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Helping someone else fulfill a fantasy. “Good Customer Service”

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I was treating a house for roaches and got a big bonus for satisfied customer service. By having a threesome with the couple who hired me.

I was in my mid 20’s and was working for a pest control company. I’d been to a house with a big roach problem and after they agreed to let me do the job I arranged to come back in two days to do the job that would include fogging the house so they’d have to empty all the cabinets and drawers. They would also have to be gone for four hours.

I got there at the time agreed and everything looked good with cabinets & drawers empty. The couple seemed to both be about 18-19 yrs old and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the wife’s big tits bouncing around under her t-shirt without a bra. They headed out and left me to do my job. I did the kitchen first with no problem. But when I got to the bedroom I realized they hadn’t emptied two of the drawers in a dresser. I also noticed that the of stuff they had emptied out there were several garter belts, see-through night-gowns, and other really sexy outfits laid out on the bed most people would have hidden. Including what looked like some mild bondage gear and a few sex toys.

Some would have been offended but since my wife had a lot of the same things, minus the bondage gear it kind of turned me on as I imagined what the girl with the huge tits looked like in some of the outfits. And I couldn’t resist looking at one of her sexy bra’s and checking out the size which was a 36DD and this girl wasn’t fat, she was about 5-6 and maybe weighed 115lbs. She just had some really nice big tits. And I was about to see how nice. When I’d told them to empty everything out I’d told them if they left anything in any drawers I’d have to dump it out and they’d agreed. So I pull one of the drawers out of the dressed to dump the contents on the bed and there on below the drawer are several neat little stacks of polaroids of the wife totally nude. She looked hot as hell with a dark tan and no tan lines a narrow waist & flat tummy and really nice legs. And the most perfectly shaped tits I’d ever seen. With huge dark areolas and rock hard nipples.

My cock got rock hard at first glance. Being a normal red-blooded guy and a bit of a perv I couldn’t resist looking through them. The ones on top of each stack were nude’s. But the ones under them were photos of her playing with those big tits and her hairy pussy. As well as some of her using her toys. I got ready to put them back and just leave the drawers in. But then the idea of her knowing I’d seen her naked started to get me hot. So I took them out and stacked them on top of the dresser with one’s of her fucking herself with a dildo and one of her sucking on a black dildo shaped like a cock on top. Because though I’d never seen my wife suck a black guy’s cock I’d sometimes fantasized about it. I put the stuff from the drawer on the bed and pulled out the next drawer and there were more polaroids.

Again neatly piled and nude pics on top but hotter pics underneath. That was mostly of her sucking her husband’s cock and of her with cum on her face and tits which were my favorites. Out of curiosity I put them back and put the drawer back in. It was obvious you had to really put some effort in closing the drawer without scattering the pictures. You had to almost lift the drawer while sliding it in for the pictures to stay in the neat stacks they were in. But they stayed in place when pulling the drawer out. So it was obvious they’d planned on me seeing them. I stacked them in little piles beside the others with my favorites on top.

I have to admit I was disappointed there were no photos under the third drawer. I went back to work and when I finished up left to let the chemicals work. But I took a few of the pictures with me. I went home for lunch and used my camera to take pictures of them. A couple of hours later I returned and replaced the pics and started airing the house out. But found myself returning to the bedroom to look at the pictures. When they got home the house had aired out enough for them to come in and they were surprised at all the dead roaches. I’d noticed they went in the bedroom last and I’d stayed in the living room in a spot I could see them in a mirror in the bedroom. The first thing they did was look at how I’d piled up the pictures. They both got big smiles and were whispering to each other looking almost giddy knowing I’d seen her naked. He got his checkbook and came into the hall and rather than come to me had me come to where he was just outside the bedroom door. I could see her the whole time I was going toward him but didn’t look straight at the mirror. And she was just standing there facing the mirror.

As soon as I was at a spot where I couldn’t help but see her in the mirror she pulled her top off over her head. And I could see she was looking at me in the mirror. But I pretended not to be looking. She brushed her hair and just stood there for several minutes. Then took off her jeans, standing there totally nude. We went back in the living room where there was a breeze since it was getting hot in the hall and they still had to let it air out some more. When she came back out sheet put on a really low cut & loose-fitting tank top and the skimpiest cut off’s ever. The first thing she did was lean over in front of me to pick something up and the top opened up at the top giving me a perfect view of those big tits. I knew it was intentional from the many times I’d seen my wife do it to expose her tits to guys. I helped get things back in order and actually did more than I had to but seeing her repeatedly show me her tits or bend over and show me her sexy ass made it worthwhile.

But things got more interesting as I was getting ready to leave. The husband got this nervous look I’m guessing it was their first time doing this. But finally, he said he hoped I wasn’t offended by the pictures and said he’d forgotten to take those drawers out and had planned on putting the pictures away. I assured him I wasn’t and told him I would have just left them alone but had to move them to spray in there. And went on to tell him it had actually made the job a lot more fun and that he had a really sexy wife. They both had big grins but he was quiet, then his wife gave him a little nudge and he said he appreciated that. Then said he hoped I wouldn’t tell anyone and I assured him I wouldn’t that I believed in being discreet. I had a good idea what was going on and saw he was nervous so took a chance and told him I had pictures of my wife too. He looked surprised but also a little more at ease and ask if I meant just like those? So I told him yes they were nude’s and some of her with toys or of us together. I’d really gone out on a limb by then and prayed I was right about what they were getting at.

Finally, she spoke up and said so we know secrets about each other? Then went on to say so we can trust you not to tell if we ask you something? And I agreed and asked what they wanted to ask. He started going on in a roundabout way to ask me and she spoke up and said they’d been wondering what it would be like for her to be with another guy and he watch or maybe join in because she’d wondered what being with 2 guys would be like. Then ask if I’d like to help them try it? Hell by then I was ready to rip her clothes off if they wanted me to or not. So I agreed, and she was out of her clothes in a flash with the front door & all the windows open where anyone could see in. So I suggested turning on the AC & closing the door and windows. She went to the front door buck naked and went out on the porch and closed the storm door I’d propped open. This got me even hotter seeing how bold she was.

Soon we were all naked and she was on her knees sucking us both off. I was a bit surprised when her husband said they’d been wanting to do that but it just hadn’t been a right situation because they were afraid any of there friends would tell. Then he said after seeing me they thought me being married I wouldn’t tell not wanting my wife to know. And also they both figured I’d probably have a big cock because I was so tall. She stopped sucking just long enough to say they were right as she stroked my thick almost nine-inch cock. And I was thinking she should have seen some of the dicks my wife had sucked, having one guy who was over eleven-inches. I had to ask if I could fuck her tits and she said she loved having her tits fucked. But made me promise to fuck her pussy too. As I fucked those big tits of hers her husband ask if he could take a few photos as long as you couldn’t see my face? He took pictures of me fucking her tits and her sucking my cock. Then she got on her knees and he took a few of me fucking his wife from behind.

But she spoke up and said she wanted two cocks so he put the camera and got in front of her so she could suck his dick while I fucked her. When I was ready to cum I asked if I could cum on those big tits? She got on her knees and we both jerked off until we’d shot off on those big tits and on her face. He quickly got the camera and took a picture of her covered in cum. Then he really surprised me when he started kissing her and sucking her tits and openly licking our cum off of her tits. She told me he liked licking his cum off of her but hadn’t ever been able to taste another guys cum. But I’d seen much stranger things during my wife and my time swinging. I was still turned on and was hoping for more so when she asked if I’d let him suck my dick and get me hard would I like to try both of us fucking her at once. I jumped at that since my wife had asked me to let guys suck my cock, so this wasn’t any different. So I agreed but let them know I wouldn’t suck him. Soon he was busy licking & sucking my cock and sucking on my balls. I was pretty sure mine wasn’t the first dick he’d sucked despite what his wife thought.

Soon I was rock hard again from his blowjob and he’d gotten hard sucking me off. So she sucked us both a little then got up and went in the bedroom coming out with some lube and told me she wanted me to fuck her in the ass while he fucked her pussy. That sounded great to me so I lubed up and eased my cock in her sexy young ass as she told me she loved being fucked in the ass. Then he put his cock in her pussy and I must admit I love to DP a girl and feel another hard dick rubbing against mine. And the way she was moaning she was loving it and in no time had two orgasms. As she started talking dirty to us telling us how good my cock felt in her ass and how much she liked having two cocks inside her at once. I couldn’t resist asking if she’d like a third cock in her mouth and she started telling me how she wanted a gang bang with about a dozen guys all taking her at the same time and how her husband would be her slave sucking their cocks to get them ready for her again like he’d done me. And gave him a bit of a surprise when she said she knew mine wasn’t the first dick he’d sucked. She knew he’d been sucking cock for years.

We both shot off on her tits again and he licked her clean again as she told him she knew he’d tasted lots of guys cum. Then said it was only fair though with all the girls she’d been with. By now it was getting late in the day so I called in and told them that this house had taken a lot longer than I expected so I wasn’t coming back to the office. I was tempted to suggest we get together with them and me and my wife but decided I’d pushed my luck enough. But they did give me a few pictures of her to keep when I’d said I’d hide them and if my wife did find them I’d tell her I found them under a house I was checking. I can imagine what I looked like soaked in sweat and all disheveled driving down the road in a company truck.

That night I showed the pictures to my wife and she was jealous. Not wishing she’d been with the husband and me. But wishing she could have been with the wife as she loves pretty girls with trim bodies and big tits. And she’d gotten two, three or more cocks at once plenty of times. But a young girl with titties like those not too much. But we still fucked like crazy that night as I told her about my hard day at work. And how as always I took customer service seriously.

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    I think it would be awesome if you and your wife hooked up for a fun night with them. Sounds like they would love that.

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    That’s so hot fucking letting your fucking desires and lust go that what makes anyone tucking turn into a slut tell me more I tucking get so hot knowing when guys I fucking crave and the guys who play me turn me out
    Love that shit r