    • Jenny ID:brx0bs5v9d

      I will

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:2y8y5nsb0j

    Do you plan on leting your son get you pregnant?

    • Jenny ID:brx0bs5v9d

      We have been talking about it. But nothing decided yet.

  • Reply Stone ID:fzqbi5xij

    Very hot but where was your husband threw all that if it was Christmas

    • Jenny ID:brx0bs5v9d

      It does say that I live alone with my son. His father and I got a divorce a few years back and he doesn’t want to live with him. Sorry that this wasn’t specified. But I’m glad you still enjoyed it.

  • Reply Terry ID:bo2qep0ql

    Is that wright

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:85eoovjz