Never seen a glory hole

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Just walked in sat down seen a dick come through hole in wall was surprised looked started sucking it

Walked in got change went in back. Sat watched some movies looked a dick came out wall. Was not hard looked at it put it in my mouth. Wow it grew fast got big in my mouth licked sucking it. Not 3 4 min went by it got really hard in my mouth the more I sucked the harder bigger it got. It started throbbing liked way it felt then hot gush my first head job lasted only few min. I learned I liked sucking dick. He left I started jagging off s
hear look stuck it in hole got it sucked on he kept saying I want to kiss your balls. They not fit in hole he meet me out door said come with me went up high rise got in he started licking my balls sucking my dick liked it.
He put finger up my ass felt good he put his dick head by my butthole liked it he could not get it in. So he layed down I sat on it it was big overwhelming I went up and down on it relaxed did not enjoy it that much he was really thick it hurt not do that many years. Meet one used mostly do the fucking. I am bi married brought guy home couple times she seen me sucking dick. She was bi to. we swung bi couples sucked dicks some. She loved anal told me how have to relax she would till get head in then said it feel really good.

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