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A Gail of a time

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A sexy woman displayed and fucked while on a marriage break. Short with great breasts, she must have look great from over the road.

I saw Gail Ponder recently, not seen her for years, didn’t get chance to catch her up and talk, but would like to, she still has it. She did not see me.

Some years ago Gail broke up with her abusive husband and played the field, before getting back to him after he had anger management therapy. I have heard they are now divorced.

During the break up I overheard Gail and some mates planning a long girls weekend away and hatched a plan. Her husband used to boast how she liked it rough, being thrown onto the bed and ‘forced’ to do stuff. At 5′ and a half inch, she was not heavy, even with those very large tits we all loved.

I managed to get a room in a motel near the girls one, and just happened to meet up with them late on the last evening, they were all well drunk. I joined the throng around them and made easy contact as I was a known face. My chat up really wasn’t that good but I had in my back pocket that should her situation get worse, her old man would love to know how she slutted about during the break up.

Whatever it was, I managed to manoeuvre a well oiled Gail back to my room. She responded well to being told rather than asked, so I went with the rough, demanding angle. I soon had a hand in her black trousers and another between t-shirt and bra. Three fingers in her slot brought her to an early cum and I then told her to undress, she paused.

I firmly repeated the instruction to which she complied, her naked tits were just so bloody marvellous, and her shy, head down looks got me really keen to fuck her.

As soon as I was naked I had Gail kneel and suck my hard on, pushing her head down as far as possible several times before letting her up to breath, then repeat. Her mouth was truly great to feel around my meat.

I then told her to go and open the curtains which she did hesitantly. I followed her and bent her over so her hands were holding her up on the balcony door, her charms on display to the building opposite and anyone walking or driving by 3 floors below. As I drove my cock up her sodden slit she protested at being displayed, so I told her to shut up and fuck or be there longer. She got to work as I squashed and displayed her breasts.

Gail came twice like this before I took her back to the bed and fucked her missionary until I filled her with spunk.

We lay back and I must have dozed a few minutes, the I got to work on those brilliant boobs and got Gail to suck me hard again. This time I told her to open the balcony door and step out, I had to push her this time but she went.

I repeated the earlier performance but with her lent on the balcony rail. I showed her a window to watch where a figure could be seen watching us. This made her squirm nicely, even more so when I lied that I thought I could see a camera at another window. A few cars honked down below which we both took to mean they saw us. Gail came really hard 3 times before I filled her up again.

I made her dress without cleaning up and go back to the girls. We never fucked again for a few reasons, but now she is back, I can but pray.

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  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmqra

    Yes she likes it rough- we all do and it makes them come back wanting more of the same everytime. The harder the better! I would have loved to watch you giving it to her and those big tits swinging in a circle with every muff dive! Gotta know whats next!

  • Reply Mike ID:1ftoi91742

    I would have loved to join you and fuck her cum filled pussy hard