She said She Dreamed It

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My wife has a dream that involves my best friend who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way.

I’m home finally from a business trip out of town and join her in bed. So, my wife whispers to me that she thinks she dreamt about him again last night.

He’s a friend of ours who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way. He is in and out of town often and visits frequently unannounced when he is back in town.

Her whispered comment seemed a little groggy as she woke to kiss me hello, with my realization that dreams often can leave you with a sense of reality that can seem like an actual life experience.

She has dreamt about him before, but she said last night’s dream was so real it was particularly overwhelming for her and admitted that it was so much so that she had succumb to it as a reality.

She always seems to have the most vivid sex dreams when I am away on business, like I was yesterday. 

The dream started with her home after work and looked down to find that she was wearing a thin light cotton, vivid floral, cross-front dress. She says in her dream she had arrived home and removed her bra and her panties, put on the dress and changed into her sexy summer sandals. She says that she was very aware of the sensation of the fabric on her nipples, making them hard and tingly. Her dress puffed out enough that her breasts and nipples were easily visible from the side she noticed as she looked at herself in the mirror, no matter, she was home alone and feeling a bit sexy.

Then the doorbell began ringing. She said she felt a bit shy and embarrassed but excitedly dared herself to go to the door hoping something interesting would happen.

She opened the door and there he was. She says that she felt strangely shy, but she felt a flush rising up from her neck into her cheeks. She stammered a greeting although she can’t remember a thing she said until later in the evening. Her whole body felt hot and shivered with energy as she stood aside to let him come into the house. After she shut the door, there were several seconds where they just stood looking at each other. She could see his eyes following the line of her black hair, taking in the curves of her body under the dress and her smooth legs.
Suddenly she realizes he must be seeing her almost all of her breasts as they stood more or less side by side and could feel her nipple harden pushing her dress even more open for his view.

The way she talks about it, like it was so real, she retraces every little detail and as she describes the effect of his gaze on her body, her breath catches in her throat as tells me about his trip into her dream. 

She tells me they both find themselves in the kitchen, and before she realizes what is happening, he is picking her up completely off the floor hugging her, as he often does even when I am there, but in the dream, he then lowers her and he pressing her against the counter, kissing her hard on her moist red painted lips.

In the dream it felt so natural and real as if it was a fantasy fulfilled that she was unaware of and that existed deep within her.

She has a clear memory of his hard cock pressing against her through his jeans and her dress, and she says he slowly started to kiss his way down her body. Finally, she says, he is kneeling before her. Then she said he spread her legs and lifted her, resting her bottom on the edge of the counter and supporting her legs with his arms, pushing the hem of her dress upwards with his hands and his mouth. 

She said she was suddenly hot and wet. Then when his tongue had barely touched her clitoris before she thinks he must have been able to feel the shivering in her thighs. She feels a wave of embarrassment but is too overwhelmingly caught up in the moment to care. She’s pretty sure she called his name out at this point for the first time. 

As he insistently continues to bring her closer and closer to a peak, her upper body arches back, her one of her breasts straining against the fabric of the dress and looks down to see the other breast completely exposed to him as her dress has fallen open. He takes notice and reaches to caress it and gently roll her nipple between his hungry fingers. She said she felt as if she was hit with an electric shock that ran through her as he brought her close to verge of a powerful orgasm. She tells me she almost faints in her dream.

But before she could come though, he stopped and stood up. Wrapping his arms around her, and she wrapping her bare legs around him, her wet pussy pressed against the crotch of his jeans, he pulled her off the counter and leads her, he is completely in control, to our bedroom. She doesn’t quite remember how they both ended up naked, but she has a clear recollection of the clothes pooled around his feet before he pushed her down on her back on our bed. Now lost is her sense of embarrassment in her dream, she reaches for him.

Now his cock was probing at the entrance to her lubricated pussy. She told me that because of his size, her wetness allowed him to slip in but only inch by inch as she adjusted to him as he pushed onto her. She said her excitement hit her in little peaks with each push.

Finally he was fully perfectly inside her, as if in reality, like it actually and always had belonged there inside her and as it had been in her previous dreams about him.

She went bright red as she told me this, as if it was an admission of real occurrences. She said that she has never before been able to remember every sensation of these dreams like this dream and says she feels obligated that I know, needs for me to know everything, and needs me to love her for her lustfulness that surrounds it.

She said she could look down to see and feel her tummy rise and fall as his warm hardness filled her up and as he began pushing into her more deeply and more completely. “Oh yes!” she cried out! She says that he really didn’t need any encouragement. 

There she lay, her legs spread wide, her ample breasts moving in the dimly lit room with every thrust. The sexual atmosphere was electric. Her whole being was focused on the sensation of him now smoothly sliding in and out of her, deeper and deeper, over and over, practically peaking with each stroke.

When the time came, she whispered his name. Begged him to cum inside her. She says that the dream was so intense that it was actually real as she felt him plunging into her over and over. She could feel the heat of his cum spurting deep inside her, the throbbing pulse of it filling her with a satisfying warmth.

She said she couldn’t wait, even needed to tell me about it. She told me she wanted to make sure is was I ok with what he had done with her.

Even as she was talking she had started unconsciously touching herself, caressing her breasts and then her pussy as she lay on the bed next to me.

When she finished talking she just closed her eyes and carried on, touching herself, probing deep with her fingers, letting out little moans and gasps as I lay there, jealous but incredibly aroused.

Then right there before my eyes, she in the dream again, succumbing to him again. He again is in her mind and in her body and with her fingers he is plunging into her again and again.

When she comes, I hear a faint murmur of his name. She turns to me and looks me in the eye. She is completely flushed maybe a little embarrassed but mostly pink from her excitement, we hug. She asks me if dreams can ever be so real that they are really true. Then she releases me and she rolled over to sleep.

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  • Reply FH ID:yv9o4kzi

    I feel like I am locked in her dream and unable to move past the possibility that it was her little way of telling me the truth. I am both fearful of what it means for our relationship and so filled lust imagining how she cam for him over and over again.

  • Reply FH ID:1xqjc95z

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. How it all started for us. Please… I would appreciate your comments.

  • Reply Guideman ID:hfmu2ahra

    This is her necessary little white lie. Out of fear, she sees her story as her only way of somehow telling him the truth. She need to be honest yet she is conflicted with the same fear vs lust dynamic that often consumes a new cuckold only in reverse. She is feeling her guilt so needful to tell the truth, but still driven by her lustful passions to include her husband hoping he will ultimately approve and ask her to explore her own sexual needs with her lover, their friend. This husband owes it to his wife – she has a need and he is the only one who can give her a fully guilt free life – exploration of her own sexual independence. Isn’t it a husband’s responsibility to find a way to please his wife? He needs to own this repressibility and help her find happiness, approve and accept that he will be her willing and supportive cuckold. My ultimate conclusion is that by posting his story here, he already knows and is admitting to acceptance.

  • Reply mark ID:hfmu2ahra

    I believe she is trying tell him, test him, that it’s all true. It was an actual real event and too afraid to come right out and say it, So she makes this story up for him and proves her lust for her “dream” lover with her fingers plunging, cums and makes her little dream confession and releases him denied his own relief.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:wy1j5bhr9

    Let him come round and fuck her for real. She obviously wants him to
    Jan Stein [email protected]