First time

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I was 8 or 9 and there was this guy who moved to the neighborhood.it seemed every time he invited me over we would always stay in his room. He was 16 years old and one day the two of us were wrestling on the floor..well more than once his hands rub against my penis and everytime they did, it felt good.About a week went by and on this day we went to the creek, I’m in shorts and as I come out of the water my shorts fall to my knee’s. Here I am with my 2 inch penis hard as a rock And bobby yells wait, as I stand there he takes my penis in his hand.as he holds it I start to feel good all over. Bobby looks at my penis as it grows and ask me have I ever put it in someone mouth. He is rubbing my dick and the only thing I’m focused on is this liquid is coming out of the tip of it.as he. Squeeze his hand around me Dick a lot of pre comes out .at that moment he takes me in his mouth and sucks my Dick. I didn’t want him to stop and I pushed my Dick back an forth in his mouth. From that day on I wanted to go to his house. But other things started to happen if I wanted him to suck my Dick I had to fuck him in the ass. What I noticed was the size of his cock as he gilded my dick in his ass. He took ahold of my hand and placed it on his cock and said jack him off. At this point I never cumed before. But as he squeezed his pussy around my cock.I cum all in his ass. Sadly to say he and his parents moved.this started my need for pussy at the age of 10 if I can’t cum in a mouth ass or pussy 8 times a day. Well I jack off all the time. There are times I look at my cock and wonder what one would feel like in my mouth

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  • Reply Scott ID:fx7itbd9i

    I was started young too by family. I liked it a lot. Fucking someone or getting my dick sucked. And jacking off with others.

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv3jxsp43

    8 times oh yeah need help with that

  • Reply Jimmy ID:7zv3jxsp43

    Oh yeah I want to do that

  • Reply Pedomick ID:nju3gtdjh

    Nice story

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:7zv39ta6ii

    You can always find a dick to suck on, where you at

    • Championcocksucker ID:fzq379fib

      I will suck your cock anytime

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmk0j

    Wow! 8 times a day?! Aw to be young again! Lets here more if your wanting to share