How I found out I was a cuckold husband

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This this is how I found out I liked it when my wife was getting fucked by our neighbor! He had came over one night and my wife Renee was getting in the bubble bath so she ask me to get the door so when I opened it I yelled to her it was our neighbor Lou and she said for us to come in the bedroom and she would be out in a few minutes! I thought then how this was going to be a interesting night! We have talked about having a 3some but I assumed it would be me and her and her girlfriend, not her and my friend! But anyway in our bedroom it’s pretty big and the master bath is big as well! When she went in I had noticed she had not closed the door and it was half way or more open! Just the thought of him seeing her in the buff was getting my cock hard and all I had on was my summer robe ! My cock was already starting to throb and I noticed that he was trying to get a look in to the bathroom so I made it easy for him and went in to see if she needed anything and when I asked her she said all she needs was for me to get her white silk robe from the chair which our neighbor was sitting in! As I came out of the bathroom I left the door wide open and I ask lou if he could stand up so I could get her robe ? He did and I hung her robe up on the hook behind the door but when I opened it back up she said in a whisper ” I think my husband wants to let our neighbor see his wife naked” I said I was getting turned on by the thought of the very thing but what do you think? Do you mind if he does? She said she would like to see how he would react and she said for me to hint around about is parting tonight and see how he reacts to the idea! I said I would and when I came back in the bedroom I was full hard ! He noticed and said he was glad he didn’t have to get her robe because by the shape she has you in I don’t know if I could had control my self! I looked down at my cock and I said well next time why don’t you help her with her robe and stuff I said with a smile! She heard us and said she would love a towel and if lou wants to bring it to her to let him! I did just that! When he was in the bathroom with her she ask him to push the door shut and he did! I untied my robe and crept up to the bathroom door and like as I stroked my hard cock! I heard Renee say that she has been wanting to check out the package he has and have noticed that he has a big bulge in the front of his shorts and she has been wanting to get fucked by a big thick throbbing hard cock that my cock doesn’t do anything for her ! She then asked if she could see his big bulge and he dropped his shorts ! I heard her say OH MY GOD! And she said that he would have to fuck her with that big cock and she said That I would like to see her get fucked by his big cock as well! She opened the door and said look this is what a cock is supposed to look like! And after then I enjoy watching her sucking fuck and riding his cock! The next time we get together I’m going to see if she wants me to lick her clit while she is riding his big cock

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    My wife showed off her newly shaved pussy and her sexy garters and then got into her tight black pants. We were on our way to a Christmas party. I suspected she had messed around with a guy named Henry at the Halloween party before this and now this party was at his house. I asked my wife if she was up for sex tonight and she just said “I’m definitely having sex tonight; do you want to watch?” I was humiliated by that, but also turned on. She slow danced with him and grinded in front of me all night. Then she invited me to come watch in the bedroom. They stripped off in front of me and she sat on the side of the bed and sucked his big cock. Watching that made me so hard. Then she laid back on the bed and Henry worked her clit with his tongue and her tits with his hands. I stroked myself slowly enjoying her moans. Eventually he brought her to orgasm and then moved up and mounted her. I loved watching his thick cock pumping her pussy. By then I was jerking off big time hearing her having so much pleasure and just exploded on my belly. I slowly used my fingers to lap up my goo while I watched Henry unload into my wife’s cunt. Then he coldly just left the room and I just stared at her creampied pussy. Then she told me to “clean her up”, so I moved in and licked up all the cum. It actually tasted good and seemed to please her; “You’re my bitch now.” Maybe so; but I still get to fuck her.

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    Wonderfully HOT!

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    watching your wife get fucked by another guy is the ultimate way of showing each other how much you love them. My wife wanted to experience two men at once and i did my part in arranging it with a friend of mine. We both loved it, she got to suck him and fuck him for hours while I did a bit too but the greatest thrill was watching how much she enjoyed another’s cock in her mouth and her pussy. Wish she would do it more often.

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    It was funny when we were dating I was jealous if anyone looked at her but once we were married I loved watching my wife get fucked by other guys/girls. And especially if she was doing several guys at once. And she got off watching me with other girls. And especially when we were both doing the other girl. Nothing hotter than watching my wife get gangbanged by a group of total strangers.

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      I have told her that and she said that is true but she added “now just imagine that his big thick throbbing hard cock is in me plus all the moves” ! I told her I guess she is right! She then said that she loves to fuck me and she loves me but she sometimes just wants to get stretched out by his big thick cock! She said beside, you know you like to watch me get fucked dont you? I said that I love to watch her getting fucked and she said that she thinks that I may be into watching her more than I am letting on! I ask why she said that? She said she heard me saying that I would get really horny if he was too start jerking off! She said that I really wanted to watch him jerking off and I said yes I do! I said that he has a big thick cock that I love to watch her suck