Grandma Madeline’s First Gloryhole

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My grandma Madeline was my great sex partner. Incest love is the most erotic love you can have. I have so many stories to share of grandma Madeline, hope you enjoy

Being with my grandma Madeline sexually was the greatest experience of my life. We had so my experiences together and I’m ready to share them all with everyone.

As sex lives progress so does the wants and desires. Grandma and I would have some great sexual conversations on what our deepest fantasies were.

I remember one night after dinner we sat on the couch together, enjoying a casual conversation, however like most of our conversations it turned into a sexual conversation.

“So what is a sexual desire you have, anything kinky?”

I sat there, shocked looking at my grandma.

“What do you mean grandma”

“I mean what kind of fantasies do you have or what do you wanna try?”

“Uh…well…I’m haha wow I’m not sure”

“Oh come on Michael what do you wanna try. I’m serious let’s explore and enjoy as much sex as we can”

“Well I mean I use to go to the porn shop and watch porn there and jerk off”

“Ok well we can do that here at home though”

“Yeah but doing it there is public and it feels naughty and there are gloryholes.”

My grandma looked a bit confused. “Glory holes?”

“Yeah a hole in the wall that I can stick my cock through and get sucked by a stranger….or well….uh I can suck their cock”

My grandma looked shocked, eyes widened, mouth hanging open.

“You…uh…sucked a cock before Michael?”

“Yeah I have, a few actually, and I enjoy it”

My grandmas shock turned a bit of joy. He mouth closed and turned into a evil grin.

“Really and you enjoy it?”

“Yes very much, wanna go and try it”

My grandmas grin turned to shock again.

“You mean me, sucking another cock?” My grandma asked.

“Mmmm yeah, I find it extremely hot to watch people sucking and fucking” I responded.

I could tell my grandma was thinking.

Then my grandma got up from the couch and stood in front of me. She began to unbutton her dress.

As i watched her dress fall to the ground we just stared into each other’s eyes, breathing heavily.

I watched as she unhooked her bra releasing her magnificent breasts. Her nipples standing so erect. Of course grandma wasn’t wearing panties as I like easy access.

My grandma knelt down in front of me. No words exchanged as she reached at my belt undoing it. Unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them down releasing my throbbing cock from its cramped confinement.

My grandma didn’t waste any time and grabbed my cock and engulfed it with her mouth. Working the shaft with her hand as she licked and sucked the head of my cock.

I grabbed ahold of her head and felt her magical rhythm as her head bobbed up and down.

“Oh grandma, yes suck my cock it feels so good”

I decided to continue our conversation about my grandma at the glory hole.

“Grandma I would love to take you to the glory hole, watch you stroke and suck a complete strangers cock.”

My grandma grip got tighter and she began to suck faster. I could tell she was getting more turned on.

“Imagine yourself sucking a cock not knowing who it is, while I’m behind you licking your sweet pussy.”

I noticed my grandmothers hand slide down between her legs. I could feel her banging her sweet pussy. Soft moans escape her mouth and she continued to suck my throbbing cock.

“As you take that strangers cock down your throat, I could fuck you from behind, slamming your mouth down that’s strangers hard shaft making you gag on it”

My grandma sucking faster and harder as i talked. I could hear how wet her pussy was as she fucked herself with her fingers.

Soft moans continued as she worked my cock with her mouth.

I could feel my cock throbbing ready to explode.

“Oh grandma….I’m gonna cum”

My grandma didn’t miss a beat in her rhythm. If anything she picked up pace sucking faster. Slurping the head of my cock.

“Oh god yes…oh fuck grandma…I’m gonna cum…yes oh god yes”

I could feel my grandma hand violently moving faster as she fucked her pussy.


I held my grandmas head down on the shaft of my cock as I pumped load after load of hot cum down her throat.

“Mmmmm fuck yes grandma take my load”

Finally releasing my grandma from my grip she slowly raised her head, cum dripping down her lips.

“I take it that’s a yes to going to the glory hole?” I laughed

“Hell yes!” My grandma said with eagerness.

The very next day when i came to breakfast my grandma was dressed in her blue dress that buttoned down the front. I could tell she had no bra on.

“Well don’t you look sexy as always”

“Well i figured might as well dress nice for our sexy adventure today”

All I could do was smirk and think I can’t believe I fuck my own grandma and now I’m turning her into a total slut.

As we drove to the porn shop my grandma kept smiling and humming with pure joy. I could tell she was excited.

Once we pulled into the parking lot my grandma said.

“Michael I’m kinda nervous are you sure about this?”

“Yes I’m sure grandma it will be okay I’m with you and it will be so much fun”

“Okay then I know it will be, let’s do this”

As we stepped inside the porn shop I looked around the room and noticed a few guys stumbling about. They all looked at us as we walked in.

“Let’s shop around a little first, get a feel for the place”

My grandma nodded and began to look at dildos.

As i looked back toward the guys all of them had dirty smirks on their faces. I smirked back and reached over grabbing my grandmas ass.

“Oh Michael” my grandma said excitedly

“Sorry Grammy just letting the guys in here know your mine”

My grandma smiled as she looked around to see the perverts watching us.

As my grandma continued to shop as i walked around. I looked over at grandma and say her bending over. The front of her dress falling open exposing her cleavage. All the guys looking at her licking their lips like rabid animals.

One of the guys watching us walked up and stood near me.

“Hey sorry to bother but uh are you guys looking for a third?”

“No no we are just shopping, however we may visit the glory hole” I said with a smirk.

“Wow really, so uh who is she to you?”

I hesitated but I couldn’t resist.

“That’s my grandma and she knows how to suck a cock”

The guy just stared at me with his mouth wide open.

I walked over grabbing my grandmas hand.

“You ready to go play grandma?”

“Yes I think so”

As we walked into the arcade section of the porn shop every guy watched us walking in.

We found a nice big corner booth and as i entered I saw the glory hole opening.

I started a porn on the video player. My grandma sat on the chair as I stood next to her. I messaged her shoulders to help relax her.

Reaching down I unbuttoned the first few buttons releasing some pressure on her massive tits. Looking down at her cleavage my cock began to grow.

I noticed a pair of eyes peeking on us from the glory hole. I looked down and saw my grandmas eyes were shut enjoying my massage.

I slid my hands downs into her dress grabbing handfuls of her tits, pulling on her nipples.

Moans of pleasure escaped my grandma. My grandma reaches down pulling her dress up and began to rub her bare pussy.

Using my arms as I held on to my grandmas tits I spread my arms which forced her dress to open exposing her tits. I saw the eyes grow huge as they watched her tits fall out.

I nodded to the mysterious peeper and licked my lips.

The eyes disappeared and after a couple seconds was replaced with a nice thick raging hard cock. I watched as every inch slid through the hole. Must have been at least 8 inches.

“Grandma, I have a surprise for you look”

My grandma opened her eyes and gasp.

“Oh my god, well then they don’t waste no time do they”

“Nope they saw the sexy Grandma come in and knew she wanted cock” I responded.

As I continued to play with her huge tits i watched as my grandma reached out, taking the cock into her hand and begin to slowly stroke it.

“Yeah that’s it granny, stroke that strangers cock make him feel good.”

“My goodness it’s so hard” my grandma said as she licked her lips.

“Suck it granny make him cum.”

My grandmother leaned in and began to kiss and lick the tip. I could see the cock twitching with excitement. I saw the glistening pre cum dripping down.

My grandma slid that hard thick shaft down her throat taking every inch then back out. She picked up a nice pace back and forth.

Grandma was letting out soft moans with every stroke of her mouth.

I released my cock from its cramped confinement and began to stroke as I watched my grandma sucking her first strangers cock at the glory hole and it was glorious!

My grandma stood up from the chair bending over in front of me. I knew what my grandma wanted, how can a grandson resist his grandmothers pussy.

I reached down pull her dress up and exposing her nice round thick ass and sweet pussy lips.

I could see her juices running down her leg. I leaned in and began to eat my grandmas sweet pussy. Licking and sucking on her fat lips as she continued to please the mysterious cock.

I could hear the man moaning in pleasure as my grandma sucked his throbbing cock.

I could resist anymore and stood up behind my grandma and slid my cock deep into juicy pussy. My grandma moaned as she continued to suck on that fat cock.

I began to pump he sloppy pussy hard, making my Granda gag on the mans cock as she continued to suck. I heard the man say “yeah fuck her pussy”

I could feel my grandmas body tremble and knew she was cumming. I could feel her juicing dripping from her hole and I slammed my cock in and out.

My grandma slid back to her knees allowing my cock to pop out of her pussy.

My grandma grabbed it with one hand and began to stroke it. She then released the mans cock from her mouth and said “okay boys grandma wants cum all over her face and tits”

She then took turns sucking each of our cocks and stroking them. I could hear the man moaning louder and knew he was close.

“Yes grandma I’m so close to exploding all over you.”

As my grandma released the mysterious cock without warning he blew his load all over her face. Some into her mouth. My grandma let it run down over her tits.

At this point I couldn’t take it anymore and began to squirt shooting my load on to my grandmas tits and face.

My grandma appeared to be in pure joy and rubbed the cum all over her tits as if taking a bath. “Oh god yes boys that’s it give it to me” she squealed.

As the mysterious cock slowly pulled out of the hole we could hear the man “thank you, my god thank you you were amazing”

I heard the door open and close and foot steps waking away.

As my grandma cleaned up and put her dress on properly. I noticed another thick cock sliding in the hole.

“My turn grandma”

My grandma turned and saw the cock and grabbed it and began to stroke it.

I dropped to my knees and looked up at my grandma. She smiled and put her hand on the back on my head guiding it toward the cock.

I slowly took the fat cock into my mouth while my grandma watched.

I slurped the cock deep into my wanting mouth, working my tongue all over the shaft. I slid that thick rod in and out of my mouth. I could see my grandma playing with her pussy as she watched me sucking that cock.

“Join me grandma”

Without hesitation my grandma dropped to her knees and helped me lick and suck on the second mysterious cock. Our tongues danced together as we worked on getting the sweet cum from our mystery man.

As my grandma and I took turns sucking on the cock. I was finger fucking her juicy pussy.

As i was sucking on that thick cock and finger fucking my grandma the next thing I knew my grandma gushed her sweet juices all over my hand.

“Oh my fucking god yesssss” she screamed.

Right at that moment that thick juicy cock began to squirt it’s hot load down my throat. Stream after stream of hot tasty cum shooting down my throat.

I continued to suck on that cock until he went limp and pulled out.

I heard the door open and close and someone walking away.

“What the heck not even a thank you” I laughed.

My grandma and I cleaned up and walked out together. As we entered the shop I noticed two men at different areas looking toward us. One of them men nodded to me while grabbing his crotch. I smiled as we walked out of that porn shop.

As we walked to the car my grandma said

“I didn’t know you were such a naughty boy and liked cock too”

“I keep my options open” i said.

“Well that was amazing, why didn’t we do this sooner”

“I’m not sure grandma I didn’t know what you were up for”

My grandma grabbed my hand “honey I’m fucking my grandson I think I’m pretty open minded”

We both laughed as we got in the car.

Well sorry this was so long but I didn’t wanna leave out any detail. I hope your enjoying my stories. I’ve been wanting to share them for so long and never had a way to.

Many more to come! Message me if you like.

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