Outdoors Fail

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It was late at night when Mr. Pain met his girlfriend at that party, in the Universities…Lights were off, music was loud and the atmospere full of smoke, alcohol and swet was apparently showing a hot night with plenty of sex and promises…

They were drinking, flirting and dancing close to each other the whole night and when the party was about to end, they started kissing and caressing themselves with no stop. As minutes were passing and lost to his lips, she wanted really bad to go somewhere that they could be alone.

Mr. Pain although wasn’t sure that he could make it but already having a hard erection, he armed himself with confidence and said:

– I know a place that no one can bother us

Feeling ready for this new outdoor adventure, he immediately grabbed her arm and passed a closed iron door. Thay walked along the corridor and found that stairs leading to this open place of Mr. Pain’s mind. While walking downstairs, Sophia’s sexual patience reached the absolute zero, as the few times having sex in the past were all incomplete and so she couldn’t control her self anymore.

Wish this is the DAY that will have the time of our lives!!! she thought and by seeing him red and horny, she was totally conviced that this will be the day of the extraordinary perfomances!

Reaching the place, Sophia grabbed him and pushed him in the wall. She started kissing him and driving her hand towards his pants. She wanted really bad to touch his hard – full of promises – cock that so many times was imaging inside her. Passionate with this image, she finally got there but was confused with what she felt…

Gods!! Please let this day be mine, she thought, trying not to give much attention to the little friend carrying in her hands…At least he is horny…He will fuck me as hard as he can…She lowered his pants and as an answer, Mr. Pain lifted up her skirt to touch her wet cunt.

– Fuck me now, Sophia said with a low deep voice

Being at the pick of his hardness, he lowered Sophy’s underwear and tried to get inside her…For a few seconds he managed to stay in, but due to their position as both were standing up, his dick slipped outside…Oh my god…this shit is happening again!! I have to change the position, I have to change…..

– Dont delay! Take me now! Trying to make me more horny? The innocent Sophia asked, as she hadn’t felt anything…

– I want you to ride me baby! Replied in order to avoid the akward situation. Here, I covered the spot with my jacket, let’s sit…come, play with my cock!

– Oh baby, as you wish…Her sexual patience had reached below zero…She was horny and wet…I am coming!!

She took off her skirt, opened her legs and sat in his little but proud cock, ready to enjoy what she was expecting so long.. She felt something inside her, but something more like a soft caress…Maybe I am not sitting well and his dick cannot be inside me as whole…she thought and made a move in order to achieve a deeper penetration…

This was her last move…She felt a warmess in her legs…

– Really now? You came? Her face was hostile, as for once more she hadn’t felt anything.
– Oh baby,yes! I didn’t cause you any pain, did I?

He can’t have said this…She took a deep breath in order not to say what she was thinking….Motherfucker was the first word of what she wanted to yell.

– Let’s go…I have an appointment….(With my dildo, ashole)

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  • Reply i am on ID:8ds78ep0hj

    classic loser@ and then women think men are like that

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    poor girl

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    where are you from baby?

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    what a loser!