A cooperative woman

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My name is C. and I want to tell you what happened a long time ago, when my life changed forever. At that time I was 38 and my husband was a rich banker. It was the evening in which I attended with my husband my twentieth year high school class reunion and I wore a new green silk dress. We stopped on the way from the reunion to pick up some fast food, and we arrived home at about 1 a.m.
We pulled into our garage, but we left the door open because we had a new puppy we needed to let out. We entered our house by way of the kitchen, dropping our food on the bar, and took off our shoes. My husband went straight to the bathroom and picked up our new puppy to take it out. When he got back to the kitchen, there was a “loud knock” on the door. My husband asked who was there.
“It’s me” someone answered.
Thinking it was a neigbour, my husband opened the door, only to be confronted by a man with his arm out, pointing a pistol at us. He wore dark clothing with a white Tshirt and jeans, dark hair course in texture. His hands and face were not covered.
“Kneel down on the floor and put your heads down” he said.
We stared at him in shock, we just stood there until the man repeated his order:
“Put your heads down and don’t look up or I’ll blow your fucking heads off. If you do as I say, no one will get hurt.”.
I was afraid I would be killed, so I did as we were told.
As we did, two other person entered the room. They had their faces and hands covered and one of them had a T-shirt over his head.
They closed the blinds and pulled the telephone cords out of the wall.
The intruders demanded money and car keys, my husband took out his wallet and keys and threw them on the floor. My purse and keys were lying on the bar; I told them to take them, because I was afraid I would be killed if I did not cooperate.
I heard noises from the back of the house that sounded like drawers being pulled out. Shortly, the man with a Tshirt on his head, returned to the kitchen with my husband’s handgun.
“Who do you think you’re going to hurt with this?”
“No one”, my husband said.
“You’re right. You’re not.”
At this point, this man walked around behind me and rubbed the gun along my hip.
“You have a cute ass. Get up and come with me.”
Both me and my husband begged them not to do this.
I told my husband to do what they asked him because I would be alright.
I said they could have anything they wanted as long as they did not hurt my husband.
That man took me to the vanity area of the master bedroom.
“Your husband have condoms?”
At this question, I turned pale.
“What? You don’t fuck?”
“I take the pill”, I said with a trembling voice.
The man then looked at me from top to bottom.
“Take off your clothes”.
I swallowed and I didn’t move.
The man repeated his order, this time pointing his gun to me.
“Thake off your dress or I would blow your head off!”
So I took off my green silk dress, which fell to the floor. I hadn’t bra under it, so I covered my nude breasts with my hands.
“Go on ma’am. Go on”.
I removed my pantyhose, then I took a deep breath and removed my white panties. Again I covered my breasts and my crotch with my hands.
“Get you hands up. Let me see your body”
I put my hands up and I blushed.
“Very nice. Turn around”
I turned my back to him, still with my hands up.
Then I heard him approaching me, pointing his gun to my head with his left hand, as he started caressing my long curly black hair with the right one. As he moved his hand on me, I swallowed again and closed my eyes. Then I felt he started groping my breasts and grabbed my butt.
“Wonderful ass”
The he stopped his movements, because he had realized I was menstruating.
“Damn, you have blood on your panties. That’s not a problem”, said, removing my tampon from my vagina.
“Go to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet”, said, still pointing the gun at me.
After I sat down, the man stood in front of me and lowered his pants to his ankles. I looked down, but the man grabbed my head, pushing it towards his penis.
“Suck it”
He had still his gun in his hand and I know I had to do what he asked if I wanted to remain alive.
So i started blowing him slowly, but very soon I started gagging and I let his penis out from my mouth.
“If you let my dick come out of your mouth one more time, I will blow your head off” the man said.”Stand up, let’s go to the bedroom.”
So we entered again in the vanity area, where I saw a thinner, taller intruder by my bed, going through one of my purses.
Soon the first man sat on the bed and I, without further orders, got on my knees and started to blow him again.
“She’s a very cooperative woman, I see” said the taller man, laughing.
“Do you like have some of her?”
“Yes, let’s make her lie on the floor. I want to lick that pussy”
So I stood up and the I lay down just near where my silk green dress was.
The first man put his gun to the floor, the he knelt right in front of my face and shoved his penis to my mouth. The taller one removed his pants and underpants, got on top of me and started licking my breasts.
As I felt his tongue near my crotch, I closed my eyes and spread my legs.
“Very good. You are fantastic.”
I felt the taller man fingering me and putting his tongue in my vagina and, on the other side, I kept on blowing the first man who was groping my breasts at the same time.
When the taller man put his penis in my vagina, I couldn’t help groaning.
“Oh God, you are good pussy” said the taller man, thrusting into me.
After few minutes both men ejaculated into me. The man I was blowing pulled out his penis from my mouth full of sperm.
‘Sit up, bitch, I wanna see you swallow it”
“Come on don’t treat her badly, she’s collaborating!” the taller man said.
“All these rich women are sluts. Go on ma’am, show me your tongue”. So I swallowed his semen.
Then I was returned to the kitchen and forced to kneel down, still completely nude, next to my husband. I tried to reach out to take his hand.
“I didn’t tell you to touch him”, one man said, so I moved my hand away.
One of them got a beer out of the refrigerator, “slammed” it down between us and ordered my husband to drink it.
At this point, the unmasked man took me back to the bedroom, touched me with his gun, and told me:
“I don’t know what the other two did. I think you’re going to like what I’m going to do”.
He reached around me, took a tan colored towel off the rod and made me lie down again in the vanity area by the bedroom.
“If you are cooperative, I will be very nice to you”
He then started licking my body and penetrated me.
As the unmasked man was thrusting his penis into me, the taller one walked in and asked me to blow him
When both men finished, the taller intruder started going out and threw the towel over my head. I heard as he went back to the front of the house, and the one with Tshirt on his head walked in. He tried to hand the gun to the unmasked one.
“No, keep the gun”, he said and I heard his footsteps go away.
Then I felt the man who was still in the room getting on top of me. At the time, the towel was over my head.
He was very rough and penetrated me violently.
Before he was finished, however, I heard a gunshot from the front part of the house and screamed my husband’s name.
Just right after that, there was a gunshot that went off in the bedroom. I jumped up and ran out naked, looking for my husband.

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    Can imagine the cooperative wife telling one of the men, as he held her and prepared to penetrate her, rubbing his massive penis up against her cunt lips, “….I will do anything you want, ANYTHING, if you don’t hurt me or my husband…”
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