no regrets part3

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Disaster had struck my dad had divided the front enclosed veranda and made it into 2 bedrooms my eldist sister had a room to herself and my 2 other sisters sharded the other so that meant no sneaking into my youngest sisters bed. One night I awoke with a hugh hardon all I could think about was my sister so I snuck into the bedroom it was dark but I could vaugly make out the 2 beds in the room
I moved to 1 of the beds and dropped to my knees I was going to feel her up and wank so I gently removed the covers and felt between her legs listenlng for any changes in her breathing while I started to stroke her pussy over her PJ;s I slid my hand into her PJ’s but suddenly I released this was my sister who was just over a year older than me. she had tuffs of pubic hair I froze not knowing what to do I slid my hand out but she stirred and so I rested my hand on her stomach until I thought it was safe to move.My cock was aching so much it hurt so instead of getting out of the room I stayed where I was.My older sister had just begun growing breasts which were the size of small oranges I moved my hand up to feel them they were so soft the nipples were large but soft so I started to play with them they soon turned hard and were quite long this was a new experience for me and my cock ached so much I played with her nipples for around 10 mins and I noticed her breathing became faster and louder I was so horny I reached down and spread her legs and started to feel her again she was soaking wet and my finger slid over her clit which was huge compared to my little sister I reached down and started fingering her but this time my finger went inside her I worked it in and out she was so wet and I was so horny I decided to remove her bottoms .So there she was naked from the waist down I could just make the outline of her in the dark so I got on the bed and started rubbing my cock over her slit suddenly she stirred again and I jumped off the bed and just laid on the floor thinking all hell would break loose if she woke up. I laid there for what seemed like ages not knowing what to do I though I better try and put her bottoms back on and get out but I could resist another feel she was still so wet and my cock ached so much and the smell of her made me overcome my fear and I started to finger her again working 1 finger all the way into her and out again she was breathing very hard and I decided to try 2 finger after a couple of minutes I felt a sudden grip around my fingers like been in a vise that was pusating her whole body was shaking so I had made her come that turned me on so much I stroked my cock and came like not before it squirted everywhere on the floor on the bed everywhere I cleaned up what I could feel in the dark and put her bottoms back on and returned to my own bed I laid there thinking about what I had just done the smell of my older sister was still on my hand it was a funny smell so I tasted what was left this again turned me on and just had to have another wank I tried to go to sleep but kept thinking about her smell and the way it turned me on and I knew I wanted to taste her again…. part 4 coming soon

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