no regrets part2

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from part 1
Next morning was a school day so it was always busy my younger sister acted normally but I was scared she would tell mum so the whole of the week I stayed in my own bed.On friday night we were allowed to stay up late but my younger sister went to bed around 8pm, I followered an hour or so later but laying in bed with another hard on I was unable to sleep.I climbed in bed with my sister again,she was fast asleep but once again I started to feel her up on the outside of her PJ’s her clit started to swell so I slid my hand under her PJ.s and played with her clit it amazed me how her breathing got faster and her vagina was soaking.I slid my finger down to her folds of skin and starter probing deeper but it was very tight and I didnt want to hurt her.This went on for months but it was very rare for her to wake up and if she did I would pull my hand away quickly and pretend I was asleep.sometimes she would finger herself till she came and go back to sleep.during all this time she never touched my cock but it felt good just to finger her and wank myself.Summer was coming soon but I still climbed into her bed even thou it was not cold.I did notice that she stopped wearing her undies to bed and just wore her PJ’s A year had past and I had just begun to reach puberty.hair and my cock seemed bigger.Once again I got into my sisters bed and I had become an expert of removing her bottoms without waking her up this night she was sleeping on her side and I guided my cock in between her legs and just slowly moved my cock in between the folds of her pussy all of a sudden I was coming but this was different it was very painful and I didnt know what was happening untill my cock spewed heaps of gooey stuff all between her legs that was the 1st time I had ever come I cleaned my sister up and put back on her PJ;s and went back to my own bed. The next night I was horny again and tried it again but this time my sister woke up with her PJ;s around her ankles and my cock rubbing the outside of vagina.I didnt know what to do or say but then she said she liked what I was doing and then asked if she could touch my “thing”she grabbed it roughly and started laughing saying it was funny then she laid on her side and said rub it where I was doing it before.She was humping back into my cock and she soon came.Icame shortly after that but not much come came out.I was worried about her telling our parents and asked her if she would ever say anything she said no but I was still worried
part 3 coming soon

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