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Boarding School Business 2

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I only learned a short while ago what other parts of this high end school there are. One girl I talked to was given a “recommendation” by a priest – like her dad,...

They are serious about academics. A lot of their graduates go on to become doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc. If I get in, it will be with a scholarship so I am under pressure to continue doing well. No girl can go through without proving herself by being accepted to the top colleges.

But then, since I learned about the other side, the one not everyone gets to know about, I wonder how long this has been going on. It’s not just the “club” a few girls statred. This has been going on for generations, very secretly. I will need to take entrance exams, interview, have great transpripts, and have letters recommendation – just to get into the school, and its not even for a job or college! Its a lot for a 14 year old to do! The other side is only for girls who want it. That was said over and over. Not all girls are “invited,” either. Just being at the school is the big deal, so being part of the other side is extra. Extra what? I asked. Extra attention. Extra love. But getting letters of recommendation can be hard. Not everyone has enough experience to know someone important enough. I talked with Kelsey (name changed), though, and she said priest letters are usually pretty safe. Especially if it’s a priest who has known the family a while. Her parish priest started fingering her in 6th grade. He was young and only out of seminary school for a couiple of years. She had a crush on him. She was more than happy to have his fingers (and later his tongue and then his cock) inside her. When he asked if she wanted anyone else doing it, she said her dad was the only other man she could think of. So he had a “private” talk with her dad and made it sound like he was concerned about her because she was getting a lot of attention from boys. Usually, he said, if a father gets concerned and talks about putting her in a place where she can be protected, he’s not the kind of father who will play. But when he asks if the priests suggests a progressive school, and he suggests ______________, if the father says that sounds great, they are usually happy to be part of it. Kelsey’s dad acted shocked when the priest suggested that maybe Kelsey liked that attention and needed to “express herself”, but he also sent her to the boarding school. The priest said she has to tell her father that this really is what she wants. It can’t be done to her by a rapist father. They had to share in the decision together. So she told her dad that the priest suggested a special, high end boarding school called _________________, and that she really wanted to go. She was in 7th grade. Her dad nearly came in his pants, she said. Then the next day, she thanked the priest with a blow job. After she had sex with her dad the next week, she came back to the priest and had sex with him, too. Until she went away in 8th grade, she had alternate sex with the father and the priest. That priest is one of many who are “recruiters” for the school, and they have sex with a lot of girls whose fathers don’t mind because everyone seems to be happy. Kelsey’s very happy from what she told me. Her dad picks her up on weekends and takes her to a hotel on the way home before they see the rest of the family. Then they stop at the same hotel on the way back to the dorms. When I asked her if her mom knows, she said her mom went to the same boarding school. They have a chapel and a number of priests of different ages. I hope they help me “express” myself if I actually get in. Dad says I’m going. He already put in the application. He’s going to help me put everything in order. The poor man has no idea what he is organizing for me. Maybe Kelsey will let me suck her daddy’s cum when she returns to the dorms when I do there?

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    Maybe you will wake up and stop writing perverted shit that insults the church and the priesthood.

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    But just the fact that you’re writing these kinds of stories tells me that you would like to have a nice hard cock in you… 5304343807

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    gotta star them young!