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I’m a 12 year old girl and I’m sex crazed? I masturbated. I want a sugar daddy with doc pics! And I think about rape and it makes me horny. I have a lot of experience for a Virgin

I’m a 12 year old girl and I think I might have an obsession with sex. Although I’ve never had actual sex….my story is kind of embarrassing and I want to know how other people feel about it. I don’t know when but I started watching movies and when the sexual scenes would appear I would get more and more curious. So one day I took my pillow and humped it. It took a minute but I had a small orgasm and it felt good. Then sometime later I started watching porn and I saw the girls masturbating and I wanted to know how that felt for myself so I tried it. At first I didn’t know what I was doing and when I would touch my clit my legs felt like jelly and I gave up…but soon I gave in. Every now and then I masturbate but I wanted to spice it up so I would use things like my electric tooth brush and things shaped like a penis. I would stick it in my hotel but the only real pleasure I get is from a clitoris orgasm. Any thoughts? (Never has a period and never bled through my Vagina so I’m still a virgin)

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  • Reply Rajib ID:2vqwrtug8ra

    Hey babe

  • Reply Gazza ID:645g3ww49b

    Snap chat me poppapuller

  • Reply Atlas ID:5vn551pyd9j

    Why did you Block me on insta?

    • Ty ID:5u1d7ch20b

      snap or instagram?

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  • Reply Ween ID:bmt65q6id

    What’s your kik / instagram / email ?

  • Reply Ween ID:5tel7wa6id

    Finguring is not healthy instead humping is good .

    • Ween ID:bmt65q6id

      Snapchat will do .

    • rk ID:7ylrenafic

      fingering is to healthy and safer you don’t want to put something in you and get it stuck

  • Reply Dixcy ID:2ljpa5ud1

    Hot one

  • Reply Haylea ID:1lix1566id


  • Reply Haylea ID:1lix1566id

    I am also 12 and i started humping pillows and i am scared to do other stuff like funer myself

    • Rod ID:n3e8oyxii

      What you going through is natural I know someone who went to the same thing

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      Don’t be afraid just rub the clit it will feel weird at first just keep going

    • Arun ID:fx7itcxij

      Hey hi I love to help you

    • Ween ID:bmt65nv9c

      JUST keep quiet and nice .

    • James ID:2px1ogolldh

      Mmmm, let me know if you need help giving yourself a orgasm… Would love to come help and make you all wet … [email protected]

  • Reply Dab ID:1fs1dkkv3

    I’m in all honesty very confused as to how I got here and why I’m here

    • Unknown ID:bqg1qw5q

      Same man I think it’s the power of the gods

  • Reply Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

    I can take your virginity if you want

    • Author ID:n4nrte49j

      I want to but I only like teenagers (black ones)

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      I’m 17 but i’m not Black i’m White so Sad to hear

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      My mom is Black tho

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      But I’m a kid….and that’s illegal….and I want to stay a virgin

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      I wont force you but if you want we can send nudes

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      And how would People know if i took your virginity if you wanted to?

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      I like where this going ?

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      Just thinking that they cant do much if No one else knows that i took your virginity and i kind of also want to send nudes what do you say got some place we could send?

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      And talk more in privat?

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      It would also be Nice to have a place we could talk more privat

    • Shadow_alex ID:3xi3bs8j

      What do you say want to talk more in privat get to know etch other more?

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      instagram what’s yours?

    • Ween ID:bmt65oxii


    • Girl ID:477izka4v9j

      Take mine away

    • Ween ID:n9mcbkm4

      Your’s is very valuable .

    • Ween ID:bmt65q6id

      Girl , can u help me out with a Dutch cock .

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      Hello? My instagram is backup_.anna it’s my back up

    • Shadow_alex ID:5vn551pyd9j

      I’ll add you now

    • Shadow_alex ID:5vn551pyd9j

      Cant find you add my backup cursed_blood6

    • Xx ID:g4tadn49a

      Hi shadow_alex i added you watch your dm

    • Ween ID:n9mcbkv3

      Anna , Are u an Austrian ?
      What else should u do ?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fzq73brv1

    Fucking hot.

    • Author ID:c33qmejz

      Want foot pics?