My sleeping sister

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Once my family went on holiday to Spain. We had a hotel room which contained two beds in seperate bedrooms. I of course slept in a bed with my sister. She’s the hottest person alive. With nice tits and a round ass she attracted every guy where ever she went. As we went to bed the first day I couldn’t get sleep because of the heart, and neither could she so she took her shirt off, leaving her only wearing a bra and panties. I realised then what I could do and waited for her to go to sleep.
An hour later I nudged her a bit and asked if she was awake. She didn’t react and my 6.5 inch cock instantly grew hard. The first night I only touched her ass a little bit and stared at her tits. I couldn’t help myself and came in to my boxers. The next night I grew more confident and started stroking my cock next to her. I did this for 2 nights until I decided to do more. I started by taking her bra and panties off which I was able to do with ease and watched her beautiful body lay there. My dick grew so big and stiff it almost hurt. I kissed her tits, rubbed her ass and stroked my cock between her breasts when she turned to her back. Once again I came but this time on her tits. I knew I had to clean it up because everyone would’ve known what I had did. The next night I took it even further. Did the same stuff as the nights before but this time I made her open her mouth for me. I put my cock in there and it felt amazing. I only lasted for around 10 strokes but managed to pull out before blowing my load in her mouth.
On the last day I got even more confident. I started by fingering her and rubbing my dick against her sweet pussy and then I finally did it. I slipped it in and it was like heaven. She didn’t wake up because she was taking sleeping pills. I fucked her fast and came on her vagina, panting and almost crying from pleasure. I cleaned up the cum and no one found out.
After that I started fucking her almost every night and it was like I was in heaven. I was a virgin before it and this was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Fucking my older sister in her sleep. It was bliss. And then one day she moved out and I never got to fuck her again.

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  • Shitty Buttocks

    You fucking liar! You cum in her mouth and she doesn’t wake up! Fuckoff, you pencil dick rapist!!