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Birthday Suit (mGB Sibs Covert)

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Covert incest is complicated, but in a nutshell, it’s sexual harassment of a family member. Of course, like any, and all abuse, especially sexual, it can escalate to more Overt…

Well, I have to say, my daddy surprised me.  All of us, even though he couldn’t resist dropping hints all week.  

See, we went up to the timeshare, in the Catskills for Christmas. Just like any other year, but this time, he kept putting it off.  Going back, that is so, we wound up staying all week, and the excuse he made most was enjoying the heated pool, especially.  See, it was a Ski resort, back in the day.  Still is, it just ain’t as popular as some of the newer ones they got in, so the bungalows are kinda dated?  

I like the 60s decor, looks like the kinda place James Bond would stay in, but he got a good discount, before they had to sell them, or renovate, which they couldn’t afford without selling some Bungalows, but their anniversary came and went.  Ask me why they decided to get married in the dead of winter, right smack dab between Christmas, and New years, but finally, mom convinced him to load up the truck, and drive us back in time for the big old New Years party she had planned.

She knew there was some sorta surprise waiting for us, because he kept getting mysterious calls, and really enjoyed the 20 questions driving back down to Greensboro.  Obviously, the delay had something to do with whatever the surprise was, and it not being ready yet, but other then that, the whole family failed to figure out what with yes, and no answers, but he loved every minute of it.

So, along story short, we got home, and he let us follow him back through the living room.  To the patio door, where he pulled the chain out from behind the blinds, before he looked back with a grin.  “Well, you know I always say ‘Go big, or go home’?”  He shrugged, and started pulled the blinds.  “Well, I decided why not do both?”

Now, my momma’d been bugging him for years to finally get her a sun porch, or at least a greenhouse for her garden, but he kept putting it off, and putting it off.  It turned out, he saved up for a 3-in-1.  So, it not just covered the pool, and the garden, but also the whole patio too, so the roof sloped out in the back like a vaulted ceiling, and even there window overlooked it, too!

“Merry Christmas, and Happy Anniversary” for her, but fun for the whole family as well.  As much as I was disappointed at Christmas itself, we had to tighten our belts, so he could save up, and I don’t know how much money we’re talking about here, but let me tell you, that was a whole lot of glass, and aluminum to hold it all, and the work crew got payed overtime for working all week, on holiday break, it was just amazing!

Then, we settled down a little, and went out to bring in the bags.  Unpack, and wash all the laundry, all the regular things you do after a long trip, but then I almost ran smack dab into my sister, Charlotte.  She, she’d just turned twelve, and was even starting to grow a little taller’n me, to no end of consternation, for being almost 2 years older, and already in high school, for Christ’s sake.

Then, we heard a moan through the closed door, it was our momma, and she had decided not to wait to show her appreciation for the big surprise.  Charlotte giggled, and I was just coming up with a basket full of clothes from the drier, so I had to turn sideways to let her go bye in the hall.

Meanwhile, the moaning got louder, and we both heard the bed legs scrape on the floor boards, before the headboard hit the wall, and I held the basket just a little lower, just in case Charlotte looked down to see what might be sticking out the front of my corderoys, if you catch my drift?

She giggled again, and I felt a little soft bump on my arm.  Just above my elbow, then she was gone.  Now, when i say she was a little taller, it was only for a few months, hardly even half a year, but she got it all in the arms, and the legs.  Which isn’t to say she didn’t get anything up front to show for it, neither, and even if I hadn’t been paying attention, we just spent a week with a heated pool, with our swim trunks, so I can’t presactly say I never noticed before, but that soft little bump, I felt on my arm?

Well, I must say, the sounds coming from mom, and my daddy given it to her through the door got me started, but as soon as I was in my room, i dropped my clothes to deal with it, and that little bump just wouldn’t get out of my head.  My sister, Charlotte, hell my big sister had already full grown, and gone off to college, but I’d had plenty of chances to see her in her swimsuit since we got the pool, too.

She giggled nervously, and turned away to let me pass, but she was standing in the door, listening to momma moan, and her head turnded to hold her ear close, so her long wavy brown hair hung over only half her back.
Which means, she would have had to turn around, and come after me, to bump my arm with her little boob, and with that, I finished. 

It was a good one too, i had to hold my breath just to not cry out to god almighty, thankful for the rush of exstacy.  Then, i calmed down, and felt a little guilty, you know.  Thinking about my little sister like that, while I took care of business?  

She’s twelve, so she was just teasing, I told myself she didn’t mean nothing by it, started fixing up my britches, and then shucked them because they were too hot.  Then, there was a knock on the door, so I asked “Who is it?” and my daddy said, “It’s me, Char said you had the towels in there?”

Char being what he called Charlotte, that is, but nothing for it but to open the door, and let him in.  “Your mother’s in the shower,” he explained, but of course the towels was one of the first things we washed when we got in, after all the swimming we did during the week.  “What’s wrong, son?  You’re not embarrassed by your old man seeing you in your underwear,” like he always said, I ain’t got nothing he didn’t, when he was my age. “So what’s bugging you, son?”

I shrugged, turned away in the corner, still ashamed of myself for what I’d just done, and especially what I was thinking about.

“Yeah, I heard.  Her, thanking you for the renovation,” Is all I could say.  

“Well, all right,” he throwed a couple towels over his arm, “But you better wash that sheet before your mother sees it.”  He just nodded over to the bed, where I was just leaned up against the side, my knees knocking against the frame when I spent my lust.  Nowhere else for it to go but for the sheet covering the mattress, so I did as he said, and gathered it up, with the evidence on the inside.

Then, Charlotte met me at the door, and squeezed past me, again.  This time turned around, so the top of her bathing suit touched my arm again, and I felt both soft little bumps before we switched places.  Me out in the hall again, and her pulling another towel from the top of the basket.  

“Mh!” She held it up, and rubbed her neck with it.  “Nice and warm.”  She was hot, I could tell, because when she let the towel down, the hot blood flushed not just her face, but her neck, and the deep scoop of the one piece, between her barely covered boobs.  “You coming to the pool for a swim, too?”

“No,” thank my lucky stars i took care of it first. Too soon for her to get another rise out of me, because the britches I’d pulled on were just Pajama bottoms, looking forward to going to bed.  I held the sheet up, so she looked up from right around my fly.  “I still have more linens to wash.” I stepped back when she came out, no idea how long I could put off the natural reaction of a girl, any girl teasing me that way.

I shook my head, and tore my eyes off the back of her swim-suit.  Her skinny waste, and the swell of her bottom, with the deep blue fabric stretched tight around them before she turnded back with the towel over her neck.  Holding onto it, with one leg bent, but thank goodness the towel covered the soft little bumps on her chest.  She didn’t say anything, just turned back, and went down the stairway, so i could let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding until she left me panting in the hall.

I swear, I never had such like attention from a girl before, but why’d it have to be her, and so young?  I thought I should say something about it to her, and not to encourage it, neither, but where to start?  it’s inappropriate, and this ain’t some tobacco farm, out in the boonies here.  Even if it was, it ain’t like incest isn’t still wrong, I’magine they just get desperate on account of not having any neighbors within a mile to leave room for all the fields.

I thought better of it, which is to say I chickened out, and swallowed the limp in my throat, scared to death just thinking about talking about sexy stuff with my little sister.  Thing is, at least in my family, all the girls start early.  Growing up, that is, while the men are what you might call late bloomers.  A nicer way to say what the bullies call me, shrimp, and wimp, and suchlike.

We more than make up for it in the end, take my daddy, for instance.  He’s 6’3″ and built like a linebacker, that got a little soft in his middle age, as men tend to do.  


Earle (mB  Note, B is for Big Boy, as opposed to little boy.  if they were Girls, they’d be called “Tweens.”)

The next I heard about it, Roy the boy next door came over, and asked me, “You know your sister skinny dips?”

“What?  No, and what’s a guy your age looking at a little girl like that for, anyhow?”  I’m a little protective of my sisters. Always was, even before the neighborhood boys started taking a notice.  “She’s twelve!”

“So, I.  really?”  He shook his head.

“Yes, really.  I know you missed her birthday this year,” on account of being down in Alford to celebrate it this year, “But you always been the same year and a half older, and she’s still in grade school.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but it ain’t like I was peeping over the fence or nothing, I just heard her kick a can over in the the side yard, and then she put out her cigarette.”

“Now wait just a damned minute, what was she doing with a cigarette?”

“Smoking it, dufus.  What else do you do with them?”

“I don’t know, I never touched the stuff.’  i shook my head, “But I didn’t know she smoked.”

“Well, she does, out on the side yard, so nobody’ll catch her at it, but lately, she’s been going in, and.  You know.”  I shook my head, “Skinny dipping after.  Ever since those deck, and eaves guys showed up to put in that green house over it, and the flowerbeds.  She didn’t do it in the summer, she just waited till she had the house to herself, then came over to bum them off me.”

“You gave my sister cigarettes?”

“So?”  he pushed me back, “I didn’t get her hooked on them, and she bumbed me a short first.  She couldn’t finish a whole one back then, so i asked her if I could have the rest, and if anything, she’s the one that got me started smoking in the first place.”

“You don’t say,” Now I don’t know why i believed him, other then she had been rather secretive lately, but I didn’t pay it no mind, because i just chalked it up to growing pains, or what have you.  It’s different if you’re a girl, I’magine.  There weren’t no way to get to the bottom of it, other then to finally get up the gall to go ask her, but now armed with the secret that she’d been smoking, I had the courage to use that against her, if I had to.

Now, we’re not the kinda brother, and sister that likes to get each other in trouble, on account of Grace being the “Good girl,” and always in charge, she liked to tattle tale on us to keep up her good girl image.  I guess that made Charlotte feel like the bad girl, and I’m just trying to understand it on her end, but I must say that girls are a bit of a mystery to me, and most of all Charlotte  She was always so quiet, as a little girl, but now that’s changed, and somehow she came out of it with no shame, if she’s stripping down to her birthday suit to wash the smoke off before coming in.  I had wondered why she’d been coming in the side gate, through the pool, and taking a swim before she came in, wearing a towel or 2.  Never thought to wonder if she had on her swim suit under it, before.  No reason to, so I put it out of my mind, but dangit.  

I can’t just putting these things outta my mind, and if nobody else is going to say nothing to her about it, I got to!  I guess I was just so worried about that stuff, I got a one track mind, and didn’t even think about how it would look to her.  Knowing when she’d get home, and hearing her friend’s mom dropping her off, I opened up my window before she got to the gate, and she looked around.  Just as soon as she got the gate shut, but she didn’t look up.

“I wasn’t spying on you,” I said, when she caught me at it, but I didn’t lie.  I just didn’t think of it as spying on her, until she called me on it.  So anyhow, sure enough she pulled out a pack from her purse, and a box of matches to light up.  Then, she smoked it, like a pro.  She didn’t cough, or nothing, and she held it like.  Well, a smoker, who’d been smoking for quite some time, but then Roy came out, just as she was picking up the coke can she left by the door.  

That’s another thing, the deck, and eaves crew just left 1 door, in and out, on account of the whole glass assembly taking up all the rest of the yard.  All the way to the fence in back, and almost to the other side, it was so large, and the yard so small, the pool barely fit in it alone.  

Then, she went in, and Roy didn’t look up, neither.  Instead, he got something I couldn’t see to stand on, but when he climbed up, i saw his shirt tucked under his chin to hold it, and his arms moving around to undo his britches.  Thank God almighty I couldn’t see any lower, but by then she’d put it out, and gone in, with the coke can back where you couldn’t see it, lessen you knew where to look.

I found it all ready, and the butts tucked inside, which was all i needed to confirm that part of his story, but I hissed.

“Sicko, now you’re looking!”  

He fell right off on his bare ass, and pulled his shirt down to cover himself, but then I saw the stack of milk crates fall, and laughed while he pulled his britches up, and ran in the house.  

Then, I went down to confront her, but she was already out, and pulling a towel around her bosums.  

“Uh,” I lost my anger, and courage with one flash of the tops of her legs.  The dark brown wet curls, and tried not to imagine what was hiding behind them.

She just stomped toward the door, red as beet salad, and I stepped out of the way before she did that thing again.  Brushing past me, in the patio door, I didn’t give her the chance.  On account of not having relieved myself, in so long I forgot to count the days since the last time.  I woke up, and had to do something so it would stop pointing up at the ceiling, so I could pee.

“It’s all your’s.”  She said, and i swallowed the lump again to go after her.

“Charlotte, what were you doing out there, swimming naked for anyhow?”

“None of your business, what do you care?”

“Is it so you don’t smell like cigarette smoke when you come in?”

She stopped, halfway up the stairs, so I had to look away.  Before the towel swung open, between her legs, and she sapped my will with another glimpse at her hairy privates.  I knowed she shaved her legs, because i heard her and momma fighting, because she used her razor, and didn’t clean it out before she left it back in the soap dish, but I hadn’t thought that might mean she had started growing pubes yet, let alone had at least as many as I did!

I don’t know how long she stood there, looking down I’d wager, being halfway up the stairs, because I didn’t dare look up, and no matter how i tried to, the thought of that forbidden valley, lurking behind that dark mysterious bush still drove every other thought right out my head.

What were we talking about?

“I hate you!”  She stomped down the hall, and slammed her door, and that was that, for the time being…


Earle  (mG NS Talk)

She got over it, and finally came down to the den, where i was trying to watch a movie.

“You spying on me?”

“No, I’m not spying on you, I.”  realized I was, “Just.  Look, you know that Roy boy, next door?”

“Mh hm?”  She nodded, and sat down, her hair was still damp, and she smelled like chlorine from the pool.  

“Well, he was, spying on you that is, and that’s how he knew you’d go in, and give him a chance to see you take your clothes off.  How long you been smoking?”

“I don’t know, maybe a few months?’  She pulled her hair out, and looked at it, to avoid looking me in the eye, and lying to me.

“Well, that’s a few months too many, and while I know it must be hard on you, being the youngest and all, you’re only.”

“I know, I’m almost a teenager, and what’s it to you, you’re not my daddy!”

“Nobut, I don’t want to get you in trouble here, but you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Oh,” she scoffed, “Like you do.”

“No, I.  I just don’t know how I feel about that boy, watching you skinny dip, and.”


“He had his pants down, looking over the fence.”


“Now, don’t get all excited, like that’s a good thing, you know what boys are like.”

“Like you?”

“No?  What do you mean by that.”

“Oh, come now.  Like you never looked, at me by the pool, in my bathing suit, or naked when we got out the showers, before we headded back to the bungalos?”

“Of course not.  You’re my sister.”

“I know that, but how else am i going to get a boy’s attention?”

“I don’t know, how about you wait until.”

“What?  We’re married?”

“It’s not, likeat.  Lookit, there’s good attention, and bad attention, and flashing the boy next door is defin.”

Wouldn’t you know, just then the folks picked the perfect time to show up, and call us for dinner.

“Big virgin.”  She pushed me out of the way, and ran up the stairs, but at least she didn’t wait for me to get in the narrow stairway, so she could brush past me, and touch me with her soft little bumps again.

“Hey!”  I mean, thank my lucky stars, she didn’t do that again, right?


“Oh sorry,” she giggled, turning around, and backing up the stairs.  “Little virgin.’  She teased me.  “What’s wrong, Earley bird.”  Why, she hadn’t called me that in years, “Nobody ever get your little worm?”  She wiggled her pinkie finder at me, then bumped the door with her butt.

“Kids?”  Mom walked over to the door and opened it.  “We stopped by the Carniceria for some tacos!”

“Good, I’m starving!”  Charlotte pushed past her, and went right for the table.

“I’m not hungry, momma.”

I forgot what movie i was even watching, but from the sound of the gunfire, and screeching tires, it must have been pretty violent.

Oh well, I had a lot on my mind to think about anyhow.


Earle (m Solo)

“Huh,” well, what can i say. I’m a teenage boy, and in the morning, I got to do something, so i can pee. “Huh, huh. Hhuhuh?”

The problem is, ever since we come back from whatchamacallit, I couldn’t get them out of my head. her soft little bumps against my arm, and the 1 brief flash between her legs, before the towel swung shut.

She’s, “Uh,” your, “Nghf!” Little, “Fuh?” Sister! “Fudge.”

There I go again, but at least this time I had the presence of mind to put the seat down, and get on the commode backwards. So, all i had to do was catch my breath, let go of the tank, and feel around for the handle to flush away the evidence.

“Jesus Christ,” She was waiting at the door, “You take forever in the morning.” She pushed past me, but backwards, so I just had to pick my hand up, and tuck my elbow to keep from brushing the bottom of her nighty away from the seat of her panties.

I turned around. Looked down the hall, and heard silverwear clank on breakfast bowls, or what have you.

“Well, you just going to stand there, and watch me pee, or shut the door?”

I shrugged, and stepped in, to swing it shut behind me. “What are you doing?”

“We need to talk.” I took a deep breath, and tried to think of all the things I’d been meaning to say, over the past couple days.

“Now?” she just shook her head, and dropped her drawers to sit down, then shrugged. “What about, my smoking?”

“No, well. I talked to the school councilor.”

“When have you. Mhuh!” She grunted, and relaxed, with a stream of pee, that sounded like she burst a pipe or something, before it started to peter off. She shook her head, “You went back to school, on winter break?”

“No, well you remember when i was feeling a little down in the dumps, because i couldn’t sleep, and I started thinking about.”

“Killing yourself?”

“Yeahbut, that wasn’t me, it was just a side effect of the pills they gave me. So anyhow, I still had his numberand, I didn’t know who else to ask, but he said. Well, i say, first of all, he got the wrong idea.’ She pulled toilet paper out to wipe, so i turned around, until she flushed, and pulled her underwear up. “When i asked him about sex harassment, well what is it the same if someone in your family? Then right away, he started asking about my daddy.” I shrugged, “Freud, I’magine. So anyhow.” She flushed.

“I’m decent.”

“If you say so,” I turned around, “But don’t you think it’s a little weird, or feel a little weird about daddy buyin you that swimsuit, for your birthday?”

“No? I mean yeah, but only cause it’s the dead of winter, but now isn’t it obvious that it was about covering up the pool, so we don;t have to cover up the pool no more, to keep the leaves out.”

“I know, but.” I took a deep breath, “Huh, then he. Kinda looked at you. Funny?”

She giggled, “No, not really. I mean, come on, mom was right there, and even if he was some kinda kiddy fucker dirty daddy.”


“Earle! What? God?”

“Look now, taking the Lord’s name in vain is one thing, but,”

“But what, fucking? We’re not talking about a walk in the park here, it’s called fucking. You know.”

“Yeahbut I never even, imagined hearing such filth coming out of your mouth.”

“Well, you’re the one that wanted to talk, so what should i say?”

“I don’t know, makin’.” I shook my head, “No, that ain’t right, none of this makes a damn bit of sense, and you trying to kill me? You know my heart can’t take this, I need air.” Finally, I fumbled open the door, and ran to my room, to get the window open, so i could breathe, and stop hyperventilating.

“Wow, are you okay? Sorry, i really am sorry, but i had no idea that you couldn’t take this kinda stuff, and please don’t die of a heart attack. I don’t want you to die young, and i couldn’t live with that on my conscious, I’m sorry.”

“I forgive you.” So, we hugged, and made up, but wouldn’t you know. Because i had to go and turn weak, i almost fainted, so i didn’t barely even get to start on asking half the things i wanted answers to?

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