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first time to my brothers best friend

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I lost my virginity when i was 13. My older brother, Finn and his best friend Jay was 16. They had known each other since they were 5 because him and his family were our neighbors. Jay moved about an hour away when he was 14 and since then he always slept at our house Saturday or Friday nights so him and my brother could hang out. once they got older Jay would sleep on the couch and my brother would sleep in his room. Jay had always felt like a second brother to me since i had known him since i was 2. one Friday night while jay was over i had woken up at 2 am. i was having a hard time going back to sleep so i went to the kitchen to go grab water. i had to go through the living room to get it though so i tried to be quiet as to not wake up jay, but when i entered the room i saw him sitting on the couch stroking his cock. i was so surprised and made a squeal. he heard me and quickly turned around and saw me. i was surprised and didn’t know what to do so i just stood there staring. he jumped up quickly, obviously embarrassed, and ran over to me, though he hadn’t put his pants back on so he was completely naked except for his socks and his dick was still hard. he started whispering urgently “oh god Natalie i’m so sorry”. i was still so taken aback i couldn’t really talk. he grabbed my arm and sat down with me on the couch saying stuff like “i’m sorry”, and “please don’t tell your brother” but i had been staring at his cock. It was the first one i had ever seen in person, and i had only seen a few online, after googling up what sex was after my friends had talked about it. after a minute of his stammering he noticed i was staring at his cock and he fell silent. slowly he put his hand over on to mine and pulled my hand over to his cock. i let my hands explore his cock, i had been very curious. soon i got into a rhythm and was stroking him using both hands to get all the way around him. his head leaned back and i could hear moans coming from him. after a minute he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head down to his cock. i let him guide me and he harshly pushed his cock into my mouth. i choked on him but he started becoming more aggressive and was moving his hips up and down fucking my mouth. he was moaning much louder now and grunting. once he let go of my head i got up and laid back on the couch breathing heavily. he stood up in front of me then bent over and slid off my pj pants and underwear off. i watched him move his hand against my pussy and rub his fingers against my slit. i threw my head back and felt my body tremble. he pulled his hand away and I looked back at him. his fingers were slick, and he pushed them into my mouth. then he said “taste that nat? thats because your all horny like me” i licked at his fingers tasting my own juice. i remember it tasted kind of salty but weirdly sweet too. he then brought his cock against my clit and started rubbing it up and down me. my head fell back again as i whimpered. he whispered again saying “do you want me to help you nat”.I could barely whisper out my yes between little moans and whimpers. then i felt my pussy burst with pain as he thrust half way into me. i cried out, and he leaned over putting one hand on the couch back and the other over my mouth. he then started thrusting in and out of my faster and faster till he was able to put his cock all the way in me. i could barely breath from the electricity going through my body. Over about 3 minutes I had felt my self spasm and cum against his cock 4 times. then i felt as he exploded in me while pulling out. half his cum ended up in me and the other half on top of my clit and slit. he then moved over and sat on the couch next to me, i was still trembling. he got up after a minute and brought me a cup of water and helped me up and guided me back to my room. after i got into bed he started walking out and i remember whispering after him thank you. he whispered back of course nat i love you. that night i masturbated and came 3 more times using his cum to rub against my clit and into my pussy, which leaked a mix of his cum, my cum, and a little blood. the next morning he brought me a pill and told me to take it which i did, which i later found out was a morning after pill. over the next 2 years we fucked a few more times (though he always used a condom) then he left for college. i would see him on break but he got a girlfriend in college, so we didn’t fuck. after about a year I started dating my bf now, and we have now been dating a year and started having sex about 3 months ago. we have learned we both like it rough, and he will hold my down while we fuck, and 2 weeks ago he has started using jump ropes and scarves to tie me up. we both love it. my brother never found out, and the only people that know are jay me and my bf (though i don’t know if jay told anyone). he is now 20 and i am 17. we still of course see each other when ever he is out of school, and we still both love each other in a familyish type way.

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    God made women and girls to be breed. No birth control should be use when having sex. I got 15 young girls pregnant and help take care of the mothers and our babies. Any one like to chat [email protected]

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  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:2y8y5nsb0j

    You should not have tanken the pill also do you got more stories?

    • lick my wet pussy i want to cum ID:5whqhy740

      Please do more stories

    • Linda ID:1i2kovirk0c

      Ya she should have, I learned the hard way at 14. I believe the guy when he said I couldn’t get pregnant the first time.
      I figured he knew more than me because he was older.
      I became pregnant and had a baby boy

    • Not alone ID:3i7n800lk0d

      shadow alex fuc off you piece of shit and Lindai hope how are youn doing today?

    • vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

      Thats nice, i like that you both wanted it, that you both respect eatch toehr when you both got yourself a lover, and that you both still care for eatch other.

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      Me too