fucked horses

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in the early 90s I was a young strong raging hard cock …and helped raise horses …so it began my journey here

i was an adolescent I helped to feed and take care of about 10 horses…..all the time …so naturally I was a horny boy and started to look at the mares …
why I am telling this is Cuz I want and need to meet a animal friendly woman….it is my ultimate dream… I am in dire need ….will continue story if anyone responds or show any interest…
……….was 2 mares that I would play with and eventually have bang session..that i sprayed my jizz inside the quivering wet I did this over the time of years and the dog for a little…after a few cum sessions with your HF ….thas horse friend lol..you don’t really know how it feels and how different and the same it is having a partner to enjoy it is the best feeling can have why I’m reaching g out and telling this tale while I’ve had my dick unde another ………………………..
……tail ….hehe…..
……… am currently seeking woman company that is into or really wants to try it for the first time ..in COLORADO…..

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  • Reply Mitch ID:21c92s6r44

    Your a sick fuck !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply Joy ID:55wss2dn8

    And by the way i ham sex with a horse once but it shove all it dick in me and i fainted on the floor and it took advantage of me and destroyed my clit and it cummed in me and was rushed to hospital

    • Snap - varunsodh2 ID:n9ktc9w8

      Hey can you tell me more ?

  • Reply Cricket ID:3zxjren720b

    I would love to be your slut. I’ve wanted to meet a man that was into this as well

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

      Hi cricket my name is bernard if you would like to chat about sex text me at 2034944923

  • Reply Jiven ID:bkc70l2qrk

    Nice fucking

    • Kavita ID:2t56s820d


    • Mani ID:5te7lmpd9d


  • Reply Chas ID:vuf1muhk

    I am willing to try. I’ve always wanted my pussy stretched by a giant horse cock

  • Reply [email protected]...... ID:fzq5s2bqm

    I would like to share more of my beastality and family stories with…not super comfortable with detailed acts …would love to hear others also …other forums or something?….sorry if this is more the way to contact others not sure in the edict…..thanks peers……

    • Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

      Hi zombies.rr my name is bernard and if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

  • Reply Queen ID:bmt65shrd

    What ur ID Email