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The Triple Disappointment

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Nancy was 21 and he was 27…Her attitude showed clearly that she really liked him and he of course, as every gentleman should do, made his move. So, on Friday night after a great concert, they ended up at her house…She was a little bit wasted from the alcohol, but Mr. Pain hadn’t drank much for himself and he thought that for the first time of his life he could take the overall control of this sexy party!

As they got inside the house he immediately began caressing her slim, well-shaped body and she paid back by kissing him and bringing him closer and closer to her, until both reached the sofa. Mr. Pain started unbuttoning her dress and she impatiently told him to get undressed. Whoa what a great night ! unbelievable ! she is a hot ass, she is young and we are already in bed….This is my chance to give her incredible memories ! his inner self told..

He got undressed and Nancy started kising him his chest…She could feel her partner becoming more and more horny and so, she let her self to feel the same. She was waiting this moment for a looong time and she couldn’t believe that this was actually happening! She continued kissing his body with much pasaion, until she got to his shorts.

The first Disappointment arrived when she realized that the thing wanted to get out from his shorts, seemed somehow little.. But she didnt gave up…she pulled off his shorts and although she wanted to laugh from what she saw, she continued kissing him in his special area. He may be so good in sex, that the size wouldn’t be a problem, she thought..And I like him so much! She closed her eyes in order not to think and she took it to her mouth. This is the most easy blowjob of my life, she was telling to her self while she was faintly smiling.

Mr. Pain while sitting red and dangerously horny in the sofa, he knew that if he let her stay down there for more than a second, he would come…For avoiding this unpleasant situation and in order to gain some time she pulled her up to kiss her lips. As Nancy was placing all her hopes to the sex, she streched directly her hand to the table, grabbed a condom and gave him to wear. Being so big for his dick, he wore it so quicly that Nancy, who couldn’t wait anymore, was impressed. Finally ready and while sitting on him, he moved his body so as to place his dick inside her…and the second disappointment arrived…she couldnt feel anything. She contnued kissing him for some seconds without moving her body – guessing she needed some time to process how she could handle this case – On contrary, Mr. Pain believing that he does a great job, he tried for a deeper penetration, but again she couldn’t feel a thing.

As a last desperate try, Nancy placed her hand in the basis of his little and proud dick that was lost inside her, wishing that maybe it has more to give…and indeed, somehow it grew a few milimetres. With this incident Mr. Pain who was now feeling as a hot sexy lover, he fucked her hard, by just repeating the same successful move…At the end of this incredible moment, he had already come, leaving horny groans. Third and last disappointment…He came , it is unbelievable Nancy thought…he was inside me not even for a minute!
Baby I came, he said and groaned again. What about you? Hope that I didn’t hurt you at the end when I made this strong move…
eeee.. no…don’t be silly…Nancy replied, withough knowing if what she heard was correct.

Gods !! I am so fucking horny and I can’t have sex!! Fuck it ! She grabbed him and pushed his head down to her cunt, while thinking….Leak it motherfucker, its my turn now…

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